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  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Facts™ #44 ( Ireland’s 2nd bailout edition )

    Another stonking day for the UK’s vaccine programme with 489,934 jabs delivered taking the overall total up to 8,859,372. It means 20% of the adult population have now been vaccinated. The number of people testing positive is also falling dramatically, down more than 30% in a week.

    Ireland’s official total of 161,500 has remained unchanged for a 4th day.

    There is some good news for Ireland on the horizon. A number of Conservative MPs on the mainland have urged Boris to offer this country any surplus jabs when they become available which could be as early as May if the UK’s supersonic vaxxing and production programme continues.
    Andrew Bridgen, MP, said: ‘We should just come to the aid of our Irish cousins again – if the EU will let us, that is.’
    Neale Richmond, European affairs spokesman for Fine Gael, said the vaccine offer was ‘very generous’ but ‘unlikely to be realised’ because Ireland was part of the European vaccine roll-out.
    Mmm, not sure that feeling will be shared this summer as Ireland sees Brits jabbed and jamming the beaches of Southern Europe while they’re still waiting for the pubs to open.
    Don’t say we didn’t offer …

    1. Joe F

      4 points for you to consider Admiral
      1. Another 1,200 deaths in the last 24 hours in the UK. Total now over 105,000 and UK 5th highest in the world for deaths per million. Ireland currently 45th. UK rate is around 2.5 times that here.
      2. Do you want to explain your disgusting remark you posted on here recently about the unfortunate Vietnamese who lost their lives recently in such a terrible manner?
      3. You posted here a while back, in reply to me, that most of crime in the UK is caused by blacks and immigrants. They’re your exact words by the way.
      4. Why do you have so many aliases? Charger Salmons, Admiral Nelson, Kate just to mention 3. What’s all that about then?

    2. Charlie

      I’ve worked it out. He sits there every evening and waits for the papers to be posted. He checks in every 30 seconds to make sure he’s first in. I reckon he does this at least 15-20 times and then pounces. He spends his daylight hours preparing the tripe. Yes, it’s all that sad and that pathetic.

      1. one username per commenter please

        He’s using some kind of change detection or possibly IFTTT to auto post. The Vaxx Fact “content” is pre-written, then posted.

  2. Charlie

    Good morning/evening everyone. Welcome to the Charger Salmon Broadsheet.ie Show. Let the meltdown recommence.

  3. ce

    CE’s – get Charger’s knickers in a twist #1 ™

    Funny how there was no comment yet about the fantastic demonstration of Ireland’s diplomatic clout within the EU. After the idiotic decision by somebody in the EU to suggest triggering article 16, Ireland said you can’t do that and – as they say in France, GB, and everywhere else – voilà, problem solved!

    Take back control

  4. ce

    CE’s – get Charger’s knickers in a twist #2 ™

    Free vaccines – nice – even if GB vaccinates everybody… you still have to deal with the rest of the world… especially if you want to go on summer holidays draped in the flag of a Turkish Dragon Slaying Saint.
    So, us lazy EU-types will put our feet up and let Blighty do the hard work.. never, never, never will be …

  5. ce

    CE’s – get Charger’s knickers in a twist #3 ™

    Likely that there will be at least another 20000 deaths in the UK before the summer – what number of deaths did Valances say would be good outcome at the beginning of the pandemic ???

    In addition the UK will likely have a large number of anti-vax holdouts… ironically similar to France… which means more avoidable sickness and deaths.

    Imagine if Borris hadn’t gone on a meet-and-greet shaking hands last March/April… perhaps with real leadership… or even semi-competent… there would have been a lot less death???

  6. Rosette of Sirius

    Urgh. It continues… Weekends @ Broadsheet has become unbelievably slimy and grotesque.

    I guess that’s us ‘tards shown…

    No thanks. Yis can have it. It’s all yours.

    Yours to own. Yours to break.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Just considering the timing of it every day….
      The papers are posted late every night.
      Within a couple of minutes, dopeyhole has his rambling nonsense posted.

      does he sit there huddled up to his SuperSer frantically hitting F5, waiting to be first?
      Does he email his guff in earlier and the Mods post it for him?
      Or are the poster of the papers and dopeyhole one and the same person?

