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  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Facts™ #47 ( Throwing in the towel edition )

    The UK has become the third country to pass the 10 million doses mark after the USA and China with a total of 10,143,511.

    Ireland’s official rate has remained unchanged at 199,800 doses.

    But really important positive news for Ireland’s upcoming vaccine programme with Oxford University research showing an immunity rate of 76% for up to 12 weeks after a single dose of the AZ vaccine.Someone tell Napoleon Macron.

    Elsewhere, writing in German magazine Der Spiegel, a leading German economist says British holidaymakers can look forward to having the beaches of southern Europe to themselves this summer, without a German towel in sight, thanks to the European Union’s vaccine fiasco.

    “Germany will be stuck at home when other countries can travel again,” Professor Moritz Schularick wrote. “The UK plans to vaccinate 75 per cent of its population by July… Even under optimistic assumptions, it will take Germany three months longer to achieve the same.”

    The beach towel war of Summer ’21 is over without a shot being fire.
    Huzzah !


    1. Joe F

      Good evening Kate, you know pressing Ctrl & Z cannot undo your vile comments posted on here. It’s not like Microsoft Word old boy. How any human being could joke about the deaths of people in a most horrible manner is repulsive. Doesn’t seem to bother you all the same, does it? Hope when you put down your head tonight you feel proud of what you wrote. We can all joke about things, but the vast majority of people have limits, you clearly don’t. Lowlifes like you need to be called out when you behave like this.

      1. Andrew

        The fact remains that the EU’s handling of the vaccine programme has been shambolic and our meek and leaderless government are just waiting to be told what to do by the Commission.
        Barely raising a whimper when the Commission felt they could draw a border on our country without even consulting our government? Our media have also gone along with the narrative of playing this down like the good boys and girls they are.
        The tactic of pointing at the Brits and saying look over there, to distract from our own failings is getting a bit tired and will become harder to do as the North gets fully vaccinated way ahead of us.

        Varadkar in particular has stoked this pathetic anti British nationalism for years; where border poll discussion is going on in the midst of this pandemic.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          charger / kate / andrew

          the whole thing is beyond tedious

          this isnt a healthy way to spend your day, pal

          1. Andrew

            I’ve nothing to do with two other people you mention. I just haven’t suspended my critical faculties.
            Think what you like, if it makes you feel better.

          2. Charger Salmons

            All the people you mention as well as Bodger have confirmed that the accounts are not linked.

          3. Brother Barnabas


            go for a walk, join a club, get a hobby, anything. this isnt right. it wont end well for you, charger. this isnt an attack or a criticism – I genuinely believe you’re eirher in trouble or heading there fast.

          4. Andrew

            Do you know how the decision to trigger Article 16 was reached and who signed off on it? Does it not bother you that a decision like this was made without consulting our government?
            “A spokesman for the commission declined to identify who exactly issued the request and who signed off on the paragraph, beyond the fact that it was a “collective” decision.”

            “A senior commission source insists, however, that the decision to trigger Article 16, was taken as an “emergency decision” and taken collectively, by the College of Commissioners. That means that all cabinets – including that of Mairead McGuinness – had approved the overall text.”


          5. Fergalito

            “I think I should get the parachute because I’m great. In fact i think I should get both the parachutes in case one of them doesn’t work”

            Fr. Joe Briefly.

          6. Charger Salmons

            @Andrew – you’re not going to get any coherent discussion about Ireland’s vaccine programme because, of course, as it’s tied to the desperately shambolic EU procurement it has proved to be vastly inferior to the UK’s.
            This unquestioning and slavish loyalty to Ireland and the EU in the face of incompetency is exactly why successive governments here and the EU are able to get away with exactly what they get away with.

            Watching Prime Time and the Tonight show last night it was laughable how the hacks refused to lay a serious glove on their interviewees – Stephen Donnelly breezed through a lightly towelling-down when he should have been put through the wringer and hung out to dry.
            It is an ongoing mystery to me why government briefings are not televised live with robust questioning from reporters as it is in the UK. Well, perhaps not that much of a mystery.

  2. ce

    So where are the public sex spots in Cork?

    And will the Outreach worker provide a copy of Dogging for Dummies?

    Asking for a friend…

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Outside any pub after 12… but even the gulls avert their eyes.. well, only cos they’re busy eating the chips that fall to the ground..!!

    1. Junkface

      Government sometimes has to do unpopular things to protect its people. Our government decided to do the wrong thing before Christmas, because they were afraid of a backlash, we all know the results now.

      Politicians are mostly spineless goons, more concerned with photo ops and getting voted in every four years. Being servants of the public is far down their list of priorities.

      1. Anti Bots

        Another gemma bot – “servants”. They are elected people. No, they should bow down before you, who has clearly delivered loads to Irish society. Seriously “servants”? How can you not be ashamed to type that.

      1. Charger Salmons

        It’s the ban Garda doing the Irish dance which makes it for me.
        Apparently UK cops are doing a Morris Dance version set to the music of ELO,ELO,ELO…

        1. ian-oh

          Morris Dancers?

          More like Satan invoking lunatics. That’s why Irish dancing was invented – fancy footwork to evade the Sassenach Divil.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      No sign of it on the Garda website. It can’t have been in performance of their duties.
      There were a few ringers in those videos I’m told. People who weren’t gardai. Isn’t there a fine/charge for non gardai impersonating gardai?

        1. Rob_G

          Just when you his pronouncements could not possibly get any more paranoid and delusional, he comes out with something like this…

          1. GiggidyGoo

            The truth hurts eh Rob? Rob’s motto: ‘When there’s nothing sensible to say, attack the messenger’. Quite a few of your type around mind you.

