A testing centre in Bejing, China

Where is everyone?

They’re all round the back.

This morning/afternoon.

China has begun using anal swabs to test those it considers at high risk of contracting Covid-19, state TV reported, with social media users and travellers squirming over the invasive procedure which doctors say can be more effective in detecting the virus.

Officials took anal swabs from residents of neighbourhoods with confirmed Covid-19 cases in Beijing last week, broadcaster CCTV said, while those in designated quarantine facilities have also undergone the test.

…The anal swabs method “can increase the detection rate of infected people” as traces of the virus linger longer in the anus than in the respiratory tract, Li Tongzeng, a senior doctor from Beijing’s Youan hospital, told CCTV


Alternatively, for a million big ones you can always come here.

Your choice, citizen.

China starts using anal swabs to test ‘high-risk’ people for Covid (The Guardian)

COVID Anal Swabs for Beijing Residents More Accurate, Says Chinese Expert (Newsweek)


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18 thoughts on “Yes Your Can

    1. Paulus

      Jeez, you’d want legs like a giraffe combined with the pose of a chimpanzee. Not a great look it has to be said.

    2. f_lawless

      Looks to be in a car park judging by the background. Maybe it’s a drive-thru set up – just roll down the window and stick yer bum out?

  1. Micko

    Xi Jinping and the CCP must be breaking his absolute ploppy laughing at us.

    “And then we told them to swab their butts!!! Silly western dogs! They’ll believe anything”


    1. sinoireland@gmail.com

      Actually looked around for Chinese language memes laughing at us and countries similar to us. Couldn’t find any so inquired with Chinese friends. Said Chinese people just mind their own business and get on with their lives and aren’t bothered.

  2. Junkface

    Anal swabs! …jayzus

    I’m sure glad that the western world decided to openly trade with a communist state that includes forced labour, kidnappings, punishment beatings, dangerous, unsafe animal markets with cruel practices and mass human rights violations. Its going very well!

      1. Junkface

        Which part in particular? The USA does have massive problems, and a super wealthy political class with no intention of helping the poor, but many capitalist countries have this.

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