Dillon Goes Electric


Thanks Blueshirt.

Via Wikipedia:

Dillon temporarily resigned from Fine Gael in 1942 over its stance on Irish neutrality during World War II. While Fine Gael supported the government’s decision to stay out of the war, Dillon urged the government to side with the Allies.

A passionate anti-Nazi, Dillon described the Nazi creed as “the devil himself with twentieth-century efficiency”. His zeal against Hitler drew him the ire of the German minister to Ireland Eduard Hempel, who denounced him as a “Jew” and “German-hater”.

Even Eamonn De Valera, then Taoiseach, was not spared the fierceness of Dillon’s rhetoric; when the Taoiseach ridiculed Dillon’s stark support for the Allies, noting this meant he had to adopt a Pro-British stance, Dillon defiantly retorted

My ancestors fought for Ireland down the centuries on the continent of Europe while yours were banging banjos and bartering budgies in the backstreets of Barcelona.”



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7 thoughts on “Dillon Goes Electric

  1. RuilleBuille

    This is only a couple of years after the Blueshirts sent a few hundred volunteers out to Spain to fight for the fascist Franco. But then of course the Brits were backing Franco.

  2. goldenbrown

    this bucko – Minister for Ag 1954-57

    Oliver J Flanagan – Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Ag 1954-57

    colourful, wha?

  3. Gabby

    Dillon slams Dev and Dev slams Dillon. Then mutual exchange of jibes about imagined ancestry. But no laughter in the Dail during their exchange. Did any journalists comment at the time on the quality of that parliamentary discourse?

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