Behold: a radically clean and minimal take on the reliable but outdated BMW R100RT by Slovakian custom house Earth Motorcycles.

Retaining its original bulletproof air-cooled 980cc OHV boxer engine, the donor bike was torn down to its subframe, powder-coated top to bottom, fitted with an upgraded YSS shock, shortened fork, bobber seat, underslung exhausts, straight bars and upgraded switchgear. And then the real work started.

Yours for €19,250.


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8 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Slightly Bemused

    That is lovely. I am not a big fan of bikes of any form, not out of any derision, but because they terrify the living daylights out of me. I have no sense of balance, and the idea of me hurtling down a road on a vehicle, whether personally propelled or motorised really is unimportant, with fewer than 3 wheels is an idea I feel is one that should grip other road users with fear. So, I avoid it. Does not mean I cannot admire it.

    But I am again reminded of when I was in the US visiting Little Slightly (who by the way wants a different moniker) and it was an anniversary of Harley Davidson. The price of accommodation anywhere near Milwaukee skyrocketed, so we decamped to Chicago. I did appreciate the manager of where I was staying. When I booked in she did tell me that certain days were going to be expensive, and did help arrange the Chicago stay.
    Obviously I had rented a car, and this was August in a very hot US mid-western state. So I had parked under a tree, which turned out to be a bad idea. Lots of little birds roosted there, and in the morning my silver car was no longer silver. It took a couple of car washes to make it safe to even open the doors by the handles.
    During that day, more Harleys than I had ever seen before turned up. Now, my experience with motorcyclists here, and in the main there, is if you are in trouble they will actually do what they can to help you out. And if you offer local advice, they normally thank you.
    But as with any group, you have idiots. And two of them parked where my car had been the victim of bird revenge. So I warned them, actually pointing at my car which had yet to be fully cleaned (We did need a power washer, not one of those drive through setups)
    I was rebuffed in language I would have preferred my daughter did not hear, and they went in to try and demand a room from the manager.
    Another pair had turned up and witnessed the conversation, and chuckling, asked me what the issue was. I explained, and they nodded, and parked in a more open area. They had canopies for the bikes to stop them getting too warm, which are apparently different from those for the rain. Lovely couple, very chatty, did not mind my poking around their bikes.
    The next morning, as we got up to head for Chicago, the two bikes were probably worse than my car had been. And the second couple were standing beside them laughing uproarisely. The actual owners had not yet turned up, but they were waiting to fundamentally rub their noses into it.
    So I look at this motorbike and admire both its beauty and the craftmanship that went into building it, but I cannot help but think that they may want to be careful which tree they park it under

  2. Chevy Chase

    Any bike builder that puts mud guards like that on should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t take your brat out in the rain, simple as, don’t ruin it with that nonsense.

  3. goldenbrown

    nice bike

    €20k?? no problem, just use the profit you had to take on the oul Trading212 App
    (ze establishment certainly spoiled that party in the end, didn’t they?)

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