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  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Fact™ #41
    The UK administered 284,954 doses yesterday taking its accumulative total to 7,923,497.
    Ireland’s official total of 161,500 has increased by 18,500 since the last total was published on Tuesday, averaging 6,166 per day.
    In a major development late Thursday night US biotech firm Novavax announced its vaccine had successfully completed its phase three clinical trials in the UK, paving the way for UK regulators to give final approval in the coming weeks.
    The two-shot vaccine has a superb efficacy rate of around 90% and 86% for the new more deadly Kent variant.
    Under a deal reached last year with the UK Government, 60million doses of the vaccine will be produced on Teesside for use in the UK this summer. The USA and Australia have also signed deals with the company.
    But in another stunning revelation about the EU’s incompetence it has yet to sign a deal for this vaccine even though scientists have known of its fantastic success rate for some time.
    When it finally does it will face delays in procurement of the vaccine as it has with AstraZeneca because other countries acted with speed rather than cost as their priority.
    Penny wise, pound foolish.

      1. Joe F

        I’m sure you can give her his number then. Bozo doing a mighty job, just look at those “facts” showing deaths and case rates.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Of course it was always inevitable the Germans would start acting aggressively in Europe once Blighty left.
      We knew it wouldn’t take long but a month is good going even by their standards.
      In the vaccine production and delivery process the French appear to have surrendered.
      No change there then.
      Wahaay !

    2. Charlie

      Broadsheet. This child is in meltdown. Must we have to read his repetitive vaccine bile FIRST thing every day. Seriously, I know he’s in trouble but it really has become a joke. Can’t we start the day with a little more creativity?

    3. Charger Salmons

      Charger’s Vax Facts™ #42

      Hungary has become the first country in the EU to approve a coronavirus vaccine from China.
      This option is open to Ireland under emergency pandemic rules.

      1. Joe F

        Hi Charger Salmons/Admiral Nelson/Kate etc etc
        You are one screwed up individual. You probably are enjoying all this limelight on you. Did you enjoy posting that despicable comment about the poor unfortunate Vietnamese who had to endure the most excruciating and drawn out death?
        You are a racist, hypocrite and just a nasty excuse for a human being. I just laugh to myself when I think back to the post where you said you never write anything negative about anyone.
        And obviously your inferiority complex shows its ugly head in nearly every post of yours.
        Even for someone as limited as you, can you not see that by constantly feeling the need to write something positive about Bozo, the Tories or England in general, it SCREAMS inferiority complex.
        Anyone who is comfortable in their own mind doesn’t feel any need to reassure themselves. You do this every post so are quite the screwed up Admiral.

  2. Joe F

    Good evening Admiral Nelson/Charger Salmons etc etc. Any chance of you updating us on cases and deaths from the UK? Or are you afraid and embarrassed to do so? OK so, I’ll do it then, if you insist. Over 103,000 deaths making the UK fifth highest out of 221 countries for deaths per million, Ireland currently 45th highest.
    Similar story for cases, UK rate much higher than Ireland. You seem to have great difficulty finding these “facts”. Maybe you should go to Specsavers.

  3. ce

    “Chimps can speak but just can’t be bottomed” – All I need to know for the day… perhaps the rest of the year

  4. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    What happened on the markets today was a disgrace.

    Citadel bailed out Melvin, who had led the initial short position on GME. Citadel opens new shorts at market open. Robinhood sell their order book to Citadel.

    Who ask Robinhood to prevent retail investors opening new positions on GME?

    This has now become open war. There are several class action lawsuits being opened.

    Options expire tomorrow, I think a lot of market makers and hedge funds are going to bleed.

    People who had no skin in the game are now piling in out of pure spite.

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        It’s a $10-15 stock, no question.