      Whichever one it is, nobody is coming out of it looking well.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I wouldn’t think the moderator is Charger. After all, he was posting on, and ejected from, peoplesrepublicofcork at one stage. In fact, if you google charger salmons, he’s top of the list in the search engine, page 1, and the link is to his writings on that website.

        I wouldn’t put too much pass on the time of posting either. Cian did the same for a period in order to get in the covid statistics. It’s a fleeting moment in time. Eoin did it too to update on other newspapers.

        1. Joe F

          And he had an alias Admiral Nelson on peoplesrepublicofcork. He’s up to the same here, multiple aliases in use on BS. He used one of them for that vile posting about the Vietnamese.

          1. Charlie

            Christ! You’re quite correct. Surely this guy can’t be in cahoots with Broadsheet? All very very strange…and almost worrying.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            how more encouraged than any of the rest of us, charlie ?

            anyone can post what they want- isnt that the beauty of BS?

            and theres far worse than charger’s comments being posted daily- maybe just more subtle

          3. Bertie blenkinsop

            Anyone can post what they want?
            That hasn’t been my experience BB, I’ve had some very innocuous posts moderated over the years, I’d imagine the majority of posters have a similar experience

          4. Brother Barnabas

            yes for sure – we all have

            but I’ve seen lots of charger’s posts disappear or get changed too

            and I’ve seen him complain about it too

            what I mean is – same rules apply to everyone, but the bar is fairly low imo

          5. Bertie blenkinsop

            We don’t disagree on much but I’ll respectfully disagree with you on this one.
            I think it’s pretty clear that yer man’s trolling is being actively encouraged and abetted by Broadsheet.

          6. Brother Barnabas

            I think his pro-Brexit, anti-EU stance is shared by one or two in BS, which is why it’s been tolerated

          7. Charlie

            Subtle? Ha..Incorrect, anyone cannot “post what they want” and there’s very little “far worse” than his. Simply not true. His premeditated constructed daily hate attack on the same subjects every day. His rush to be first of the day with “subtle” hate is pathological. He’s clearly infatuated with his agenda 24 hrs a day. I’ve had stuff a helluva lot less hateful that this guys bile deleted. It’s beyond weird.

          8. Brother Barnabas

            honestly, I bet my danglies that it’s not that – in fairness to BS, if they wanted to go for cheap clicks and outrage etc, could easily do it. but they clearly dont – and to their own commercial detriment, probably

          9. bisted

            …having a pro-brexit stance hasn’t earned me any favours on Broadsheet…my comments are automatically deleted when I reply to the main pro-sickness exponent…that can only be done with the collaboration of moderators…

          10. Sam

            Acknowledging him just feeds it . Just don’t engage – unless yer all just looking for a reason to moan . That’s grand just admit you enjoy charger bashing at least to yourselves. I enjoy reading comments sections but your all a bit charger obsessed at the moment. You could just ignore and discuss something else , we are not in a sillyhead free zone , not entitled to one and never will be. Time to wise up folks and start adulting better . I hate the term snowflake but if it quacks like a duck …..

        2. Joe F

          @ Brother Barnabas. You posted “and theres far worse than charger’s comments being posted daily- maybe just more subtle”
          Show me some examples of worse than
          1. The frankly sick joke he posted about the Vietnamese found in the lorry
          2. His post, in reply to me, stating that most crime in the UK was from blacks and immigrants (and he used those precise words)

          I don’t understand how those remarks are tolerated. Of course is entitled to post their opinions. but surely there are standards
          He’s sniffing around by the way now, under the Kate alias.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            charger is a nasty, bilious little racist with issues – theres no doubt there. he got away with it in the past because he could on occasion be funny and did also on occasion make some worthwhile points. now it’s just boring and repetitive trolling. I dont know why he bothers – sad really.

          2. Lilly

            If I see an ad for a cloud-based pager service, I scroll on by. If I begin reading a comment and it’s clear the commenter is being an offensive berk, I read no further. Life is too short to tangle with random head-the-balls. Enjoy whatever it is you like about BS and skip the rest.

          3. bertie blenkinsop

            “Enjoy whatever it is you like about BS and skip the rest.”

            A good suggestion, however, it’s like trying to watch a movie with somebody constantly standing up and shouting in the cinema.
            The movie is still playing but it’s hard to enjoy it with an amadán present.

