Better, Down Where It’s Wetter


The densely populated undersea tableaux of LA-based artist Robert Stephen Connett. Of these paeans to biodiversity he sez:

In the shadow of a withering planet, I create worlds that are lush and thriving. I hope my work can encourage and uplift those who are disheartened by the climate crisis. However, creating a memory of a time when our world was stable is not enough. We all must do everything we can to lessen the causes of the crisis.

In fairness.


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5 thoughts on “Better, Down Where It’s Wetter

  1. millie bobby brownie

    That headline is great. Reminds me of a great… ahem… alternative film I saw a number of years ago

    1. bisted

      …is that the one with the memorable line:
      “if you think I’m driving to Killybegs at this time of night,
      you’ve another thing coming”

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