        But that’s not the point. We used their system and tools, and they turned it off when it looked like we might win.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          I’m with ye here
          But you know as well as I do that there’ll be lads that’ll over extend
          And when the SP settles
          And adjusts into its right price
          You know, when the craic winds down like
          There won’t be that many out there buying at $350

          Just saying

          1. goldenbrown

            “There won’t be that many out there buying at $350”

            there will

            it’s not all old school, some of these trading platforms allow fractional purchases, all sorts of shiny vehicle trickery

            have you a teenager in the house V? ask them

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            Do you know what Goldie

            I’ve been around these surges before

            all the well meaning and good intentions aren’t going to cover the difference between paying 300+ yoyos for something that is valued by popular opinion
            and not its balance sheet / revenue etc,

            ok it will only be a few latecomers – lads who wouldn’t take the risk at the start
            Or lads not as savie or dab handed at single independent trading

            But losses that will be felt within that people’s movement

            Greed has no boundaries, nor has money when it comes to human behaviour, especially behind closed doors / anonymous keyboards

            don’t fool yourself

            PS: what I meant by not that many buying at 350 btw, was that lads who get in at that price will have to sell there as well to wipe their faces.

        2. goldenbrown

          not over yet, those stocks are 50% up again now after hours

          the kids are piling into this and it appears to be turning into a worldwide craze now…..my straw poll suggests maybe 15% of students in Ireland are in on this….hunting for brokerages that allow unrestricted and after hours trading and the like is not something your average 19 y/o should be doing with their lives (or PUP money)

          as per usual it’s alright for the ones that were in on this early, they will likely come out with profits but for anyone else now joining in at this late stage it’s like a big game of Jenga, who knows but my guess is the trap is set and today’s the day

          C19 boredom appears to have reaped the trading world a whole new class of naïve untrained unsuspecting customers : (

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            The squeeze continues. Gonna be a bad day for the Shorts… Wonder what shenanigans the squeezed have in stock (heh) for today?!

        3. goldenbrown

          “and they turned it off when it looked like we might win”

          but how win and who win MaryLou?

          yes, you win if you manage a successful exit with profit. otherwise you lose.

          1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            How do retail win?

            Market makers need to cover the options contracts that were bought back in December when GME was $15, these are now worth about 40k a piece. They bought thousands of them. Millions of shares for Billions of dollars.

            Hedge funds that shorted need to cover those positions with shares. They are short millions of shares.

            If retail aren’t willing to sell, supply and demand will put this thru the stratosphere.

            Look up the VW short squeeze from 2008.

          2. goldenbrown

            not exactly my point MaryLou (there will be ordinary joe latecomers lining up like lambs today)
            on a different but related topic though, what happens if they do manage to crash the whole show by accident come Monday? mom and pop gets fupped in all sorts of interesting knock-on ways, history tells you that the only ones NEVER to ever get fupped here will be the establishment they’re railing against (despite making a very valid point about the stock market being a casino) yes late stage capitalism etc.

            who owns the exchanges, hm?

            rigged game is rigged

    1. Charger Salmons

      ‘ Never in my 3 days of trading have I ever seen anything like this ‘
      There’s a lot of Joe Saps going to get their fingers burned.

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        Short squeeze is still very high, about 120%, so some got out yesterday.

        Looks like today is the day

      2. Rosette of Sirius

        They’re not you know. Most of the folks on WSB who piled in took out their initial investment so the worst that will happen is they’ll break even. This was not done to make money, it was done in spite of it.

  5. Charger Salmons

    In a further development late last night the UK’s Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi revealed that he had been one of the volunteers who took part in the Novovax clinical trials which enrolled more than 15,000 people between 18-84, of which 27% were older than 65.
    Boris and his government are currently knocking it out of the park when it comes to vaccines.

    1. Joe F

      Why are you constantly bleating on about Bozo and vaccines? You posted earlier that you are not biased. Your posts completely contradict this. UK 5th highest in death rates. Why do you ignore this conveniently?

    1. Joe F

      To say you are a one trick pony is putting it extremely mildly Admiral. Still no comment on UK deaths or case rates then?

    2. Tighe’s Cylon

      So do you know anything about Regulatory assessment of potential vaccines Charger? ‘Cos it doesn’t matter what ‘scientists have known for a while’ what results are generated in trials, that’s only part of the approval process.