          4. Lush

            I’ve been coming to BS since the start.
            I cannot understand the brouhaha over Charger.
            Just ignore it.
            Way too much righteous indignation on here.

          5. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I’m kinda in that camp too Lushie, this attention is just encouraging his proliferation.

        3. Cian

          Nope. I did a few in a row when Biden got in.

          I may occasionally have got first post other times by coincidence.

      2. Rosette of Sirius

        That’s exactly it. I don’t believe for one minute it’s happenstance. To my mind, it’s editorial and planned.

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      Look it

      Logins come and go
      Simple as that

      Let’s all stop reading too much into it
      We’re not helping the board at all. It’s in a whole new stage and phase of its lifecyle. New columnists New vibes etc
      We just have to get along. Or move

      Besides, all this cribbing here lately must be the equivalent of an orgy for the Charger Salmons owner
      So fair play Charage.

      There used to be murder there one-time in the early FK comments
      Lads going bananas
      And I thrived in them – rolled around in them like they were fifty yo-yo notes

      Just saying.
      And from me to you Charage – enjoy it while you can.

  7. Lilly

    Anyone thinking of getting involved with a Chinese business, tread carefully. Richard O’Halloran joined a Chinese Aircraft Leasing company based in Ireland. Went to Shanghai to address a meeting of shareholders and was prevented by police from boarding his flight home. That was two years ago, he has been unable to leave since. Nightmare for his wife and four young children. Coveney doing sod all about it.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Thanks Lilly. I wasn’t aware of that and did a short bit of reading up on it. He is being forced into taking the fall for something that happened in that company, prior to him joining it as far as I can make out. No support, or very little support, from Simon Coveney. Maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye, but based on the information I’ve read so far, it’s an injustice and he’s been abandoned by the Irish state.

      1. bisted

        …funny…I read that story differently…I read it that China takes white collar crime a lot more seriously than Ireland does…the rest of the story is a red-herring…while he may choose to confine himself to his hotel room, he is free to come and go as he pleases and Shanghai is a lot safer than Foxrock from exposure to Covid-19…

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Ok, I haven’t read enough up on it, but the question is whether this man participated in white collar crime, given that (as far as is known), whatever criminality that may have occurred, occurred prior to his joining the company.

          I don’t think his freedom of movement solely within Shanghai, or the level of threat of Covid is the point here.

          The point is his being abandoned by the State, and being apart from his young family and wife. Again, there may be more to this than meets the eye, but that’s my current reading of it.

          1. bisted

            …in a way he is probably lucky it occurred in China and not the US…they take their white collar crime very seriously…he could have been handcuffed and marched of to prison or deported, which would have been career ending in his business…he does seem to be another pawn in the demonise China propaganda war…

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Has he been found guilty of something though?
            Your reference to the US tells us what the result would be if someone was guilty. What’s the point then of posting that line?
            Who is using him as an anti-China pawn?

            On the face of it, it looks like he’s been abandoned. Until some alternative valid facts come to light, I’ll have to run with that.

          3. Lilly

            Apparently there was a court case, which has concluded. His Chinese CEO was jailed. O’Halloran cooperated fully with authorities and gave them everything they requested. He has no idea what else they want from him.

            According to his wife, the police told him earlier this month he was free to go, the exit ban had been lifted. When he attempted to board a plane, however, he was turned back and escorted out of the airport by police. He’s in poor health with some lung condition and has been hospitalised in Shanghai.

            Ulick McEvaddy, who is also in the aircraft leasing business says O’Halloran has done nothing wrong, that the Chinese simply don’t understand the rules of international commerce. Wife was on Brendan O’Connor yesterday.

          4. ce

            “Ulick McEvaddy, who is also in the aircraft leasing business says O’Halloran has done nothing wrong, that the Chinese simply don’t understand the rules of international commerce.” – I heard that, very stupid thing to say on national airwaves, of course they understand they just don’t operate in the same way… I’m sure the embassy was listening to the show and was highly offended, that intervention ruined what was an otherwise informative slot.

