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  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Fact™ #43 ( Irish humiliation edition )

    The UK stormed past the 8 million mark yesterday administering an impressive 445,941 doses taking its accumulative total to 8,369,438.

    Ireland’s official total of 161,500 has remained unchanged since Wednesday.

    Meanwhile EU President Ursula Von Der Leyen-de-blame-elsewhere’s latest cock-up has achieved the amazing feat of uniting the British and Irish governments, DUP, SDLP and Labour in condemnation with even Sinn Fein/IRA calling it “ a grave error.” That takes some level of incompetence.

    Her move to invoke Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol to prevent vaccines coming into the UK via Belfast was a masterstroke of monumental political stupidity. The very hard border the EU promised would never happen. Hours later she was forced to U-turn in ignominy.

    More importantly Ireland was utterly humiliated with the EU keeping the government in the dark over what it intended to do – so much for all that loyalty during the Brexit negotiations. He who pays the piper calls the tune …

    The great inquisitor Andrew Neil called it correctly when the German joker was first appointed in a clip I’ve entitled “ Broomsticks for guns “. Imagine seeing something like this on Irish TV.I don’t think so.


    She’s your leader folks.
    Y’all have a great weekend.

      1. benblack

        Yet, I can still purchase tobacco – listed as an essential item.

        In all European countries.

        Covid-19 is death, though?

    1. Charger Salmons

      I’ll tell you one thing for nothing – the European Commission is going get absolutely hammered the next time it runs for election.

      Oh wait …

  2. Joe F

    Irish humiliation edition? You really are a nasty piece of work as I say.
    Anyway, so you still just ignore the figures for deaths and cases in the UK? Another 1,245 deaths in the last 24 hours. UK fifth highest for deaths per million. Great record that Bozo should be proud of Admiral? Ireland 45th highest by the way.
    What did you get kicked off the other website for anyway Admiral Nelson?

  3. Charger Salmons

    Late news just in – Sleepy Joe Biden has denounced the EU for undermining the Good Friday Agreement.
    Just kidding.
    Taxi for Von Der Leyen ?

    1. Charger Salmons

      I’ve a feeling after the vaccine procurement fiasco and now this embarrassing U-turn Frau Farce might not last her full term in office.
      Even though Jean-Claude Druncker got away with being pissed for most of his tenure these unforced errors are in a different league.
      And she has taken direct control over the whole vaccine process.
      I might well have a small wager that she won’t see the year out.
      An Ursula Von Der Leyen a bet if you will…

      Yes,no,listen,oh suit yourselves.

      1. Tighe’s Cylon

        Can you present any evidence that JCD has some sort of drink problem? Preferably one that didn’t originate in Tory HQ and slither into the story graph? But that’s nothing I’ve ever read/heard. He has an extreme case of sciatica from a car crash. That can cause the symptoms you so easily attribute to an addiction. But given the horses you ride with I’m not surprised really. Any ailment can be easily repurposed to suit your ends. I seriously hope your chosen occupation is a solitary one. I’d hate to think you’re responsible for any team apart from a range of potted plants. Your only aim here is to inject a competitive nature to a tragic global pandemic. I know your reward centre will fire repeatedly reading this but honestly I’m ashamed to consider you a member of the human race. We have so much to learn.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Put a sock in it mate and grow a pair.You’ve been bleating on about how upset you are for weeks.
          And Google Juncker and alcohol for plenty of stories and videos.
          It’s a grim statement of affairs when you’re bigging up an alcoholic ex-EU chief although to be honest given how poor his successor is I’d say he’d be welcomed back with open arms, pickled or not.

          1. Tighe’s Cylon

            Awright I’ll pop an old sock in the blow hole and then go dawwwwwnn to the Rose & Crown for some winkles and some jellied eels.

            I’ve posted twice in the last week, that’s hardly bleating you Colonial willywomble.

            Your nightly need to inject some ‘sport’ into this global tragedy is exactly the type of behavior I’ve come to seen from some of your ilk, ie Brexiteers beating themselves into an onanistic coma with Nationalism. You have no humanity, no self-worth and no redeeming qualities.

          2. Charlie

            Amazing how Charger replied to you now knowing you’re going. Meanwhile the piece of chicken poo will avoid everyone else who presents a question. A stereotypical lowlife footie fan with a drink problem.

  4. Tommy Bohan

    With quite a heavy heart I am going to say farewell to Broadsheet
    Your website is refreshing and different to others.The style and layout is different to lets say thejournal.ie
    But I find this poster Charger Salmons extremely rude and I am frankly shocked that he gets away with some of what he posts. Reading some other posts I feel I am not alone
    I am going to concentrate on the journal site there is no one near as bad as him there.
    Thanks for the good times anyway

        1. Andrew

          Nobody cares Charlie. People have opinions you don’t like? Boo hoo. Argue with them or ignore, no need to flounce off wondering why someone is ‘allowed’ post their opinion on a firly obscure website.