      Plus your wonder vaccine, though it would appear victorious against the Brazil & Brit variants, seems to not be able to do the dance with the SA version. Still 2 out 3 ain’t bad I suppose

    1. Charger Salmons

      Yesterday’s news.
      It doesn’t even make the IT online edition.
      The Novovax story and another EU failure will dominate the airwaves on Friday.
      On proper telly that is …

          1. Joe F

            Wow, I didn’t see that post from him/her/them before. Thanks for posting the link to it. Even by his low standards that is utterly disgusting. Shame on you Charger Salmons/Admiral Nelson etc etc etc for posting such an insensitive post. I suppose you are proud of yourself after reading that linked posting.

          2. Charger Salmons

            I’ll say this just once.
            The only name I’ve ever used other than this one was Ollie Cromwell.
            I retired that moniker because it seemed to upset so many people and you know how distraught that makes me.
            I then started using my current name.
            I made no secret of this change.
            Repeat, I have not and never do use any other name.Why would I if, as you seem to think, I’m here to wind you up ? There’s not a lot of point in multiple names when I’m apparently so successful with this one.
            Bodger may confirm this if he wishes but you really are yapping up the wrong tree.

          3. scottser

            the trouble is charger, you so post so many lies that nobody believes you anymore.

            to quote uncle monty – ‘he so mauve, we don’t know what he’s planning’..

          4. Charger Salmons

            Now Bodger has cleared up that frightful business how about a pile-on apology lads ?
            I have feelings too you know …


          5. GiggidyGoo

            Not exactly correct as far as I remember Bodger. You did in fact change the names he’d used in December ’20 to ‘One name per Commenter Please’, and he got thick about it. He’s used Charger, Alexandria and another Greek-reference name – some other city or other in a spate of posts.

            Plus there’s absolutely nothing to stop him using multiple identities, and not be caught at it. Throw-away e-mail addresses, VPN’s, or just plain browsing incognito can get past that, and you wouldn’t know it’d happened.

          6. Bodger

            Sorry, that may have been another moderator. I recall Ollie Cromwell as Charger’s only other name, which, to be fair, gave notice that his views would be deliberately provocative for satirical effect.

          7. Papi

            In like a terrier down a drain to protect charger again.
            The barman may be compromised, people.
            The defecation is strong.

          8. Bodger

            Papi, I don’t know Charger personally, but every good bar in my experience can accommodate different sorts of headers. Just move into the lounge if he annoys you.

          9. Bertie blenkinsop

            “There’s a guy in the bar being rude and obnoxious to all and sundry, ruining everyone’s buzz and generally be an arséhole”…

            “Move into the Lounge so…”

          10. Charger Salmons

            Well I’m in the bar on my third Bombay Sapphire and tonic.
            Like all the best bars it attracts a variety of characters who earn their place by being entertaining,witty and informative.
            And not the crowd who come once a year in Christmas jumpers looking for their
            free festive drink and generally boring the place out.
            I’m told the bar in Chump’s Corner only serves sour grape juice.
            Huzzah !

          11. Papi

            Fair enough Bodger, and respect for answering, but you’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater by allowing, and even condoning, this behaviour.
            Charger slides by your rules by alternately copy and pasting stuff and then throwing in his open bigotry and trollisms. We’ve been here long enough to know he’s not making a point, he’s making a conscious, open, and often admitted, attempt, to just be as annoying as possible. Why? Dunno.
            But to enable it? That’s on you at this stage.
            The pub doesn’t have any more lounges to get away from the defecating.

          12. bisted

            …cannot understand why commenters get so upset over Charger telling home truths about things like brexit which was democratically voted for by people in England and Wales twice…how he points out the performance of the UK versus the EU in vaccine rollout…how he takes his side with the EU whinging about the supply of a vaccine they hadn’t even approved…the ratlickers on here give a daily dose of dangerous misinformation and those that try to counter them are sanctioned…

          13. Charger Salmons

            Not just England and Wales.
            Significant numbers of people in Scotland and NI also voted for Brexit in a UK-wide poll, the biggest democratic mandate in the state.
            Dems de rules of a referendum freely offered with the promise, delivered in a State-sponsored leaflet to every home in the UK, that the result would be honoured.
            The same rules will apply in an eventual referendum on a united Ireland which, by the way, I would support.
            As I would with IndyRef2 in Scotland.
            The vaccine row is the first big post-Brexit test where the EU has been found painfully wanting.
            I understand exactly why nightly vaccine numbers cause such pain and anguish on here – I’m waiting for a jab just as much as the next person in Ireland – but hoping the problem will go away solves nothing.
            Now is exactly the time the Irish media should be holding their elected representatives’ feet to the fire.
            Otherwise you just accept being in the EU means you have no say in how your lives are run.

