With Virgin’s Hyperloop due to begin service in 2030, the company has released a teaser for the ‘experience’ wherein passengers arrive at a Hyperloop ‘portal’ (’stations’ are so 2029), enter a pre-booked vactrain pod and maglev to their jaysus destination at speeds in excess of 1000km/h.


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19 thoughts on “All Aboard

  1. frank

    Cannot wait for these. You’d be able to get to Longford town from Dublin in 5 minutes.
    They are building one to Longford town aren’t they??

    1. benblack

      Germany, definitely.

      Was on a ICE(InterCityExpress) from Munich to Berlin in 1995 and was amazed by the VDU in the carriage displaying the actual speed the train was travelling – ‘We are now travelling at 230kph, estimated time….etc.’

      That was 26 years ago.

      Motion-detecting urinals 26 years ago in Munich airport was another ‘Wow’ moment. It definitely beat the abuse I suffered at Heathrow where I was addressed as ‘Paddy’ by an English policeman.

  2. Dr.Fart

    “ahhh jaaays ’em only aftuur gettin stabbed on de bleedin’ hyperloop” .. has a strange ring to it. Guess the future is fast approaching.

  3. Hector Rameriz

    Maybe concentrate on the space thing first… how many tickets have been sold already for that? Anytime I see it on the news it’s on another test flight…

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