          5. bisted

            …I really don’t have an opinion on this other than the way it is reported…the casual anti-China bias is very obvious…the man concerned was involved in a criminal inquiry…he was considered a fight risk so his passport was confiscated…the notion that the standard of healthcare is inferior in China or that he is at a higher risk from Covid in Shanghai is assumed…

          6. V aka Frilly Keane

            You have it there Bisto

            Zero Tolerance approach to any financial misadventures
            Combined with very dominant public health care measures and enforcement

            A reference from one of the McEvaddy boys wouldn’t have helped either

            The way this story was steered wasn’t on imo
            ‘ Didn’t like it one bit
            Now maybe it’s just me as I have a very sensitive palette for this stuff, but there was a sneering sense of entitlement
            Do you know who I am
            Explains the BOC pitch btw

            Besides, certain circles of commerce and enterprise in Ireland are the last people to be critical of regulation and enforcement in other jurisdictions.

            Lad was in the wrong place at the wrong time
            Let’s leave it at that, other than to hope he gets home safe and sound

          7. Lilly

            I think you’re being unfair, Bisted. It’s not a question of sub-standard healthcare. I’d imagine the air quality in Shanghai, for starters, would be an issue for someone with dodgy lungs. Apart from that, it’s totally unjust to detain him in China for that length of time if he hasn’t been found guilty of anything, which he hasn’t.

            @CE As for Ulick McEvaddy’s comments, he’s entitled to his opinion. The Chinese embassy had been invited on and declined so they can hardly object to hearing something that doesn’t paint a great picture. Chinese companies are subject to contracts just like any other nationality and their government can’t just turn around later and say that’s not how we operate.

          8. Lilly

            @V He is entitled to due process, just like the rest of us. You can’t fault the wife for refusing to sit back and passively hope he gets out of China some time before the kids leave home. If she doesn’t advocate for him, who will.

          9. ce

            @CE As for Ulick McEvaddy’s comments, he’s entitled to his opinion.

            Totally agree – but beware what you say on the airwaves in life and death situations… for example loose comment did not help with in the Borris/Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe debacle

            To borrow a phrase, this is senior hurling not simply air opinion without consequences

          10. Lilly

            Boris Johnson went on a solo run and said Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was in Iran training journalists when her family maintained she was visiting relatives. Ulick McEvaddy is not disputing facts. I take your point but after two years of softly softly, a different approach is called for.

          11. Lilly

            Fair enough. I’ll concede she wasn’t the most likable but at this stage, she probably sees all things Chinese as the bogeyman and that certainly came across.

        2. bisted

          …I don’t think I’m being unfair…surely the air quality in a place is the same for a native as it is for someone being detained as part of a criminal inquiry…it’s not that long since Mary Harney* banned smokey coal to improve the air quality in Dublin…

          *always had a soft spot for Mary…first time I was banished to the naughty step on Broadsheet was for a comment I made about her…ironically, about Mary’s soft spots as I remember…

          1. Lilly

            Okay, let me put it like this: how long do you think is a reasonable time to be detained without conviction?

            This case highlights the importance of doing your due diligence before accepting a job offer. I’ve been to job interviews where they tell you at the outset they have 40 minutes, grill you for 38 of those minutes and then say at the end, almost as an afterthought, any questions for us. No thanks.

          2. Lilly

            Tony Gregory was in a different league. No flying to Leitrim on State aircraft to open off-licences for him, or appointing his partner to plum gigs. He was a one-off – and Maureen O’Sullivan of course.

          3. V aka Frilly Keane

            Lil, She wasn’t supposed to

            Just hold it steady for the HSE to start walking on its own
            And for the Private Providers to complete construction

            + Get the US Corps into the tender run offs and approved supplier lists

            And introduce Irish Directors to the multi national Pharma/ Bio/ Medi Sciences & Devices whatever yer having yerselves + Private Healthcare + Insurance Boards around the World.
            She did mighty work on behalf of those Irish Workers, In fairness (◠‿◕)

      1. Ben Madigan

        In a hard Belfast accent the “a” in hang is like the “i” in hi, so to the scrotes that wrote it, it (almost) rhymes…

        Pity they still haven’t copped that 1/3 of Ulster is not in their jurisdiction…

    1. Bitnboxy

      Fupp Off Giggidybot! You are only a hop, skip and jump away from the scum who scrawled this given your deranged obsession with Leo V who is the main target for your usual bile, dysfunction and vituperation. And those of course who call you out on this.