          14. Papi

            Cos that’s not what he’s doing, and you know it bisted, he’s chosen this vaccine issue to throw his towel on. This time. The next is immaterial, the last was immaterial, it’s constant, constant, trying to be a wrecker. He did it with PROC, he’s trying it here, it’s his little tiny orgasm.
            It’s no longer a charger or whatever his current alias is, it’s the barman is quite ok with one of his patrons defecating on the floor and telling everyone else to just hold their breath or

          15. Charger Salmons

            Charger’s Bellyacher’s Bellwhether™ update.

            So far today on this thread I’ve been called a racist, hypocrite, nasty excuse for a human being, utterly disgusting, bigot, imperialist, slurry spreader, ageist, liar.

            None of the people using those insults has mentioned vaccines, the subject that has caused their ire.Not once.

            I haven’t asked for a single one of them to be banned from BS.

          16. Papi

            Oh, bisted, it’s got nothing to do with chargers points, they may even be valid on this, his latest Calvary, it’s to do with his ugly, smelly, vile, repulsive and insulting manner, my dear child.
            If he wasn’t such a doormat wanting to be trod on, he’d get up off his knees, you see.
            Glad I could fix that for you.

        1. bisted

          …sorry Charger…you are using Nigel type arguments there…wrong type of democracy…NI and Scotland clearly voted against England and democracy should be respected now as when you and I were lone voices here calling for it…I to will take vaccine when available and for anyone to defend the indefensible of vaccine rollout to those in the know or the failure of the EU to seize control of the only ray of hope to embattled citizens is reprehensible…

          1. Charger Salmons

            The utter desperation of someone with no arrows left in his quiver of abuse calling an anonymous person on the internet smelly is genuinely a joy to watch.
            I have a Boris watermelon smile on my face at the total joy of it.
            Marvellous-ometer™ set to max.

            Old skool heh,heh,heh just for the hell of it.

          2. bisted

            …@Papi…thanks…but no thanks…I don’t need Cavalry or Calvery…I don’t need people telling what or what not to think…Charger might be a troll…but I have laughed long and hard at some of his comments…funny, it’s the same people who talk about him whether he is here or not…

          3. bisted

            …can’t speak for Scotland but NI hopes to be on everyones payroll soon…Westminster, Brussels, Dublin, Washington…to mention but a few…payback time…please send that nice Mr Patten to seal the deal…about 30 years should do…and thanks for all the fiscals…

          4. Charger Salmons

            People have been underestimating the DUP for as long as I can remember.
            They’ve only just stop chortling after pruning Theresa’s magic money tree for a billion big ones.
            It’s why I like the cut of Arlene’s jib.
            She is some operator.

          5. bisted

            …in fairness, the DUP and all their previous incarnations, have only ever had one thing in their favour and that has been numbers…a demographic timebomb was inevitable and, thanks to brexit, it has arrived…their day is passing same as the other side of the coin, the SDLP…correct that few in the north want to give up things like their NHS or Housing Executive, DOE or employment giving public services…they want the best of both worlds…first step would be the same as the Russians did in Crimea…give Southern pensions…funny even when Arlene and her boys were marching into Downing Street they were known as the Irish…they would have hated that…

      1. Fergalito

        Pretend it doesn’t exist evidently and sneer. It gets people’s backs up here which is part of the point.

        It’s the mentality of the imperialist – bringing civilisation via brute force and righteousness since the crusades. When the blinkers are on you only see what’s in front of you.

  6. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Zero Covid………….I watched Dr. Holohan talking about why it wouldn’t work for Ireland. I am disappointed that a doctor is providing comments on the economy. His is meant to be a medical guy. I have no doubt that Ireland could do a lot better if it was working towards suppression. It may not reach zero but it can get so low that kids can go to school and more businesses can be open. All the evidence shows that countries that tackle the virus as their top priority do better than those who try to protect the economy. Of course, there is lots of freight between Ireland and Europe – that can continue. Stop all unnecessary international travel. Australia has. Oz had massive international travel. 40 flights a day from China, alone. Ireland just needs strong leadership. Following the example of Bozo, or countries that are not islands does not make sense. The north – reduce traffic across the border, only those with a valid reason (work, school,health) would be permitted across. Yes, some idiots will take backroads but the majority will do the right thing.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Meat Factory in West Cork with at least 66 cases, plus the multiplier of people they were in contact with.

