For Josh [Updated]


This afternoon.

Ballymun, Dublin 11.

Balloons are released by family members, neighbours and friends of Josh Dunne in Coultry Green near his home in Coultry Park.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


This morning.

East Wall Dublin.

Tributes left at the scene on East Wall Road where teenager Josh Dunne was fatally stabbed on Tuesday evening. Members of the public have left flowers, balloons, football paraphernalia and photographs to honour the promising football star.


Yesterday: In East Wall

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25 thoughts on “For Josh [Updated]

  1. Kate

    That’s a knock on the door by Garda that can severely affect officers. Lives shattered and hearts broken forever. R.I. P. Josh.

  2. millie bobby brownie

    Absolutely heartbreaking. The very worst nightmare for a parent.

    That note pictured really highlights how young he was.

  3. Broadbag

    All because some scummer on a moped lifted someone’s bike, hope he’s delighted with himself.

  4. ce

    Never normally comment on things like this – but god this is so awful for his parents, family, and friends

  5. Joe

    A tragic needless loss of a young life.
    Garda management have a case to answer, multiple stabbings in that area over the last year. But hey! You gotta stop front line workers getting to and fro from work morning and evening instead of policing the area appropriately.

  6. Conksi

    RIP – very sad.
    @broadsheet – think the showing of personal messages on floral tributes is a bit much, some are probably from kids, but more than anything its too personal a moment to publish. I know yis like a classy shoot of tears at a funeral but then you blur licence plates or folk walking down the street

  7. Kingfisher

    Dead in a moment because he and his friends stopped and tried to calm a row over a stolen bicycle. The second killing of a young man in recent months involving a stolen bicycle.
    What a tragic loss of life, and what a waste of ruined lives for the others involved.
    Condolences to all who cared for Josh.

    1. ian-oh

      Its utterly disgusting that a child felt he had to step in here. He should be still walking around full of life. F*****g disgusting.

      If only we had some sort of organisation that prevents this sort of thing, rather than the over inflated corporate security guards we have at present.

        1. Broadbag

          If only a section of society could refrain from being thieving scumbags more like, the guards can’t be everywhere at once. I’d look closer at the judiciary and the revolving doors at the courts and who is making money out of that and why there isn’t a stronger deterrent to crime and carrying knives and being a drain on society.

  8. Truth in the News

    Could someone explain in the crisis of a pandemic, how a group were allowed to release balloons
    to day in a sports ground, where there was little social separation or distancing or indeed
    face masks, this was shown on TV as if it were acceptable, the same rules apply in this instance
    as in Cliften, there can be no it’s or bits about it, this young man lost his life in an appalling incident
    there are other and more prudent ways to respect his valour and memory, rather than what went on today
    What are the Authorities going to do about it……the current rules apply to everyone, there are no
    exceptions… did the TV networks get wind that event was arranged

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