Look Into The Eyes, Not Around The Eyes [Extended]


Annd you’re under.

Ian Collins writes:

Looking for something different this lockdown Valentine’s Day? Irish mentalist and brainhacker, Keith Barry has announced a live virtual Valentine’s show on Sunday, February 14.

This virtual valentine’s brainhacking show is a 70-minute (starts at 9:00pm) immersive and interactive experience where ticket holders become the stars of the show!

Unforgettable, fun-filled and laugh-out loud funny, leave with a feeling of wonder and knowing you have witnessed something truly unique – something you have never seen before!

Tickets for this virtual interactive and immersive experience are on sale now (at link below) and we have a PAIR of tickets for a Broadsheet reader interested in the art of mind reading and brain hackery.

To enter, Just tell us your most memorable mind-bending experience involving a mentalist..

Lines MUST close 10pm.

*swings pocket watch gently*

Virtual Valentine’s Show (Keith Barry)

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15 thoughts on “Look Into The Eyes, Not Around The Eyes [Extended]

  1. Anonomanom

    Well I worked in dunnes stores years ago, in the food section. This man came in and asked “do you sell umbrellas”, I said “no it’s the food section” . He then asked “do you sell football boots”, “again this is the food section”.He took a piece of paper out of his pocket handed it to me and “said look at this”. Umbrella, boots, parrot food, car battery, loads of weird stuff. I said “what the hell is this, this list is nonsense ” he said “I know it’s a Mental-list”

  2. Micko

    Back in 1995, when I had just started college, there was a hypnotist show put on as part of fresher’s week.

    T’was my first time ever seeing a hypnotist and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Anyway long story short, he eventually gets a guy up on stage and convinces him that he’s lost his “member”.

    So this guy its freaking out on stage, running around everywhere looking for his missing appendage – all very funny stuff.

    And then the hypnotist leaves him under AFTER the show.

    So there’s this guy, now running around the college, the coffee dock, the whole place for a good 30 – 40 mins after the show asking everyone “Have you seen my d*&k anywhere? Please help me find my d*&k!” etc etc.

    Running up to people and lecturers who had no idea what he was going on about, looking at this guy as if he’s high as a kite at 2:15 in the afternoon.

    Anyway, at the time I thought it was unusually cruel thing to do, as it was probably that guys first week in a brand new college – and he’s now known as the “missing kn*b fellah” for the next 3-4 years. :-)

    But then years later I read that hypnotised subjects, actually sort of know they are in fact hypnotised and kinda ‘go along’ with the whole thing.

    So he was probably his own worst enemy…

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          Is it

          someone told me years ago they were father and son

          now t’was in Bad Bobs when the Memories had a recurring fixture there

          Thinking about it now, the lad could have said t’was Paddy Barry was his dad for all the sense I might have been only capable off

  3. Mr Sinister

    Saw Derren Brown in the Olympia once. For the interval, he put a giant fishbowl on the stage and asked everyone to take a pen and paper from the ushers and to write a question down. Then put your first name and row that you’re sitting in on the outside, and he’d pull them out and be able to guess the question and then guess the answer as well.

    Some of the questions were out there….first guy up asked what his mother’s name was……..turns out it was Dympna. Good old DB had a great time trying to get his head around that. I was pulled out third, and a different usher handed me a mic. He guessed correctly that my question was about sport…….”In what year were Shelbourne FC formed?”…….1895, as it happens, is the correct answer.

    Anyway, he pulls out “David…….in row 35″…….A shout goes up and David gets a mic.
    “So, David, I’m guessing you’re here with your Mrs?”
    “yes, me and the girlfirend”
    “and how long has she been pregnant?”
    Everyone, including David, gasps!
    “um…..eh, well……we’re not sure cos we haven’t told anyone yet”
    “Can I speak with Mrs David?”
    *mic is handed over*
    “Hiya, this is David’s bird”
    “Twins, am I right?”
    “I bleeedin’ hope not, or I’ll fcukin’ run amok”
    *loads of laughter*
    “anyway, moving swiftly on, I can tell that you, David, have a pet dog……named Tyson?”
    “ehhhh, no!!??!!”

    A shout goes up from the other end of the row…..

    “You’ve got the wrong David!”
    David number 2 gets handed a mic
    “So, real David, are you here with your missus?”
    “Yeah, and she’s pregnant with twins and I have a dog called Tyson”
    “well, David, would you prefer boys, girls or one of each?”
    “Defo, boys”
    “hmmm, well I better not say too much, then, lets hear it for Sissy Mickey, I mean David number 2”
    *clap clap clap clap clap*

    I’d love to have spoken with one of the other names pulled out of the hat, to try and see if it was possible to figure out how he did all of it. I never let on to anyone, even my brother who sat beside me in the audience, what the question was.

  4. Harry

    Too many years ago as a school kid I got a Summer job assisting an electrician for a month or so during school holidays. The electrician had a wiring job at La Touche Bridge (Portobello bridge) at what is now Portobello House.

    The vacated Portobello House was empty and was being renovated from an old folk’s home to become a modern office building. We were let in by a security man and there was a wiring closet in a room in the basement. I assisted in pulling in some cables for an alarm panel and the electrician got to terminating them in a basement room. Lunch time was approaching and he sent me off to buy some soft drinks from a nearby shop.
    I returned and when I entered the room, he jumped dropping his screwdriver in fright. I asked what was wrong did I surprise him? “I don’t know. This room makes me feel very uneasy” he said laughing trying not to look foolish. Later in the week it was my turn to be working in the room and after a while I began to feel very uneasy, as if there were a pair of eyes watching me. I looked over my shoulder feeling more uneasy as time went on. Later the electrician returned and we gathered our kit together. The security man came down to us to sign off on the job we did and to lock up. We chatted about the building and it being an old folk’s home. The security man as he locked up said…” I never did like this room I prefer to keep it locked, especially as it was used as a mortuary for the old folks who passed away over the years….it gives me the creeps!”

    So, if hypnotism works via suggestion, perhaps me witnessing the electrician having a fright, it registered on my youthful mind and I then felt similar being alone in a basement of a creepy building, but then again after hearing the security man’s story it still makes me wonder today.

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