McCool And The Gang


Last night.

Bog of Allen, Kildare.

The Hill Of Allen is lit up from the tower on its summit to mark St Brigid’s Day eve. The Hill is the seat of the mythical warrior hunter Fionn MacCumhaill and the Fianna.

Kildare’s Hill of Allen to light up to mark St Brigid’s Day (RTÉ)

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


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7 thoughts on “McCool And The Gang

  1. johnny

    …was it for this.
    “The present owners, the American Irish Historical Society, acquired the mansion in 1939. Founded in 1897, the Society has used the mansion to house a massive library of 10,000 volumes (including the first printing of the Bible into the Irish language in 1685), a huge collection of vinyl records, and letters from the White House from Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was a member of the Society. Unique art and music events have been held in this home, often in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other neighboring cultural institutions.”

    -have been to one or two do’s,place was falling apart,full drunk paddies and plastic paddies from like the 80’s, personally i thought it was kinda gross and disgusting.
    -anyway the freeloaders and old drunks who get locked at these things are pressuring you guys to buy it.

    thats the listing-above-WSJ broke the story. behind paywall.

          1. Johnny

            Olde Ireland is dying,long goodbye but still,misty eyed myself for Dennis irish American b*tch.

            “A second-generation hotel operator, Mr. Fitzpatrick has struggled to hold his business and his staff together. He started tearing up as he described how disappointed his late father would have been to learn that a business bearing the family name had shut down.“
            Bank of Ireland had/has the loans,word is that stunning picturesque mansion in Ireland coming market soon.

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