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  1. Gabby

    During this continuing pandemic staff at supermarkets are under pressure, like other workers having close contact with the public vulnerable to infection, so are likely to make mistakes in labeling. Did the photographer alert staff to these well-spotted discrepancies?

    1. Jdawgs

      Jaysus. A bit of fun and a little giggle on a Friday. We all know some people are under pressure and working hard. You’d be allowed to laugh in a funeral parlour more than you would in here sometimes :)

    2. ian-oh

      Tesco Lucan has been doing this for years.

      I have had to intervene with the cashier on more than one occasion to prevent me having to pay their ‘multi buy special’ price.

      Zip to do with the pandemic.

      1. Hank

        “I have had to intervene with the cashier on more than one occasion…”

        Cashier: “Oh jaysus, here comes yer man again”

        1. ian-oh

          Yep, that’s me. Unlike many Irish people, I am not embarrassed to speak up if I think I am being done.

          We should start to refer to the ’embarrassment tax’ people would rather pay than look like ‘one of them’.


          1. Hank

            Or you could just, y’know, try reading the actual signs you’re complaining about and you might realise the offers are separate and are related to different items..

          2. ian-oh

            In case it wasn’t immediately obvious, that was a pun Hank about the herb sage. (stock cubes, roast dinner etc…..)

            Just read it back and it looked kinda snarky which was not meant to be.

          3. Hank

            I have dried my eyes, searched deep within my heart and decided I can forgive you.
            Thank you for the clarification!

    3. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Dear Gabby,

      This type of error is made regularly by Tesco, in both Ireland and the UK, over a decade at least, so there is no reason why it should be acceptable during a pandemic. We constantly alert the store in question in a friendly but concerned manner, as it misleads shoppers and sets a bad example. Anyone can make a mistake, but this important signage should be checked by at least one member of the management team as part of a retail pricing display policy. If we keep tolerating these errors, we are giving supermarket chains permission to make them.


  2. Geoff Wiles

    These are not mistakes. Tesco have done this in England for many years. A good percentage of the population cannot do mental arithmetic or do not check their receipts. Sometimes special offers do not go through the till. 3 for 2 or half price deals go through the tills at full price. It doesn’t happen at our other supermarket chains. Only Tesco. Every Fiddle Helps !

    1. ian-oh

      I’d tend to agree Geoff, once or twice now and again would be understandable but I see this on a regular basis.

      Thankfully a new Lidl has opened up near me and after a few weeks shopping there I have yet to see any problems like this.

      I also have had cause to question my Tesco receipts on dozens of occasions as they were rung up incorrectly, the most blatant was for a bottle of spirits put through twice for some reason and I don’t blame the cashier either, she just scanned it once (got to the stage where I found myself watching the stuff being scanned) yet it scanned through twice.

      Its left me with a very suspicious view of Tesco and now I have a closer alternative I do most of my shopping elsewhere.

  3. wearnicehats

    ummm. They are each for 2 different products.

    Top – The left one is for stock cubes, the right one for snack meals
    Bottom – left for a food tray, right for single serve meals

    So it’s a reading problem rather than a maths one

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