Gotta Critique ‘Em All


Central Plaza, Dublin 2.

Including unGeorgian floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor.

A beautiful addition?

Or Pokémahone?

YOU must Decide.

Pokémon to pay €60 per sq ft for offices at former Central Bank HQ (Irish Times)

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13 thoughts on “Gotta Critique ‘Em All

  1. Rob_G

    Aside from the fact that building only four-storeys in the middle of town is a joke, it looks nice enough.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Well seeing as you ask I think it’s rather nice.
    Quite Manhattan-ish.
    Certainly a lot better than the monstrosities further down the road.
    I presume Archidub would prefer something all glass shaped like a dog turd with see-through toilets on the outside.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    wouldnt worry too much about the “unGeorgian” windows – that’s not even a Georgian building. it’s a fake/replica yoke built way later.

    1. Mr. T

      Replica or not, its a lot nicer looking than some of the modern crap that apsses for “architecture” these days.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        for sure

        my point is that altering the windows on the ground floor isnt a big deal as they’re not authentic anyway

    1. Brother Barnabas

      for a moment, thought you were suggesting buildings experienced sexual arousal – and that one next door was a particular sexy piece of architecture

  4. V aka Frilly Keane


    I think its great to see business’ bringing activity and workers into the City
    I walk around the traditional office areas now
    like Baggot Street/ Fitz Square, the Mount Streets, and they’re empty
    Like from 2006 not just last year
    One time you couldn’t see the footpaths for the crowds working there
    and lines of people for sangwiches
    or Friday night pints

    And forget trying to find a car space then
    no fear of it now
    Spaces everywhere

    Parkwest Citywest Eastpoint etc
    All took people out of the City

    anyway, just saying

  5. ce

    Looks already compared to the recent trend of ikea style combinations of rectangles and squares that have destroyed the whole world and made every city look the same

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