A Jab And A Wink


A medic prepares to administer the Moderna vaccine at the HSE National Ambulance Service HQ last month

This afternoon.

In the Dáil sitting in the Convention Centre.

Independent TD Richard O’Donoghue said:

“At the moment, I’m getting calls in my office that people are still saying that there are frontline workers and carers waiting for their vaccine but yet there are people that are not involved in the health system are getting the vaccine…I got five phone calls again, yesterday, about people outside frontline services getting vaccines, that were not in frontline.”

Meanwhile, Independent TD Maurice Collins said:

“I’m getting calls from doctors, from nurses, from home help in West Cork that haven’t been able to acquire the vaccine yet. And, at the same time, I’m getting calls that some politicians, councillors, are getting it in places. Is this turning into a nod and wink situation?

“Where the vaccine will be given to some and not to more? These people, at the very least, they deserve to be offered the vaccine, the doctors and nurses and home help first, and home carers.”

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar told the deputies that the Government policy is very clear and there are only three groups of people who should be getting the vaccine at present – care home residents over the age of 65; care home staff; and healthcare workers including some admin and reception staff; people over the age of 85.

He added:

“If you have particular incidences, or particular examples of people who received the vaccine who shouldn’t, do let us know and we’ll follow that up.”



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15 thoughts on “A Jab And A Wink

  1. Micko

    And now we see that after all the bluster about “saving and protecting old and vulnerable people” and “killing grannies” and the “poor healthcare workers”

    People are actually only interested in saving themselves and will jump over and stand on poor old Mildred face to save their own skin.

    What a surprise

    1. Hobson choice

      Strange the Oxford jab is not for the over 65s
      Maybe we need to know who is getting that jab
      According to the WHO its fine for over 65s and now apparently it’s been tested for children
      We need a proper breakdown as to who is getting what
      In NI over 20% vaccinated here?

  2. Charger Salmons

    They’re sweating the small stuff while the bigger picture is Ireland’s refusal to source additional vaccines to help speed-up the process.
    And where’s the Government update on the use of the AZ jab for the elderly following the WHO support for its use in that cohort yesterday ?
    Mehole appears more concerned about handing over a bowl of weeds to Biden in the Oval Office than he is about Ireland’s dreadful vaccine progress.

      1. Charger Salmons

        It’s not just the UK that is performing better than Ireland.
        You need to get up off your knees.

        1. Nigel

          ‘And the Lord said verily unto them, before thou instructeth them to arise from their knees, get thee first up off thy belly.’

        2. Joe F

          Which country of the two, has a much higher death rate per million population from the virus Kate?
          Which country has a higher case rate per million population Admiral Nelson?
          Silence from Krusty.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Exactly. If people who aren’t in the queue for the vaccine are getting it, we need to know who they are and how they got it, otherwise it’s just anecdotal.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Varadkar joke of the day…. ‘Tanaiste Leo Varadkar told the deputies that the Government policy is very clear …’
    Kinda like the clarity around not giving confidential state documents to his mateys or to anyone not entitled to them for that matter.

    1. Anti Bots

      Go on tell us what the shinners policy is (none absolutely). And while your at it, Euro or shillin?. Grow a pair and answer a question, or are you just another Bodger shrill? Guaranteed click bait shrill, just like charger

  4. Joe


    The vaccine rollout is a far too slow farce and we have the legislation to allow the buying of vaccines outside of the EU protocol.
    Greenwash party in an attempt to divert from doing a u turn on CETA are loudly flagging squandering 240 million in on bicycle lanes.
    In a time of ongoing deaths due to Covid the money should be spent on increasing the vaccine rollout!

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