      Do one and quit the obvious attempts at trying desperately to make your account look reasonable.

      As I said, scum.

      1. Mick McCabe

        You really do have some mental issues my friend. That was a very personal attack on Giggidy Goo and very scatter-brained. And, it was the post you commented on first, and the only one at the moment. He’s triggering you for some reason. This time is must be the word Planters. Is that it?
        Seriously now, get yourself and your aliases to psychologist. What is happening inside your head isn’t good for your mental health.

        1. Bitnboxy

          Aw- I think you know all about aliases sweetpea. You ain’t fooling anyone.

          I will continue to call out Giggidybot’s scumbaggery and abuse on this site whether you or your aliases like it or not.

          If you don’t like it, then Gooey and your good self can go see a therapist. Something tells me only one weirdo will turn up…

          1. Mick McCabe

            Seriously now. I’ve advised you to seek help. Just do it. There’s a smack of a mixture of delusional disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and probable substance related disorders off you. You need help urgently. There’s no shame in seeking it. Go do it.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            That’s fairly harsh Mick. I’d put it down to his multi-aliases, and his flat earth bringing up, combined with a severe lack of intelligence. But as you’ve noticed, it’s my posts that bring him out. Judging by his reaction to what you’ve said, you may not be too far off the mark.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            A double-b rides in on his white mare. Mick’s earlier observations on the money. All we need now is Kate for a full house. ROFL.

    2. Micko

      I see that there are calls to have this classed as a hate crime.

      Jesus, they really don’t want to see what’s written on the toilet walls of my local

      The UN would be called in…

  8. Johnny

    Excellent piece,really terrific,the COVID has decimated the Caribbean economy,Digicel and Dennis are having their last drinks at the last chance salon,his game is old.

    “The technology is pretty old school and would need to be replaced, so if Australia buys [Digicel] it could end up having to sell off a lot of old technology and would potentially be stuck with debt,”

    Again,no respect overseas for Dennis,none at all,don’t they know about the metal sheds,sorry omg brand new schools….but sorry bout the service,can you hear me now Dennis :)

    -playing the China card,national treasure and FG éminence grise Dennis,Ireland’s richest born…

    “Jian Zhang, an associate professor at UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy, said there was also the possibility that Digicel itself was “playing the China card” and “exaggerating Chinese interest” to force Australia into a bidding war for the company – though he added that Chinese interest in the company fit a pattern.“


    ….have a great Sunday,im someone who wakes up on the sunny side street,but I’m feeling definitely a great sense optimism in the states,plenty vaccines knocking about,a real sense of hope,currently playing at mine is Baker’s collaborative sessions with Morricone,Baker had just gotten released from serving a drug related sentence in Italy.


  9. uncle gaybo

    I just come here for stories the “mainstream” media tend to ignore/shy away from, which broadsheet should be commended for covering.

    The comments are generally good natured but I agree with most, they have turned into a bit of a cess pit lately. I don’t know if moderation is the answer, as free speech n all that. It’s a shame really.

    1. goldenbrown

      feel pretty much same here

      this “thoughts” comment function seems as much use for the ordinary person as a ham sandwich in it’s current format

      whilst I admit it’s nice to disclose a personal nybble or two occasionally to someone and in return learn the odd fact of life you’d never seen nor considered from someone it’s sadly a busy time-consuming flood of noise (which perhaps could be simply dealt with by providing a personal MUTE function for participants) without improvement or direction

      I’m not really sure what Broadsheet is about at it’s core (is it someone’s college project? or does it make click money for someone?) whatever. I’ll commend them for the niche news postings but avoid the comments from now on

    2. Darren

      +1 perhaps an over familiarity among commenters leads to instances where one tells another to see a councelor due to such and such out of lineness. . As though it were my step father himself talking … don’t pretend u care just to win an argument. . It is the stupidest look..

  10. ce

    In a surprise turn, Brendan O’Connor win’s the headline award today – “So, who’s fault is it this week?”
    Feel free to offer your answer…
    I notice he doesn’t mention psycho gulls so I’m a little suspicious that they paid him off.

    Mehole was good on the BBC today too, he should take lessons from himself!