    Meat Factory in Co. Wexford with at least 40 cases, plus the multiplier of people they were in contact with

    Funerals, which Gardai were in attendance, followed by get-together of 200+ at a house in Enniscorthy plus the multiplier of people they were in contact with

    Funeral which was witnessed by government-supporting TD, complete with pub and party tent, but not reported by said TD. plus the multiplier of people they were in contact with

    Nursing home outbreaks – 181 outbreaks. 3000+ cases plus the multiplier of people they were in contact with

    Hospital outbreaks 137+ since November 2500+ cases. plus the multiplier of people they were in contact with

    Thousands of untested arrivals per week into ports and airports, plus the multiplier of people they were in contact with

    And that’s just very recent.

    Doesn’t ring a bell obviously with the HSE, nor the Government.

    Keystone Kops.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I don’t see a lot of joined-up thinking coming from the Irish Govt. It is almost as if the pandemic exposes those who are capable and those who are not. It is time for a proper response. Close the borders to all but essential travel, force people into quarantine. The economy will survive that better than endless lockdowns.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Yes. She was on SE Radio that week and said it herself that she stood at her door and watched as the funeral passed by.

  8. Charger Salmons

    Poor old granny-botherer Napoleon Macron can’t catch a break at the moment.
    Dreadful vaccine roll-out figures are fuelling growing anger in his country.
    Now French company firm Valneva have announced the start of large-scale commercial production of 60 million doses of a new vaccine.
    At a plant in Scotland that has been upgraded with funds from UK taxpayers.
    It indicates high confidence on both sides that the Valneva jab is in line for approval from official regulators in time for its planned distribution in early summer.
    Sacre Bleu !

    1. Joe F

      So why are you still avoiding the “dreadful” cases and deaths figures coming out of the UK Admiral Nelson? Sounds like the old inferiority complex has gone into overdrive of late.

  9. bertie blenkinsop

    Yer man is absolutely ruining this site.
    I can only assume it’s allowed to continue for clicks.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Bertie old chap.
      The vast majority of my posts on BS are in the newspaper section which is all about the news of the day.
      Previously the main news used to be Brexit which I posted a lot about and now it’s vaccines which I post a lot about because, well, they’re kinda topical.
      My posts, which I leaven with a soupcon of good humour, normally include news about vaccines, updated stats or reporting criticism of the EU’s incompetence.
      You have three choices.
      I. Contest them.
      2.Ignore them.
      3.Shut up.
      But snivelling just because you don’t like the message they contain is not a good look.

      1. Papi

        You’re a copy and paste slurry spreader, you have no point. Either here or as a person.
        You’re sad.

        1. Charger Salmons

          ” You’re a copy and paste slurry spreader ”
          What a marvellous turn of phrase.
          I do hope you don’t mind but I’m going to copy and paste that for future use.
          You see, you’re not as completely useless as a chocolate tea-pot.

      2. bertie blenkinsop

        Charger, I rarely if ever engage with you because I honestly feel you’re beneath me.
        I think it’s telling however that when I say that someone is ruining the site you assume that it’s you.*
        I think that you’re ruining the board with your transparent, incessant trolling and if that’s how you pass your day and interact with others you’re more to be pitied.
        Your schtick is unfunny and repetitive IMO.
        Hope that clarifies things for you.

        * it is

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Oh well look at that! It must be a month of Sundays.

          Which actually, it does feel like at this stage.

        2. Charger Salmons

          Bertie – so let me get this straight.
          You think it says a lot that I think you were referring to me which you then say you were.
          I know.That’s why I answered you.
          I’d say you’re better off sticking with the snivelling if that’s the sum total of your argument.
          Jeez, the lightweights have breezed in this morning …

      3. millie bobby brownie

        Charger, Bertie won’t reply to you, just as you won’t reply to your puppy, Joe.

