5 thoughts on “Nuclear Death

  1. Jake38

    A more pertinent question would be how many lives has nuclear power saved due to the absence of greenhouse gases compared with burning fossil fuels…..

  2. Joe

    Extraordinary few people die per year from nuclear power plants. The death rate from joke renewables like wind energy and hydro electric never mind the filth that’s produced by the extraction of rare earth elements for wind turbine generators and cancer causing cadmium in solar cells is far higher.
    Nuclear power is the only form of energy clean and green enough to provide the energy demands the world needs.


    1. newsjustin

      What “rare earth elements” are in a wind turbine that aren’t also in a nuclear plant?

      I’m not anti- nuclear. But neither am I anti-renewables. You don’t have to pick sides.

  3. 3Cees

    On a side note, i love Kurzgesagt and subscribe to their channel on YouTube.
    Their videos are only brilliant. I look forward to them.
    Would really recommend it

    (and Half as Interesting and Answers with Joe are great if you are looking for a steer to a good channel. In this regard, i’d love some recommendations if you have any?)

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