    Can’t believe I wrote something positive about O’Connor and Mehole… there is hope for us all

    Anyway, a new coffee shop opened near me yesterday – well done to them in the current circumstances, keeping the dream alive… time for a wintry walk and a hot cuppa as a reward

  11. Kate

    “Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having ” was a ruling in Dec ’20 by Lord Justices Warby & Bean. Kate Scottow successfully appealed against a conviction after calling a transvestite “a pig in a wig” on twitter.Judges, in overturning her conviction cited “serious interference ” with the right to free speech”.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        charger has taped up his mickey and donned his spangly jumpsuit, and will commenting as “kate” until mummy gets back from church

  12. V aka Frilly Keane

    RIP Ann Lovett
    She’d be 53 this year

    If anyone is passing an open Grotto or Marian Shrine today or anywhere there’s a Holy Mary Statue
    Pause for moment

    That’s the only company Ann had that night

    1. Bitnboxy

      Well said V. In terms of our murky recent past, literally one of the most chilling events.

      Needless to say, the usual suspects, Grift Media, Davy Quinn and all the blessed best in class Ca-ha-liks who decry the relatively recent jettisoning of their peculiar brand of religion are very quiet on this one.

      Funny that.

  13. Joe F

    @ Charlie “God love his missus…if in fact there is a ‘missus’
    His missus???? Look under Santa Clause. Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, Admiral Nelson, Kate. They’re all in the one section!!

  14. f_lawless


    “Restrictions imposed in Perth, Peel and South West, with schools suspended and residents only allowed to leave home for essential reasons..Asked if restrictions would be lifted altogether or gradually after the five-day period, McGowan said it would likely be the latter and the disruption would go beyond the initial lockdown”

    Amazing the extreme reaction that one single positive case can trigger. Going down the ‘Zero-Covid’ route seems like madness to me

      1. f_lawless

        I agree – the Irish government’s approach has been completely wrong-headed..and look how much public discourse has regressed: there was a certain logic to “three weeks to flatten the curve” but now 11 months down the line the public debate seems to be over whether to continue imposing standard lockdowns indefinitely or ultra lockdowns indefinitely. It’s long past time to stop this self-destruction and consider a fresh approach.

  15. Dr.Fart

    trying to get FF/FG to consider Northern Ireland in relation to the Republic, you may as well be talking about Fiji or Indonesia.. they barely recognise the place exists

  16. Joe F

    @lush I understand and respect your viewpoint about ignoring him. But I for one find the types of jokes he made in relation to the Vietnamese who lost their lives unforgiveable. That is only one of many examples I could give. Are we just meant to ignore everything, regardless of what it is?

  17. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    lads imagine Charger is a giant teenage zit, you know you shouldn’t touch it, the more you squeeze it the uglier it gets contaminating all with oozing puss, leave it be, it will dry up and there won’t even be a scar !

  18. wearnicehats

    Amy Childs clearly panicked to the extent that her clothes fell off

    Just on the Charger thing. I recall when my son was in junior infants. Child X took to annoying him. We solved it by telling him to ignore child X. Child X soon got bored with it and stopped. Have to say Charger doesn’t bother me – the point he makes about the vaccine roll out disparity between here and Northern Ireland is entirely valid

      1. wearnicehats

        dude puh-leese. Look around. TBF I don’t normally post on the papers. Charger certainly pushes your buttons anyway.

        1. Joe F

          Don’t think using an analogy of schoolkids with someone who has posted disgusting jokes about poor unfortunates who died a horrible, lingering death is appropriate. How any human being can joke about that is shameful.

          1. wearnicehats

            yeah you said. Quite often, actually. The analogy is totally relevant, you mustn’t have kids – borrow a toddler and try to reason with it

          2. bisted

            …the anti-Charger brigrade getting into full voice coincided with the EU failure on vaccinations…they don’t like their nose rubbed it Captain Mainwarring…Boris will emerge from this as a hero…you think 1966 was bad…

          3. Lilly

            Charger: You’re smelly and your mother is a stinky bum.

            Joe F: But what about the 100,000 waaah…

            Rinse and repeat.

  19. Brother Barnabas

    jesus – reading through these comments will be the best (first) sex that charger has had in, well, ever

  20. Joe F

    @wearnicehats. I don’t know how you came to the conclusion from what I said that I don’t have kids. I do!!

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