        Do yourself a favour and stop trying to get his attention, it won’t work. Maybe google another vax fact to copy and paste? They’re fun!

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Please see my comment above.

          Now how about another vax fact? Everyone *loves* those.

          1. Charger Salmons

            I only tend to do those last thing at night Millie when all the stats are in and there’s something new about vaccines which is floating around.
            Whilst the subject matter never varies – because that’s what EVERYONE is talking about – I try to introduce new information all the time so it doesn’t get too stale.
            Quite clearly though some people on here are frightened by facts.
            Perhaps their sinews need stiffening or they’ve grown up in a sheltered environment or maybe it’s just people today hate reality unless it’s in a TV show with some Muppet eating worms.

      4. Joe F

        You are just a nasty piece of work old boy with a lot of issues. And you are quite the hypocrite. I’ll give you some examples Admiral.
        1. You wrote at one stage that you only write positive posts. You constantly have a go at Ireland and the EU (some clearly correctly) but in the context of no negative posts?
        2. You posted you’re not a racist. You posted a while back that most of the crime in the UK comes from blacks and immigrants.
        3. I might add the absolutely disgusting post you put on about the unfortunate Vietnamese immigrants who tragically lost their lives in the most horrendous, painful manner imaginable. And you had the need to joke about that situation. Even by your standards, Mr Nelson, that is quite deplorable.

        I really like Broadsheet, all this replying I do to you is an attempt by me to get you (and me) blocked. I don’t mind one bit if Broadsheet ban me and you from posting, I hope they do!!! I will still visit their site and read, without posting, as I think the way they have for their website is different and refreshing.
        And, how many names are you posting under now?

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      woohoo, listened to a good history podcast about the event yesterday, I’ll try dig it out for you ;)

  10. bisted

    …in a rare display of agreement on Broadsheet, everyone agrees that the most vulnerable must be protected…nursing homes house those most vulnerable and take extraordinary steps to keep out infection…today the Examiner show 181 homes have outbreaks.

    Back in October before Tony Holohan stepped in to halt government dithering and prevent disaster the number of new cases was rising exponentially…one of the things the new surge showed was that when that number rose over 1000, the defences of the nursing homes would be breached…numbers of new cases reached over 6000 per day before the decision makers were forced to take NPHET advice and introduce measures to curb these numbers.

    Simple numbers…the number of new cases rise, the number of hospitalisations rise…leading inevitably to a rise in ICU admissions and deaths…but hey…xmas…an acceptable risk apparently…and the pro-sickness people on here get upset when they are called names…

  11. Chevy Chase

    Leo: “I’d hoped being gay was just a phase”

    You don’t have to tell us you thought that way pal, its been fairly flipping obvious…

    Also, can someone please wake up Jeeves to sort out that Bertie Wooster fella, he’s really lost the run of himself this morning. Although it’s probably just to deflect from Perfidious Albion and its crappy vaccine that works 100% of the time 60% of the time.

  12. millie bobby brownie

    Come back, Memes, all is forgiven!*

    *truly (and someone please correct me if I am wrong) I don’t think there have ever been so many complaints about another commenter on this site. A strange thing indeed.

    1. Bodger

      The pro-Catholic Church commenter ABM, if you recall, attracted a lot of venom. The ABM moniker was used by three people over time (one of whom was murdered in an incident unrelated to Broadsheet).

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          The ABM group for all their cynical prolife and hard white Catholic endeavours here
          carried on like a whole raft of logins I could list off

          So please everyone come on
          At the very least don’t insult the ABM participant that was cruelly murdered with yere selective memories

      1. Toby

        Lots of people attracted venom, but you do let Charger away with posts that would never be tolerated from someone else. I for one cant engage anymore when one person dominates with incessant bigoted trolling.

        I think you owe it to your readers to explain why you defend him when so many of us are so obviously fed up?

        You have banned others for much less. Is it just the clicks?

        1. Charger Salmons

          Get away with posts ?
          Is that what you call reporting the figures of both the UK and Ireland’s vaccination programme and important news of a vaccine breakthrough that arrived too late for the Papers ?
          There are some very timid souls bleating away this morning.
          Up your game man.