          1. Charlie

            It’s not his “opinion” you total muttonhead. It’s arrogance and taunting like a child in meltdown.

    1. Sam

      You really can’t just ignore his comments , I find this baffling – i could ignore someone i didn’t want to engage with if we were in a room together , with only the two of us. But you can’t not read his comments.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Why do you come to Broadsheet to read comments then complain it’s impossible not to read comments you don’t like ?
        Think about it – after four years of declaring it would never countenance a hard border in Ireland the EU, which is up to its neck in allegations of incompetence, introduces one. Then thinks better of it.
        Not only that Ireland only learns its border will be closed from the media.
        Can you imagine Merkel and Napoleon not being told the border between France and Germany is going to be closed ?
        After serving as the useful pawn of Brussels during Brexit negotiations Ireland is now back with the minnows being taken for granted.
        If none of these things make you angry then someone will be along soon on here with a recipe for Strawberry Fool – you can have a nice easy comment on that.

        1. Charlie

          Get yourself help for gods sake. Your entire life revolves around ranting on this site. Does your wife/partner know you have this serious problem? Speak to her!

          1. GiggidyGoo

            He, and all of his aliases are rolled into one Walter Mitty. There’s been an upsurge of his postings in recent times. He Sure Has Inferiority Troubles! but it’s now gone a lot deeper.

            Your first sentence is on the ball.

    2. Charlie

      I feel your pain. This site has become more like the Journal since Charger went into meltdown many months ago. Such a shame, it used to be an enjoyable read. I suspect many more will follow. Take care and have a nice weekend.

    1. Paulus

      Yes the weekends are the worst lately.
      The lack of fresh topics means that what little “meat” there is gets gnawed to pieces. A flow of issues/stories as there is on weekdays would probably dilute the aggression.

      1. Charger Salmons

        The lack of fresh topics ?
        Does News take the weekend off ?
        Perhaps he teams up with his great mate Weather and heads off for a lad’s weekend in Amsterdam.
        Sport is left holding the fort and he ain’t happy.
        Well, you can’t blame him.
        Nobby No-mates while News and Weather are getting monged in a Bulldog.
        And some bugger is gnawing at his meat.

  5. Hank

    Ah jaysus charger, I mean some of your posts make me smile and there’s clearly intelligence there but I’m honestly starting to worry. To spend evening after evening waiting for Broadsheet to post the papers so you can post some vaguely anti Irish stuff and hope that someone bites. To do it once or twice might be mildly amusing. The fact that you scamper on here excitedly night after night after night.. well, it’s a bit worrying.
    I genuinely hope you’re okay. Lockdown isn’t easy for anyone. But, y’know, maybe listen to some music, watch a movie, go for a walk.
    Broadsheet is a teeny, teeny weeny part of my life. I hope someday you can say the same..

  6. f_lawless

    I see that after the German health authorities advising elderly people against taking the AstraZeneca vaccine, France has now stated that the same vaccine appears to be ineffective for the over 65s – the only age group for whom the risk-benefit of vaccination really makes sense. Similarly, in Norway they’re advising the very frail and elderly against taking the Pfizer vaccine.

    I think the Irish government’s strategy is starting to look increasingly bankrupt. The hugely damaging rollung lockdowns for months on end were somehow justified by the promise of the vaccine(s) offering a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Also, with all the talk of new strains and a lack of evidence the experimental vaccines prevent transmission, maybe a ‘focused protection’ strategy might be reconsidered after all? Mind you, the drive for these “vaccine freedom passports* is currently gaining momentum


    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I thought all the vulnerable people had already died and that the virus would evolve into a harmless virus. I thought it was all a casedemic…….based on what others said here when they knew everything. Lockdowns make sense if you close your borders. Ireland needs to drastically reduce international arrivals. That is what OZ and NZ have done. Ireland is different to OZ and NZ but that just means you do more things. Allowing the virus to keep arriving on planes and ferries is stupid. The economy will recover a lot quicker once the virus is under control.

      1. Micko

        Oz has had 28k and NZ have had about 2k cases

        Ireland is about to hit 200,000 and that just the ones we’ve tested. The WHO estimated the actual global infection rate may be 10-20 times higher.

        That ship has sailed I’m afraid @formerly.

  7. Charger Salmons

    The curtain-haired slimeball Guy Verhofstadt is unusually quiet over this latest EU debacle.
    Normally he’d be in like Flynn bigging up his support for Ireland.
    Not a peep from his Tweet.
    It’s like Europe’s desperately poor vaccine rate simply doesn’t exist.
    Fancy that.

    1. benblack

      Kevin Myers describes that pandering hack, O’Toole, quite accurately in his humourous memoir ‘Burning Heresies’.

