What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season


This morning.

Brown Thomas unveiled its Spring Summer 2021 international luxury designer collections.

Via Brown Thomas:

This season marks a fresh start with optimism and exuberance and welcomes key trends including Pretty Petals, Acid Bright Colours, Feminine Ease, Slouchy Tailoring and Functional Future…

Knee length white boots.


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13 thoughts on “What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season

  1. Charger Salmons

    Jaysus thanks Broadsheet.
    I’m now going to have to spend all day making sure Lady Charger doesn’t see this.
    She’s already showing signs of Brown Thomas Withdrawal Syndrome …
    Picture No 1 is very Gianni Versace.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Lady Charger prefers the personal touch.
        As for being a rip-off I pay the credit card bills so you’re preaching to the converted.
        She’s come a long way from Miss Selfridge …

    1. Hobson choice

      I am sure charger lady salmonds taste in clothing will not disappoint such a man of taste as you

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    1, 2 & 3

    especially no. 2, any idea of stockists that aren’t BTs lads?

    4 is lovely but I’m not sure I have the physique (⊙_⊙;)
    5 is a bit bin baggy
    and I can’t do floppy windy sleeves so 6 is a very quick nah

    1. millie bobby brownie

      I’d be 1, 2 and 4 myself. Not a fan of 5 or 6, and I wouldn’t know what to do with 3.

      I like (used to?) going into BT and mooching around, pretending to have more money than I actually possess.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        bit busy for me number one, never liked the attitude of the staff in BT, always felt like telling them to get over themselves but I’d love to jump on a train have a mosey now If take the attitude with a smile, try on some shoes buy a new lipstick and meet my sister for cocktails…sigh

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          I used to love BTs
          Had the best Household Appliances + Kitchen Ware depts in Dublin
          Same with Shoes and Bags

          And they had great sales
          Like proper ones

          The place just got too full of itself – not the stock, they had the brands that sold themselves
          Just the shop itself, the fitout got too pretensious, and the staff likewise
          Like they were all wearing too much make-up

          Selfridge’s now
          Fabulous Shopping Experience

          Whereas Arnotts is just a short cut now

          Shopping in Ireland isn’t a fun experience anymore
          Maybe the odd time
          Levi’s on Grafton Street, Victoria’s Secret, being the only exceptions I can think of

          Mind you I’d love that Frock in no 2
          And that shurt in No 1.

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