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  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Facts™

    This will be the last of my daily updates on the UK and Ireland’s vaccine progress for a while.

    With Blighty having reached its target of 15 million vaccinations a day earlier than the forecast date of February 15th this seems an appropriate moment to pause.

    The next deadline on the UK’s horizon is Easter when it’s hoped all 32 million people in the top 9 priority groups in the UK will be jabbed.

    That’s everyone over 50 or vulnerable.

    Watch out for occasional updates and juicy morsels of interest that register on the Marvellous-Ometer™.

    But we end this phase of Charger’s Vax Facts™ on a high note with that curtain-haired EU slimeball Guy Verhofstadt turning on his old mucker Von Der Leyen Low.


    Bloomin’ marvellous.

    1. Joe F

      Oh good man Kate, I so look forward to your updates, they’re so fresh and new. Any chance of you commenting on the 117,000+ deaths from the virus in the UK? No, I don’t think that will happen.
      Bit like ignoring your disgusting comment on the 39 unfortunate Vietnamese.
      And what about the 2nd cricket test old boy. You were very keen to give us daily updates on the 1st test, which surprisingly England won. Now they’re getting their ass kicked you hide. You have form in this Admiral.

      1. For Kate

        I can remember BS B4 Charger.
        More people were involved. It was fun.

        I accept his/her resignation.
        I hope it is sincere.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            nah, he’s so fulla’ve it he’d never be bored with himself

            I reckon t’was the pressure of opening up here every night that was wreaking his head
            like the key holder
            and having to be the first on on site kinda thing

            that’s a lot of pressure and spotlight
            Charage has just giving ye all a sicknote to let him off to come and go as he pleases now
            like the rest of us

          2. Charger Salmons

            Pressure is for tyres,cookers and blow-up women, V.
            I’ll still be giving Charger’s Vax Facts™ a run out now and then because there’s plenty of miles left on the tank.
            But it’s important to keep the message fresh for maximum impact.
            My work is far from done,trust me.

          3. Charlie

            I’m glad someone had the good sense to have a stern word in his ear. All we need now is for him to totally F off.

    2. Toby

      Ah, reminds me of the Brits skulking out of Belfast after the IRA embarrassed them spectacularly them in London and beyond. An empire fallen. A nation shamed. Hated by all right thinking people. Now alone and friendless. Good riddance to all bigots and racists.

      1. Cian

        Yes, Belfast is now totally Brit-free; run for, and by the Irish! The postboxes painted green, the tri-colour flying proud. No monarch on the coins or notes.

          1. Joe F

            Well Kate, did you get up early this morning to watch the cricket? I think it finished today, what was the result old boy? Last week in the first test, you were very quick to tell us, in multiple posts, that England beat India. Now India thrash England, with a day and a half to spare, and there’s not a word out of you.
            I suppose it’s just just par for the course for you. You only see what you want to see. In fairness, the UK are doing a very good with the vaccines, but you just totally ignore the deaths.
            Same with Bozo, you’re incapable of writing anything negative about him.

          2. Toby

            Humiliated troops. Colonising a country that loathes them. Sheepishly doling out vaccines. its a long way from using rifle butts on women heads and torturing young Irishmen. Back in your box Brits,

        1. Toby

          Ah Cian, the young Fine Gaeler, pining for his captors like your west brit party. Sorry mate, they are gone. No more. Beaten and humiliated by a band of revolutionary amateurs. They couldn’t stand being under foreign rule, so they did something about it. You goys just made money out of it and you’re missing your soup now.

  2. For Kate

    ”This will be the last of my daily updates…”
    ”Watch out for occasional updates and juicy morsels of interest that register on the Marvellous-Ometer™.

    Sometimes your typing skills work faster than your brain.
    See you again tomorrow.

  3. DOC

    Harry and Meghan coming to the surface once again
    Just when you think 2121 could not get any worse
    Will we be ever rid of this “Publicity shy couple?

    1. Charger Salmons

      Good luck to them I say.
      Lots of moolah to be mined from gullible Americans.
      Fergie led the way.Was the face of Weightwatchers for years without ever actually losing any weight.Nice touch.
      And while Randy Andy can’t show his face there any more in slips his ginger nephew to pick up the slack.
      And it’s one more royal couple off the Civil List to save a few bob for Blighty.
      Win win.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Drumm walks free. Sure we knew that he wouldn’t complete his term. He was out and about anyway.
    From locked-in to lockdown. He’ll be disappointed his favorite restaurants won’t be open. He won’t be hanging around these parts too long though. He’s had plenty of time to make up an excuse for flying out, and will do so with the blessing of the gardai.