      1. bisted

        …Kevin Myers…hahaha…bet Fintan is shaking in his boots…that quotation about being savaged by a dead sheep springs to mind…in Kevin’s case…by proxy…

          1. bisted

            …I’ve told the story here before about Kevin skulking in the Europa Hotel during his time as a supposed journalist in Belfast…he’d hang around eavesdropping on conversations and real journalists filing copy…they used have competitions to come up with outlandish stories and have them printed as fact by Kevin…thanks…but Kevin has previous when it comes to retelling fiction as fact…

          2. benblack

            That side of things comes across pretty strongly in the book – very humourous in a self-deprecating way.

            Sometimes, unintentionally.

            That he got laid on overseas assignments so often is, with the greatest respect to Mr. Myers, hilarious.

            Good read, though.

  8. GiggidyGoo

    So, Varadkar now telling us Covid is partially, seasonal. (SOQ did, a long time ago, tell us that is was seasonal, and was attacked by many posters) “If we can get to the better weather, and this is a partially seasonal virus, so that does matter too, and if we can get a critical mass of people vaccinated, we can ease restrictions into that kind of Easter/summer period,” So says Varadkar anyway.

    Partially “seasonal”. True or not?

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      C’mere do you know what’s good craic for a duvet day
      Like today Mill

      The Prom

      Btw, testing a ‘Blondies’ traybake later
      I’ll update – hopefully, depends on the humour of this place

  9. bisted

    …credit where it’s due, but two politicians have emerged as head and shoulders above their peers…Leo Varadkar and Boris Johnston…both are playing a stormer and a glorious place in history awaits…whether by accident or design…
    For a leader that finishes in third place, the future beyond spending more time with his pension seems assured…not lucky Leo. He retained power while the negotiations for the sham marriage that marks the present government…he is repeatedly referred to as Taoiseach and will take up the mantle at half way…in the meantime he has propelled his party to top of the polls…by accident or design?
    Boris chose well when he named Winston Churchill as his role model…despite all his bungling, Churchill is remembered only for being the person who won WW2…Boris looks well on his way to securing his place in history…the man who delivered Brexit and defeated the onslaught of a world pandemic. Essentially, all he has done is get Teresa May’s deal agreed with a few extras that may or may not happen in the future and steal a march on everyone by taking a gamble on vaccinations by administering them rather than get embroiled in the bureaucratic bungling…by accident or design?

    1. Charger Salmons

      Boris has invested around £2.5billion in vaccines – that’s about what Ireland spends on the pandemic every couple of months.
      Yet only a few weeks ago people on here we’re crediting the EU for saving money on its vax purchases.
      Leo was always a much smarter operator than Mehole – creepier but more in tune with modern Ireland than the gormless grinner from Cork.
      Mehole has been invisible for much of this pandemic.
      Spare a thought too for Donald Trump.
      How soon people forget Operation Warp Speed.

      1. Joe F

        So what about the 104,000+ people who have died from the virus in the UK?
        UK 5th highest out of 221 countries for deaths per million population out f 221 countries listed. Bozo should be proud of that Admiral Nelson.

      1. bisted

        …of course, you are right…I should have said to the dominant party in the coalition…the shinners may top the polls but I feel they have missed their chance…diehard FFers and Blueshirts may have redefined the status quo but their future in power seems assured for another generation with the third leg willingly provided by whichever grouping who are prepared to sacrifice principle for perks…

        1. GiggidyGoo

          You may well be correct about another Jake The Peg government. By the looks of things, it could be a Jake The Peg Peg Peg rainbow one if that is the way it goes. There is now, however, clear light between Government and Opposition. The next election debates will be interesting, as in how will FF and FG try put any distance between themselves. Grassroots FF and FG won’t relish their vote being used to keep the other party in power. Grassroots may be dying off, but it’s still there for a while to come. Long grass and all that.

      2. Cian

        Funny how you only mention polls when they show SF in a good light.

        If you compare that poll to the general election
        SF 29% (Up 5)
        FG 28% (Up 7)
        FF 15% (down 7)

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Bisted brought the subject of polls up. Not Me. His statement was incorrect as he’s just said.
          I don’t see the point of your post.

        2. goldenbrown

          why do yez all get so hung up on polls? they mean little to nothing anymore and anyway ye all know where this is going already, racing nicely to the bottom 2025 – a polarised 2x party show:

          FG + various dark arts practitioners like Lowry

          with FF, nice but dim Greens, dead to me Lab and the rest hoping to get some trickle down trough time

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I don’t trust polls. Despite what Cian posts, I’ll reply to something that’s incorrect but haven’t started a thread about polls showing SF in a good light as far as I remember. The only poll that counts is on election day. Everything else is just heresay of perhaps 1000 people, who seemingly are the voice of 3,000,000+.