          2. Rob_G

            Giggidy, when you become a Dancing Garda Truther, it’s time to close the laptop for a bit, go outside and have a bit of a reflection on at what point in your life it went wrong.

      1. Anti Bots

        ah go on Goo. tell us all about the guards arresting your friends for smuggling, extortion, murdering people who disagreed with you, bombing civilians, drug dealing etc.. Oh, and the fact that there is a British spy at the helm..

        1. Anti Bots

          ah go on Goo. Answer a question – just like charger. Can’t be challenged. Euro or the Queen’s shilling. Or is it Bodger?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      He apologised and promised to bring me back a surprise from the Cayman Islands with the compo.

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      followed that
      and rather than engage with the Journal comments, I’ll pester ye here.

      The Bank had to refund the monies as it was a breech of Money Laundering legislation

      Beneficial Owner btw,

      Probably got a sanction and fine too

      At least Daisy and her siblings got their money back
      Whether it was staged or not
      the bank themselves were required to establish the true beneficial owner of the account as part of the regulations
      and in this case they didn’t, as it was an account in the name of a minor but was in fact being used by someone else

      Very typical Money Laundering activity btw

    1. Scundered

      If someone’s mentally ill though, is it fair to blame them? Either way it’s just words, no blood was lost.

      1. Charger Salmons

        If you or anyone else don’t think her personal Twitter feed is airing something in public then you’re fools.

        1. Fergalito

          Twitter, smitter, skitter…

          So what – Twitter is junk. Getting hoity toity about a tweet buried in the Twitter morass is the mark of a fool. Considering what you air in public i wouldn’t be so sanctimonious about her.

          Any particular reason why you single out SO’C when there’s a virtual Grand Canyon of junk out there on Twitter? Is it because she’s a turnip eating Paddy? Or because The Daily Mail…?


    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      Scumbag story
      Scumbag paper

      Lifting and linking and sharing it is more Scumbag stuff

      You be who you really are Charage

      But for everyone else, mind yer own business
      Leave the family alone
      Ok the girl threw a post up onto the Twitter
      if she threw a fag butt on the ground would you pick it up take a drag, and offer it around?

      btw as a parent of a 16 year
      a day from hell could mean the state of the bedroom bathroom
      what they’re wearing
      and eating nothing but Tayto Sangwichs and take out
      and only getting out of bed because the wee wee won, as it always does

      1. Charger Salmons

        Referring to a story in a newspaper featured in today’s Papers makes you a scumbag now does it ?
        You set the outrage bar too low although from a kneeling position of whiny apologist I imagine it’s the perfect height …

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            All that doesn’t mean we have to help it on its way around the World

            You are who you are Charage
            Picking on Women
            Abusing Women
            Mocking Women
            and now their Children

            from the comfort of an anonymous login

            You’re some Man alright
            no matter what login you’re coming in under
            But shur you’ve Bodger to say you’re sound

        1. scottser

          classy as always. you’re the type of willywad that only punches down and from a standpoint of internet anonymity.
          you are nothing more than a slug.

        2. Joe F

          That word that begins with s would be a good one for you Kate. I don’t know how you can sleep easy after your disgusting Vietnamese joke. And it’s there for everyone to see old sport. Well done.

        3. Fergalito

          Scouring the bowels of the tabloids to profess faux-concern over the mental health of someone you don’t know and which is merely alluded to in tweet # 4,000,000 from yesterday’s scour-roll of the inane? GTFO !

          Tea-bagging the comments section while blowing your priapic Brexit horn ! Quite the wind instrument …

    3. Lilly

      Waiting for the Daily Mail to load is hellish enough. And would it be too much to expect them to get their facts straight. Jake Reynolds’ father is not Donal Reynolds.

      Shane looks a sweet kid, the image of a young Sinead. A friend is having a tough time during lockdown with her 16-year-old. Nothing wrong with invoking the Gods if you’re a believer, which Sinead clearly is. The young fella would probably roll his eyes and laugh if he knew, which is unlikely, since his friends are hardly glued to the Daily Mail.

      1. ian-oh

        And when it loads the stygian horror gets even worse – The mail online, like spending a few hours in a Victorian insane asylum.

  3. johnny

    Canadian cannabis companies have full access to federal banking and capital markets,giving them a unfair advantage.

    While trying retrofit / refurb /repurpose old junk mills/functionally obsolete/often in environmental waste lands is depicted as noble,or an example of good corporate citizenship,ya gotta wash that drug money,the reality is the industry needs state the art ground up pharma grade buildings.

    Funding sources that were available to build were predators,only the weak and feeble minded worked with them,this is all changing and fast.

    Va is a great state from beautiful and stunning Roanoke in the blue ridge mountains to the big hot mess on holidays at the red neck rivera,Virginia Beach or the beach…

    Politico-largest legal drug market in world about open.

    -Racial justice protests last year highlighted longstanding arguments about the disproportionate enforcement of marijuana laws on Black and brown communities, and coronavirus-smacked budgets have pushed lawmakers to find cash.
    -Virginia is among several states — including New Mexico, New York, Connecticut and Maryland — that are considering adult-use legalization this year.
    -“Just half of the annual revenue could pay for two years of quality pre-K to all of Virginia’s most vulnerable three- and four-year-olds,”

  4. johnny

    …..no more the UK is the largest medical cannabis grower nonsense,in those oh my old dads army type out dated brit greenhouses-its driven by Epidiolex.

    “Global pharma company Jazz Pharmaceuticals has reached an agreement to buy United Kingdom-based GW Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest medical cannabinoid businesses in the world, for $7.2 billion in cash and stock, the drugmakers announced Wednesday.”


      1. johnny

        (they have been LA based for ages)
        …but in fairness Charger has been one the most informed and supportive posters on here regarding, cannabis and drugs,sex n’ rock n roll:)

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