Behold: the 1975 De Tomaso Pantera GTS Prototipo – the archetypal hybrid of American muscle car and Italian mid-engined sportscar.

This particular GTS – commissioned by Greek industrialist Tony Mantas, a personal friend of Alejandro de Tomaso – was kitted out with a raft of custom extras starting with a white leather dashboard, no rear bumper and a lowered chassis and continuing with further modifications over the years, recorded in de Tomaso’s own handwriting and included with the sale.

Currently up for auction in Paris, accepting bids between €180,000 and €220,000.


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7 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. TypeONegative

    Looks like its made out of chipboard and that moulded plastic sheeting you see on the side of bathtubs

  2. Paulus

    I had the earlier De Tomaso Mangusta in yellow. No, really.
    Sadly it was about 4″ long, (no libelous comments please), and was made by Corgi.

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