Pitt Park, East Belfast.

Police investigating ‘suspicious’ masked men patrolling East Belfast streets (Belfast Telegraph)

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26 thoughts on “Power Walking

    1. Scundered

      Why is it that the vast majority of people who wear sports clothing are always those who clearly never perform sports? They could at least put on a Halloween outfit if they wanted to be scary.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        it’s one of my major bug bears, the minute you land at Dublin airport it’s trackie…sorry “casual clothing ” land, an island of lazy dressers …ducks

        1. Junkface

          It’s a tribal look. They can’t exercise properly with big beer bellies, so their clothes can stretch with their weight fluctuations. They are also lazy and don’t care.

          1. Junkface

            There’s also the teenage version of this with the grey sweatpants, so they can fondle their balls outside chippers. Why did this become a thing? Hands down the pants in public?

          2. Brother Barnabas

            i routinely need to reposition my junk when running – every km or so. can do it now without breaking stride. so really no reason why these lads need to go elbow deep and rummage for 30 seconds.

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Then again, these louts may be easier to control within the tent rather than outside of it.

  1. Jake38

    Lets all have a border poll so we can be responsible for these people and pay extra taxes to fund their dole.

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    A lot more to this than UVF dissidents doing a walk through

    said yesterday Unionism is finished, but the DUP got themselves well feather nested before it came to border here border there, wtf

    Meanwhile the UVF can’t get elected, and have to make do with what they can earn from their own sources, so this is how they exert themselves

    PSNI escorted this particular crew to the entrance of the estate
    and made sure they got out in one piece

    This may not all be local

    Just saying

  3. Joe

    They look like the usual knuckle dragging troglodytes. In a Trumpian fashion they gain succour from the DUP utterances. It’s sad that they cannot see that their misguided loyalties are being used and abused by their vile politicians. These are the very people that must be brought onside with their nationalist counterparts. Is there anyone amongst them that can understand how they can prosper if they work together rather than being used by very powerful string pullers?

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