Orderly Transfer


From top: Tommie Gorman and Vincent Kearney

This morning.

RTÉ have announced the appointment of Vincent Kearney to replace  Roy Keane-bothering veteran Tommie Gorman as Northern Editor for RTÉ News.

Via RTÉ:

Vincent has previously worked as a reporter and producer for daily news and documentaries at the BBC including four years with BBC Northern Ireland’s Spotlight programme. Prior to joining RTÉ he was Home Affairs Correspondent for BBC Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Correspondent with The Sunday Times and also worked for the Belfast Telegraph for nine years. Vincent is a native of west Belfast but has spent the last 31 years living with his wife Louise and family in Lurgan, County Armagh.

Meanwhile,paying tribute to Tommie Gorman, RTÉ News boss Jon Williams said:

“For 41 years, from Brussels to Belfast, via Sligo and Saipan, Tommie Gorman has been the beating heart of RTÉ News. He has earned the trust of audiences, north and south – and of all sides in Northern Ireland, telling their story, sharing his insights, and championing RTE’s role as an all-island news organisation.”


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10 thoughts on “Orderly Transfer

  1. goldenbrown

    what’s the craic with the dreadful grammar and spelling mistakes from senior journos on chitter these days?

    “will live”

    (tho I’m very glad Tommie presumably managed to have his imminent demise commuted in some way)

    1. SopwithSnipe

      Vincent just followed up: “Oops. That’ll teach me not to put the specs on before tweeting – Tommie will of course “leave” big shoes to fill. Need to employ a sub editor ….”.

  2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Vincent is off to a very bad start with that typo.

    On another note, Gorman’s NI reports, presumably self-written, always seemed inappropriately prosaic and sentimental – reaching cringe levels at times. Anybody else notice that? If so, a book deal is probably being negotiated over a Zoom screen as we write.

    1. Andrew

      Tommy always had an inflated sense of his own importance. ” It is my view..” etc.
      I won’t miss him, then again I don’t really rely on RTE for my news anymore.

    1. bisted

      …you are obviously mixing up Tommie Gorman reporting from a sad, historical carbuncal that the average little englander couldn’t give a toss about to Tony Connelly reporting for RTE from johnnie foreigner land…

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