          2. bisted

            …you may think polls don’t matter but the political parties can’t ignore them and some even commission them…one of the best I’ve ever seen is an ongoing study covering Dub Bay South and Dun Laoghaire…FG bucked the trend in these constituencies by adjusting their message to the local electorate…it’s easy to measure the efficacy of any poll by examining the sampling technique and calculating the margin of error…

          3. GiggidyGoo

            That was a very local poll though – it probably had more interviewees than a national one even, so may have some sort of accuracy. National polls, basing results on the answers of 1000 or so (many of whom are serial interviewees), doesn’t compute when there are perhaps 3,000,000+ voters in the country.

          4. bisted

            …polls show a snapshot in time and can be mathematically assessed for accuracy…in recent years TV and other media outlets have commissioned exit polls that are very accurate…they are based on a similar sample size to other national polls…

          5. V aka Frilly Keane

            National polls are only for media and short shelf life spin
            One weekend they goes your way
            Next weekend not so much

            In between elections it’s all about internal polls
            At Local and Dáil Constituency level
            Which in the mainstream, well organised, resourced, experienced old hands at grassroots parties
            Are always warts n’all honest with themselves
            Currently these are indicating FG & SF are the dominant either or options for voters

            Pheonix has great sources throughout the country providing local polling
            And they’re nearly all on the money

            You only see rapid rise / fall
            Sudden changes in predicted outcomes actually once the election is underway
            And nearly always in the last few days

            Point here is
            D’mind National media snapshots
            Get yourself some local internal stuff

          6. GiggidyGoo

            They’re far from accurate when it comes to the crunch – maybe one taken the day before media lockdown might give an inkling, but in the lead up and in quieter times, they’re chewing gum for the head.

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      Dunno about Boris – mainly because I couldn’t be @rsed looking in that direction Bisto

      But you’re absolutely spot on about Leo and the original founding ‘Campaign for Leo’ team
      Said so here loads of times
      Lads talking about ‘Merica and 3d chess and the great plan – and we now know where thats ended up

      But the best Political Long Game Strategy Chess was being played out there under their noses
      Anyone still thinking Leo going to the Áras to call an election last January was an accident?

      Everything pandemical was either “Acting”
      Or now fronted by eFFers. Taoiseach, Health, Ed ….
      All the dirty business, bad news cycles and polling sensitive issues; Sealing Archives, M&B Commission – Greens and eFFers
      Meanwhile Blueshirt connections are making out like bandits with every gig tender appointment going
      Hanging on to Finance, Social Welfare, and especially Foreign Affairs was no accident
      Or the luck of having the likes of Anne Rabbitte repping Fianna Fail in the Programme for Government talks

      When tis their turn again with the Dept of an Taoiseach, Fine Gael are going to get the Unity Poll into their hands. Watch, 12 / 18 months, when the talking starts, and of course the photo ops of the talks
      Probably a big peacemaker mediator- better not be Robo Mary, I’m thinking Obama
      That’s serious Prime Time

      Next GE could be 40/40 FG/SF
      And That’s a Unity Poll right there

      Leo and Co
      Are made for life then
      Same for Mary Lou – but she needs to find candidates

      Whereas Fianna Fail — the Soldiers of Destiny

      1. Cian

        Do you still believe that Leo knew all about Covid and the pandemic and that’s why he called the GE (literally days after the 1st Wigan death)?

          1. goldenbrown


            can everyone please stop calling him “Leo”?

            he’s not your uncle or your mate or some likeable celeb….

            he doesn’t deserve that 1st name basis on your part

        1. GiggidyGoo

          And you still poo-pooed SOQ’s contention that there was a seasonal factor to Covid. Your boss seems to think so. How about you? Happy with your contributions to SOQs decision to depart here?

        2. bisted

          …both of you are better judges than I am so I’ll mark his good fortune down to accident father than design…maybe Cian could enlighten me…there seems to be two sides in FG…the new personified by Leo and the traditional with Coveney…Leo was fine while it lasted but he lost the last election despite the recent good fortune but he seems to have gone a bit flakey recently and goes increasingly his own way…

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Leos big problem now is trust. That’s it in a nutshell. His media appearances, ramped up at the moment, are attempts to normalize himself various people’s eyes. However, trust inside of political circles (National and International), as well as with the electorate has disappeared in the mist.
            Coveney is the natural FG leader, and in terms of vote physical vote numbers, he should have been. Before the last election, I made the point here a few times that the grassroots of FG were waiting in the long grass to teach Varadkar and his TDs a lesson. Has that lesson been learned by Varadkar? No. He scraped through last time, and then the news emerged of his penchant for giving confidential state documents to his mates, as well as other leaks. That won’t be forgotten.
            The chap can’t be trusted. Full stop!

