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This afternoon

Phibsboro, Dublin

Further to Tesco’s efforts to halt redevelopment of Phibsboro Shopping Centre/Dalymount Park…..

Paul McCarthy writes:

Voting underway in Phibsboro as a community decides how to fight back against a supermarket that sees fit to hold back vital development. #Texit

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Tally update:

This evening.

Paul writes:

81 votes cast between 14:15 -16:15PM. Phibsboro favors standing up to Tesco. Watch this space it seems…

Tesco, Liberty Square, Thurles, County Tipperary

CC writes:

Is this the worst Tesco store in Europe? Dirty shelves, dirty uneven floor. Lack of wheelchair accessibility to the home wares department. Runs out of stock on the basics at times.

Meanwhile Lidl plan to build a new store beside Thurles Shopping centre, SuperValu is currently undergoing renovations and Costcutter in the square was recently renovated in the town. The above stores all offer free parking.

On some of the above developments, Tesco has put in some sort of submission/objection to any development in the town.

From top: Dalymount today; Dalymount under new plans and Tesco, Phisborough

The Scarlet Phibsbernel writes:

Phibsboro’s long awaiting redevelopment of Dalymount Park, the hated Phibsboro Shopping Centre and hotly anticipated new village plaza – is in jeopardy thanks to a supermarket empowered by the custom of the community whose improvement it strangles. This particular branch is among the most profitable and under-invested in the country.

Doubts swirl over Dalymount Park redevelopment as Tesco objects (Laura Lynott, Independent.ie)


Ah here.

Apt, in fairness.

Tesco, Clearwater, Finglas, Dublin 11

Rob writes:

Tesco are opening a new budget range to compete with Lid and Aldi [in the UK]. They’re calling it Jack’s – not sure it’s the best name? Do you think they’ll bring it to Ireland?


Tesco to launch new discount chain Jack’s next week (The Guardian)


From top: Tesco; SuperValu


Bonkers writes:

Following on from your Easons/Amazon post yesterday here is another one.

My absolute favourite cheese for topping homemade burgers is smoked applewood. In Supervalu it costs 2.99 for 150g which works out at 19.93 a kilo.

Whereas over in Tesco 185g of smoked applewood cheese, imported from the UK, will cost you 1.38 or 7.46 per kilo. 6

By my calculation this product is 167% more expensive in Supervalu than it is in Tesco.

Hooray for British cheese I say.


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