          1. Joe F

            You have been banned from other sites you clown/Admiral Nelson/Charger Salmons/Kate/ etc etc etc
            You’re just nasty.
            Plus you have a lot of issues old boy.
            As I said earlier I would be very glad to be banned from posting if the same happened to you, you’re destroying this (very good) site.

      2. Charger Salmons

        We all have our cross to bear so to speak Bodger.
        Great news about Novavax though.
        Hopefully the EU will announce soon that they’ve inked a deal.

      3. bertie blenkinsop

        Is that the Broadsheet response to the complaints about the current state of the site?
        ‘We used to have a guy here who was REALLY bad….”

        1. Papi

          In at breakneck speed to defend his one username schtick though. Hard not to notice that bias, lads.
          Everything else……. Silence.

    2. alickdouglas

      While I appreciate memes gave some folks here a fierce rough ride, I was at least amused by his frequently surreal posting (I didn’t see what led to the ban, although have heard it explained and cannot complain). Too much vic and bob when I was a teenager I guess. If you don’t like it don’t read it is great in principle, there’s so much tripe being posted here that it’s hard to see the good stuff.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        A rape threat IIRC

        You’re right though, still some good stuff here but you’ve got to wade through a river of poo to get to it.

          1. bisted

            …I missed the actual incident but fair enough as far as I’m concerned…at least we all knew were we stood back then…their gaff, their rules…sadly, the consistency seems to have vanished…

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        Would ye like to see some of his emails Alick?
        Or the stuff posted here, still – even up to month ago
        Or even into the Chat Pit around the time the now Patriot Movement started to move in

        I admit myself to dallying with him, and for a while he was fun in a frantic lunatic wild man of the internet way
        But he got it into his head that I own & Moderate Broadsheet, or perhaps someone put it into it
        that he still maintains btw
        and its a falsehood he was encouraged to spread across a number of other logins
        many never corrected btw

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Apologies not necessary Alick

            I just think people are being blindsided here
            Charage for his bulls-motions here
            is just that
            and lots of them

            and he’s not why the gaff today isn’t what it was five years ago
            feck not even three years ago

        1. Papi

          Charger has that in excess also, but adds in a remarkable amount of racism, outright bigotry and lately even ageism.
          A tribute to inferiority.

    1. Charger Salmons

      I’d say Charger’s Bellyacher’s Bellwhether™ is going to get another airing today.
      The day is but young …

      1. Kate

        We employ over 4,000 at Pfizer plants in Ireland and yet the EU relied on a Belgian factory that employs 400? to miracously mass produce covid innoculations. In April 2020 the UK actually started securing premises for mass production in the event of scientists making a breakthrough -which thankfully they did. It’s a real shame that the EU or indeed our goverment showed no vision —had they done so thousands of lives would have been saved. It’s disgraceful — commentators on here shoot the messenger and never query sheer incompetence from our politicians /EU.

      2. Papi

        Might be a good idea to give yourself an airing too while you’re at it.
        Awful smell of defecation from your posts.

        1. Joe F

          Hi Kate/Charger Salmons/Admiral Nelson/etc etc etc
          You have been banned from other sites you clown.
          You’re just nasty.
          Plus you have a lot of issues old boy.
          As I said earlier I would be very glad to be banned from posting if the same happened to you, you’re destroying this (very good) site.

  13. Paulus

    When I saw de Burgh’s daughter I didn’t recognise her at first. I thought, that’s hardly Davison.

    Hardly Davison.
    I’ll get me helmet.

  14. Charger Salmons

    By jove Kate, you sent the miserable cur packing with a delightful response.
    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

    1. Joe F

      Talking to yourself(ves) now eh Admiral?
      The sooner you (and me if necessary) is kicked off this site the better.

  15. V aka Frilly Keane

    Charger Salmons is credited (to the RHS) of two different avatars on this thread
    so that’s telling me that there are two unique user email addresses established for each a unique avatar
    Just on this thread alone
    Two separate user logins

    Well by my understanding anyway,
    Since I myself, for years had one single login email tied to an easily identified and recognisable avatar, the *Frilly Keane one, even though I would mess around with the user name the Avatar itself was pretty explicit and identifiable

    and then when I started contributing Vanessa Foran stuff via that BS.tv intro, then a second separate email was attached to that login here in the comments section, therefore two individual unique logins/ avatars

    So does Charage have other unique email logins, like say as a columnist(s) as well
    and swap the name out like I used to do
    But the email addresses aren’t registered on Gravatar?