          2. goldenbrown

            “That won’t be forgotten”

            don’t be so naïve, 2025 is a loooooooooooooooooong way from here

            the chap can’t be trusted? understatement of century there of course not, there’s not many worse human beings ever knocked around Kildare St than that (—-k) BUT your history tells you that we seemingly keep voting for the same people our grandfathers did despite the tomes of scandals and mismanagement, our politics has contained a large slice of fear “yea but you couldn’t vote for them sure they’d ruin the place” logic since at least the 1970’s

            we vote based on our own personal selfish needs, wants and fears and it will all depend on the issues and scandals being advertised in the immediate months leading up to the 2025 election, it’s a reflection of us and right now I see a more polarised society unfolding every single day that passes – rich v poor, vaccinated v unvaccinated, us v them

            c’mere – how do ya think they’re going to handle the polling day itself? will you need to bring your vaccine stamp book along with the ID, wha? :)

          3. Bitnboxy

            Chortle! The fact Giggidybot spends so much of their energy with incessant postings about the demon Leo only makes me think (even more resolutely) that none of what Giggidy desperately (and it’s so very desperate) wants to believe will come to pass: Leo will be cast aside as a scandal-ridden Guiliani-esque figure, with all doors both national and international closed to him. Christine Lagarde might herself chuckle at this naivete. None of the recent “scandals”, will have much of a bearing on the voting public. Vanessa’s predictions are far more likely to come to pass with FG led by Leo and SF (hopefully with better candidates and not their current crop of stunned and moronic new TDs) vying for top spot. Like it or not, those outraged by the medical contract shenanigans were never really going to vote FG anyway.

            The main issue that could you sink Leo is housing and something tells me FF will take the hit for that!

          4. V aka Frilly Keane

            Leos big problem now is trust.
            seriously Goop

            Tis in its ┗|`O′|┛
            Leo couldn’t give a (︶^︶)about Trust
            Neither does Fine Gael

            Trust, Integrity, Transparency, Integrity
            None of these ethical principals are expected from them

            their voters, their members, their staffers, their representatives, their leadership & management, or their donors. none of them expect Trust or demand Trust from Leo or anyone in Fine Gael

            Fine Gael are expected to serve themselves, and their very own interests
            which are, again their voters, their members, their staffers, their representivies, their leadership & management, and their donors.
            they are in the business for protecting their own interests, and protected it all for themselves, again, their voters, their members, their staffers, their representivies, their leadership & management, and their donors.

            Cheaters Cheat Us All, is only for the likes of everyone not Fine Gael

            Trust, ha
            That’s a mere nuisance to Leo and all that lot under that BlueShurt

            They couldn’t give a ╰(‵□′)╯

            Sorry Goop, please don’t take this personally
            But you have the Political instincts and election wherewithal of a flappy shabby cabbage leaf

            bit like me on all this Covid Science stuff, well, maybe not as bad as me on Science
            At least you can interpret polls
            I can’t make any sense of any of the Covid Science stuff

          5. Mick McCabe

            Mental issues BitnBoxy. You only show your face when Giggidy Goo posts something. I’m sure there’s a medical term for it, but something is eating you big time and you need to have it treated. It’s not good for you.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            You’re giving a lecture about political instincts? Really….I mean Really. This from you in june last year about the new government… Give us a break about instincts.

            Emer Higgins DG DMW
            Lisa Chambers (from the Senate – Gvt are allowed two)
            Jack Chambers FF
            And Patrick Donovan FG to get his old gig back.

            If FF McGrath doesn’t get Finance I reckon he’ll be in Housing
            (Despite what the papers are saying about Cowen getting it)
            Harris to stay in Health
            Catherine Martin in either Ed or the one Zappone had
            Although it’s nowhere to be seen, Joe McHugh FG was a good Minister (ed last time) and I wouldn’t be surprised that he’s back in contention
            I expect to see a number of Super Jnrs – going between Health Housing and Finance/ SW

            The big decider and big splitter potentially,
            Is who gets Justice

            Regina Doherty and Catherine Noone to be planted into the Seanad
            With Timmy Dooley and Declan Breathnach

            And the civic Senate freebie – if it goes to a particular person not unknown to me in my game as has been mentioned given the amount of canvassing he’s been at
            I quit
            Like seriously, selling up and moving,

            And if Anne Rabbitte gets a Government Job, then I’m going to seriously consider changing my mind about joining a PP”

            G’way V

          7. benblack

            Maybe his mother is morbidly obese and cannot leave the house without special transportation on her rare excursions into town – to her children’s shame – which only becomes apparent when they accompany her to said town.

            Gilbert/GG, – the good looking son – once in town, purchases a grape – which is eaten by his obese mother.

          8. V aka Frilly Keane

            They’re Political appointments dear
            Not elections

            Also presented at a time when we didn’t know the carving out of with party leader got what gig for themselves
            Also when we didn’t know the designation of the new juniors and super juniors etc
            Looking at it there now again
            I wasn’t too far adrift – Catherine Martin should be in Ed, and Joe McHugh turned down a Jnr in Ed
            Patrick Donovan went to a wholly new created Junior (Minister for Credit Unions) which was still a Dept of Finance Jnr, before being shuffled out of course
            for Sean Fleming btw

            Jack Chambers got a pretty good nod as well
            As for Lisa, watch that space

            Michael McGrath is as good as in Finance btw – Minister for Public Expenditure
            And please don’t tell me
            The big decider and big splitter potentially,
            Is who gets Justice

            Was off the mark

            FFS, even oul’ lads in FG are still cribbing – while it will be mentioned whenever this big Jim heave finds its balls

            However I am quite flattered you pay so much attention to my posts
            Saving them like that. That’s sweet

            I can’t even find my old columns

          9. Bitnboxy

            @V – I think poor aul Giggidybot sees themselves as a bit of a political scientist. I see you have once again become the target of the poor auld Goo-bot’s bile and vituperation when you burst their bubble. Lol.

          10. GiggidyGoo

            You were on about political instincts V. You got very little correct with your instincts. So don’t even try to explain away.
            Cian trained me in saving posts.

            Jack Chambers got SFA. Read the current issue of Phoenix.
            Harris to keep Health?
            MsGrath couldn’t prise finance from daffy.

          11. V aka Frilly Keane

            Ye really are dopes there,
            There isn’t a word out of this GiggittyGoos login that doesn’t remind me that former SF Councillor in Kilkenny
            Fulla’ fake contrived exaggerated swagger
            Might be an Irish Freedom Party candidate somewhere now. I dunno
            But definitely Scatty – yet all mouth giving it loads

            Seriously you do. And I can’t unsee that stupid video where the girl fell out with her neighbours.

            Meh. Anyway
            Take a look again at what you posted
            You were on about political instincts V. You got very little correct with your instincts. So don’t even try to explain away.
            Cian trained me in saving posts.

            Jack Chambers got SFA. Read the current issue of Phoenix.
            Harris to keep Health?
            MsGrath couldn’t prise finance from daffy.

            In your order
            Jack Chambers went from the Government Chief Whip + a massive well publicised pay rise to Duper Junior in Defence. In the 6 months of this Government alone
            Simon Harris handled more questions and made more public appearances for DoH than Stephen Donnelly did for the first three four months of this Government, mebbe longer. Besides Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, has an equal place at Cabinet, as well as pay perks etc. Plus it’s his back to back Ministerial term .. do you know what that means Gope? Is he even 35?

            McGrath? Minister for Public Expenditure – you think thats a lesser gig than Finance? Or has less clout where it really matters than Paschal Donohue?

            Is it any wonder I picture that poor divil who could have been a SF TD now – if she’d have just wound her neck in.

            Btw the way, taking another look that that historical post – take a closer look you moron

            2 from 4 spot on with the Senate
            Lisa Chambers is the eFF leader of the Seanad, making her deputy leader. I wouldn’t sneer at that. Surprised nyou would tbh
            Emer Higgins – don’t mark that wrong yet dear. Read Pheonix a bit more closely and regularly.
            Btw the Greens still took that same Ministry – that Zappone had. They just gave it to Roderic not Catherine. Meh.

            And feic it anyway – Anne Rabbitte
            Minister for State – Disability
            Feic. Are ye really going to hold me to joining a Political Party ….

          12. GiggidyGoo

            @V. You can ‘meh’ all you like. You were way off the mark. You have as much political instinct as a contestant on Catchphrase.

            You call me a moron? Harris answers a few questions about health, and that, you think, proves he is minister for health?. Here’s some news. Stephen Donnelly is minister for health. Jack Chambers is a super duper what? Read the current issue of Phoenix. He’s in something like the old Carlsberg ad – the one with the phone ringing in the dusty empty office, and Coveney doesn’t give him the time of day.

        3. V aka Frilly Keane

          Damn right I am C!an

          And I’m even more sure of it now since HIQA haven’t been blocked from saying what they consider to be first Community Transmission

          (Way before Christmas 19 btw)

          Thats what Independent Oversight Reporting etc actually looks like

          Or mebbe
          tis just a simple case of some bitter little FGer not getting taken care of by the new regime in Health
          ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

  10. johnny

    Rest In Power.

    Patrick (‘Paddy’) Doherty (31)

    Gerald Donaghey (17)

    John (‘Jackie’) Duddy (17)

    Hugh Gilmour (17)

    Michael Kelly (17)

    Michael McDaid (20)

    Kevin McElhinney (17)

    Bernard (‘Barney’) McGuigan (41)

    Gerald McKinney (35)

    William (‘Willie’) McKinney (26)

    William Nash (19)

    James (‘Jim’) Wray (22)

    John Young (17)

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      Thanks Johnny

      49 years – Jesus Christ, and still ..