    Just wondering like

    * Just in case any of the old gang want to generate another fake conspiracy, they’ve time on their hands now I suppose, for the record I disbanded that Gravatar login so now all you see is the Broadsheet generated avatar to the left of any original FK posts. There has only ever been two user emails exercised by me.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Once again I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
      But I’ll refer you to Bodger’s answer upthread in the hope you’ll avoid embarrassing yourself again.
      You’re better than this when you’ve got your sensible head on.

      1. Joe F

        You really are some clown. That’s the best you could come up as a reply? I’d love if I was a detective and all criminals were as stupid as you Admiral.
        So anyway Charger old sport, how did you come up with Admiral Nelson in that other website that I won’t mention. You know the one that you got your P45 from.

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        well then let me help you Charge
        See this post of yours I’m replying to – stamped
        Charger Salmons
        January 29, 2021 at 2:03 pm

        now scoot on up to one replying to mine – it will have the big V to the left.
        Charger Salmons
        January 29, 2021 at 12.30 am

        1. Charger Salmons

          I still don’t understand the point you’re trying to make.
          I do try to warn you not to make a fool of yourself because I genuinely think you’re one of the good people on here but you don’t help when you embark on these bizarre flights of fantasy.
          I’ll repeat for the last time.
          I do not have multiple usernames.
          Bodger has confirmed this.
          Neither of us has anything to gain by concocting a web of deceit.
          By pusuing this you’re just edging your way into Chump’s Corner which is made up of the people who really don’t deserve a reply from me because of their consistent and ongoing stupidity.
          This thread is populated with those people clamouring to be let out.
          Don’t lower yourself to their level.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            I’m not arguing with you Charage

            I’m simply pointing out the two different Avatars pinned onto the user name
            Charger Salmons
            and what I know about how unique Avatars are unique to a single email address

            thats all

            and I think its great Bodger stepped in so swiftly to clear up an allegation you were were posting under alias’

            something I was never treated to myself

          2. Papi

            The thing about being a consistent liar like you are, chargy, is that no-one believes a word out of your unwashed mouth.
            Off your knees boy.

          3. Charger Salmons

            V – I suggested Bodger might like to clear up any confusion.
            He did.
            I’m sure he would have done the same for you if you’d asked.
            I have no idea how avatars work on here and to be honest I don’t really care.

          4. Charger Salmons

            Still haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.
            Just accept you were wrong and stop digging.

          5. V aka Frilly Keane

            How the …k am I wrong about knowing what user names I posted under
            Or what my f’ing email addresse(s) are

            And what I didn’t
            And never have
            Posted under

            G’way Charage – Satire my *55

            One of the ‘ boys ‘ more like
            Gas how Bodger was so quick to jump in for you all the same

  16. johnny

    just dropped.
    “Me You Madness” tells the deliciously wicked tale about a beautiful, ruthlessly ambitious, intelligent, and successful businesswoman, Catherine Black (Louise Linton). She lives a life of luxury having an architectural dream house in Malibu, exclusive designer fashions, fast cars, and exquisite jewelry. She has no need for a man except to satisfy her natural serial killer instinct, literally. When Tyler (Ed Westwick), a petty thief, responds to her online roommate ad, he thinks he’s struck gold. He has no idea that after a night of partying and passion, he is really just on her menu to be her next victim until real romance gets in the way.”

    GENRE: Comedy/Thriller
    DIRECTED BY: Louise Linton
    WRITTEN BY: Louise Linton
    PRODUCED BY: Louise Linton, Kristen Ruhlin
    CAST: Ed Westwick, Louise Linton


    x treasuary sec’s better half:)


    1. Lilly

      More American schlock. Of course she’s successful, anything more nuanced might be interesting.

      Just switched on the telly to Leo Varadkar in shorts and Mary McAleese dressed for the ski slopes, walking and talking. Whose idea of entertainment is this? I think I’ll clean the bathroom.

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