      You know these few weeks
      Say from today until Valentine’s
      Are, for me particularly anyway, the biggest tragedies I need to remember
      Tragedies that could have been avoided
      Tragedies we still haven’t done right by

      Bloody Sunday
      Ann Lovett

      We need to do better

  11. GiggidyGoo

    They’ll resurrect e-voting machines, and every voter will get one for himself/herself, along with trillion-bit broadband so that they can be used. :-)

    I think though that people are a lot more educated these days than to go down the family voting history road. I even got out of that in the 80’s

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Scraping data? No wonder a particular poster isn’t as busy here, except maybe at weekends. Found his niche then?

  12. johnny


    “Mounting evidence supports the serotonin 2A receptor agonist psilocybin as a psychiatric pharmacotherapy. Little research has experimentally examined how session “set and setting” impacts subjective and therapeutic effects. We analyzed the effects of the musical genre played during sessions of a psilocybin study for tobacco smoking cessation.”


    shorter-muisc and tripping/ quitting smoking using psychedelic therapy,the next frontier in science/medicine.


  13. John F

    The European Union has done something amazing, it is gotten the Irish government, the British government, Unionists and nationalists to passionately come together and defend some common ground! Namely, that the EU should sod off and stop using the Irish border as a political football.
    Even Sinn Fein bands vigorously stands against the EU’s proposals and they have been emerged as the most blue flag flag waving, pro-European, pro-Federalist party in the land over the past couple of years.
    Before this they were considered to be the most Eurosceptic of all the mainstream parties. Personally I liked them better back then.
    The great fears many had that the EU was playing 4D if not 5D chess and hyper- intelligent murky individuals were pulling the strings of decision-makers from poorly lit, smoke-filled shady rooms were put to rest.
    It turns out that it’s just idiotic, overpaid, underworked, ideologically driven bureaucrats are calling the shots and pulling the strings!
    Any moderate leaning Unionist that would at the very least, the open to the possibility of a united Ireland was shown on the insanity of the EU and the unholy power it wields over this islands destiny.
    Well done Europe, golf clap.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Excellently put John F.
      Ireland sold its independence down the river on Oct 2nd 2009 with the second Lisbon Treaty referendum and that Treaty fundamentally changed the complexion of the EU with wholesale powers and laws being ceded to Brussels away from soveriegn parliaments.
      It’s why Ireland was the only country to hold a referendum on it – two actually – while hundreds of millions of European citizens had no say in the matter.
      And It’s why Brexit has terrified the EU.
      Given the choice I wonder how many other countries would now vote to leave, particularly after the debacle of vaccine procurement.
      The organisation staggers on from one financial crisis to another – Greece’s liquidity cushion of €32billion after it exited the THIRD EU bailout has now gone and they’ll be back looking for more.How much long will Hansel & Gretel be prepared to stump up the cash before things get grim.
      Ireland got a rude awakening last night.Its day in the sun as a useful idiot for Barnier during Brexit negotiations has passed.It’s back down among the bottom-feeders of Europe like Malta.

          1. Mick McCabe

            It was pointed out to the masses yesterday that you, Charger, are using a number of aliases so that you can reply to people you say are in you’re sin bin. Kate, BitnBoxy, Benblack. Plus whatever other ones you choose to create. You’re one sick puppy. And that’s obvious to me even after 3 weeks here.

          2. Charger Salmons

            It was also pointed out by Bodger yesterday that this is bunkum.
            I expect you were busy sharpening your crayons so probably missed it.
            I have no contact with posters once they’re consigned to Chump’s Corner although in time and with good behaviour I might consider a period on parole for anyone who wants to stop being dull.
            Do try to keep up old fruit.

          3. Mick McCabe

            Maybe a fresh set of eyes see more. You can almost set your watch by the appearance of the aliases and who they choose to try debate with

          4. Joe F

            He was on a site before where he had multiple aliases, Charger Salmons, Admiral Nelson, etc. Eventually he was kicked off there. I know everyone has the right to put forward their point of view, but when you see some of the stuff he has come out with, you’d wonder how he still is allowed on here.
            For example, he posted a completely disgusting remark about the Vietnamese people who lost their lives on that lorry recently. He actually joked about it which shows all you need to know about him.
            On another occasion he said most of the crime in the UK is the fault of blacks and immigrants. I’m not paraphrasing, he actually used those precise words. Again, how he was allowed to continue posting to this site baffled me.
            I’m sure he’ll be on here before long. defending the indefensible.
            He’s just a pretty screwed up individual, constantly contradicting himself.

          5. Brother Barnabas

            I read every comment in a cilla black voice – except for bodger’s, which I read in an arnold schwarzenegger/terminator voice

          6. bisted

            …If the things you accuse Charger of are true (I don’t doubt you but I haven’t heard the specific Vietnamese jibe)…then I’m shocked they made it past the moderator…just this week I had a comment deleted because I called someone a ratlicker…this person has been given a platform here to spread a daily diet of pro-sickness positions that harm people…Charger has not in my experience advocated stuff that might harm people…not even his mother-in-law…

          7. Charger Salmons

            My mother-in-law can do no wrong in my book.
            Apart from deliving the wonderful Lady Charger into my life she’s a wise old bird who loves nothing more than a hot toddy and a good sing song.
            Great company.

        1. bisted

          …I’ve met Tony Benn and had a chat with him once…don’t mind saying he was a bit of a hero of mine…he would be desperately disappointed with the direction his son Hillary has taken…treason in more than high places Tony…

  14. Lilly

    Great discussion between John and David on Tomorrow Tonight. I wonder why the woman who was refused a copy of the recording of her interview for the Mother & Baby Homes report didn’t just take out her phone and record it herself. They could hardly have objected.

    Poor pooch pining away in the background, introduce him or her next time, David.

        1. Lilly

          Scarlet for ya. The idea that a man who doesn’t drink can’t be trusted is ridiculous. It’s like saying a man who doesn’t eat peas is somehow suspect. Coercive nonsense.

  15. f_lawless

    Good piece..

    “Silencing dissent: How social media giants advance fake science and drive maximum COVID-19 hysteria”


    ‘The “new variant” insanity is not based on science, it is based on models. For something to become scientifically sound, it requires experimentation and evidence. These models are constructed around rudimentary hypotheses and theories, and then rushed to the nearest politician or public health official, who declares it a product of sound science.

    For example, the British variant you’ve been hearing about is regarded as more transmissible. Why is this? Their “proof” is as follows: cases went up in the UK over the winter, and scientists found a new mutation that was driving a lot of infections. Therefore, the new mutation must be more transmissible, the “experts” claimed.

    This, of course, ignored the role of seasonal factors in disease spread, and an infinite set of other variables. Nonetheless, it was enough for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to renew his countrywide lockdown and smash the five-alarm fire panic button into oblivion. The idea that the British variant is more contagious is not, in fact, backed by any real science. It is based on an epidemiological model constructed by a handful of academics at Imperial College London. Nonetheless, this model, and countless other projections similar to it (the South African variant, the Brazilian variant, etc), have been mainstreamed into our collective consciousness without any actual science to back it up.’

    1. Joe

      F_lawless you are posting non-scientific based poppycock and nonsense.
      Based upon what you normally post I know its of no use pointing out valid scientific information to yourself but if anyone else would like to read a little about the scientifically verified mutations including the B.1.1.7 variation that is more contagious you will find some valid information here


      1. f_lawless

        Sorry Joe I think you’re being unfair there and frankly dishonest. I would say most, if not all, the pieces I’ve linked to in relation to the pandemic have either referenced, or been directly from, expert medical opinion – or have at least referenced official data sources.

        In the article which linked to above, the journalist links to an earlier piece of his in which he references expert medical opinion (eg1: Vincent Racaniello, h-index 61, Prof at Dept of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, eg2: Prof Kari Stefansson, h-index 261, founder and CEO of Reykjavik-based biopharmaceutical company deCODE genetics).

        So it’s one thing to make a counter point that there’s opposing expert opinions out there but framing the article I linked to as “non-scientific based poppycock and nonsense” is just trying too hard to shut down sceptical viewpoints which you don’t like, I would say.

        I clicked on your CDC link wondering would I see a reference to some evidence-based science or would it be more of the same model-based “science” which has done so much to heighten panic and confusion throughout 2020 (the obvious example being Imperial College London’s doomsday predictions if lockdowns weren’t implemented)

        Quote from CDC article:
        “In January 2021, scientists from UK reported evidence[1] that suggests the B.1.1.7 variant may be associated with an increased risk of death compared with other variants. More studies are needed to confirm this finding.”
        (emphasis mine)

        The “reported evidence[1]” reference comes fro m the UK government-advisory group, NERVTAG, whose members include none other than the now notorious Prof Neil Ferguson. His deeply flawed modelling has led to a colossal amount of damage not only in 2020 but also during the UK Foot and Mouth outbreak some years back. How on earth is he still in a position to advise the UK government? I’m not prepared to put blind faith in the latest piece of modelling which he’s connected to.

        The thing is the “new variant” narrative is so dangerous politically. It can be used as a catch-all cover for all sorts of policy failures and justification for imposing restrictions indefinitely. We need solid evidence of these claims not more suspect modelling

        1. Brother Barnabas

          fair play, f_lawless

          I dont agree with you on pretty much anything but I’ve come to really respect you

          1. f_lawless

            Thank you Brother Barnabas.I very much appreciate your comment. As much as some mightn’t believe it, I’m not motivated by an urge to antagonise or wind people up with comments like the above. I’m just attempting to make sense of the world as I see it

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