    1. Bottler

      Drumm was never part of the insider banker elite and took the hit. Never a word about the scam where public funds were diverted to top up the AIB private pension fund so that former CEOs etc continued to enjoy lavish pensions.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        He was convicted of false accounting and conspiracy to defraud. He didn’t ‘take’ a hit for anyone else. In fact he did as much as possible not to be extradited from the US and put as many obstacles as he could to prevent it.
        You’re correct about the rest through

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        spot on Bottler

        Drumm was always the patsy
        a cocky middle manager they convinced to do the dirty work by letting him think he was one of them
        but to the Elite – as you put it, he was always an easily influenced upstart

        He did some time, so there’s that
        But if he had a stayed here from the start, instead of slipping of to NY and try and hive his assets off, and enter their Bankruptcy process, he wouldn’t have done a day inside

        If the silly boy had accepted a Bankruptcy adjudication here, and cooperated with the Official Assignee throughout his term
        Instead of pulling the Official Assignee through the US courts system, IN MY OPINION he wouldn’t have done any time
        Drumm would have been discharged long before now, free and clear, back at work somewhere that doesn’t require a PCF clearance, and probably with his family home and a few other bits and bobs still intact

        The lads at the top convinced him he really was a top notch CEO, high flying banker
        and the fool believed it
        Drumm was a fool
        simple as that

        1. goldenbrown


          y’know I was in a good mood this morning, lovely clear sky, mild, twas going very well

          until this subjectmatter

          Seany Fitzpatrick wha? and other w£$%^&s like Fingers and the stuff they got away with on all of the rest of us. and the pals they got away with it with some whom are still turning up on the radio for the odd ego trip to this very day…..there’s the cancer right there

        2. Junkface

          Yes there is very little justice given to white collar crime in Ireland. It doesn’t look like anything will change either. Drumm was always a bit of a patsy. Its the people he was trying to please that we wanted behind bars.

          1. Nigel

            Honestly, on a global level, you could wipe out a significant percentage of inequality, corruption, wealth-hoarding, environmental destruction, war and sheer human misery if they switched from a war on drugs to a war on white collar crime.

  5. dan

    Government continue to block inquest into stardust tragedy, it seems Mr Butterly’s influence on FF continues

    1. bisted

      …did John Ryan ask Derek Mooney if he knew anything when he had him on the radio last night…seems the best way for advancement in the FFers is to know where the skeletons are buried…Derek and Dan Boyle are regulars on the paper review now…they always remind me of that Enoch Powell quote in reverse…they are living proof that political careers can start in failure…

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        rather than suggest skeletons now
        that’s too unpleasant and macabre given the tragedy

        But Derek Mooney was an up and coming eFFer then alright
        working his way around the Dublin Cumanns and Comhairles
        to get himself selected as a Fianna Fail Candidate by the convention delegates
        So he was in the right places at the right time, with the very people, to know more than most around in Fianna Fail today

        Don’t know about Dail elections, maybe he can confirm
        But I know he was a Local election candidate in Rathmines when I lived there

  6. V aka Frilly Keane

    copied from Monday’s papers,
    and pasted here for ye, a pre lent bake off kinda thing

    I’ll throw pic up onto the twitter


    Frilly H♡T Xxxs Buns

    Ingredients already posted, but here you go again: but in order of the Method

    300 millies of full fat milk, 50 gms of Butter : into a pot, and bring to a just below boil, as it cools whisk to combine
    500gms of strong plain flour (500 tyr and up) 75 gms caster sugar, 7 gms fast action yeast, mix to combine, then add tsp of salt (make sure you mix the above before adding salt otherwise it may interfere with the yeast on first contact) Make a well, and add the baby bobby temp Milk & butter mix. Immediately add a well beaten egg onto the milkish puddle.
    blend with a wooden spoon until you have a roundy sticky dough

    Tip out onto a floured surface for the knead, and keep your hands floured btw
    This is a stretch knead – heel of one hand holding down one end and stretching out t’other, Fold over back on itself, and repeat for 5 mins. At least. You will see it smoothing out and getting more elastic. When you achieve this, it’s ready for its first proof or prove if that’s what you prefer

    Lightly oil a good sized bowl, and a stretch of clingfilm (I usually do that bit first, I layer the clingfilm over the back of the bowl and swipe it all over with a pastry brush and hang it over the tap while I wipe the inside of the bowl) BTW use the lightest oil and barely a drop here, definitely no scented, strong coloured or heavy oil. I use a light thin rapeseed, but one of those pan sprays would do I’d say. Remember you do this so the dough won’t catch the sides as it swells, and the oiled side of the cling film cover is to prevent a rind forming.
    Tip your dough ball in, and cover the top of the bowl with the oil side down sheet of cling film, make sure there is loads of head room between your dough and the cover, so use a pasta pot if you have to.

    Sit it somewhere cosy for a good hour, let it double in size, there is no rush, let it do the work for you. Put the kettle on, watch the telly, do some chores. Don’t be a dough watcher

    you’ll know its ready for the next stage if it’s boldly doubled in size and when you push your finger into it, it leaves a pothole

    Keep your dough in the bowl, and set aside your oily clingfilm

    Tip 75 gms Sultanas, 1 tsp of cinnamon (it can take a second if that’s your taste btw) *25 gms of dried apple pieces, zest of an orange. I have a zester tool and I then rock and roller into finer pieces again, like herbs I suppose
    * Now I use dried apple purely for convenience and sourced from one of my best lockdown round 1 finds https://www.nutsinbulk.ie/category/dried-fruits
    However you can use a fresh apple – but watch the colour and the moisture, you can also add in some candied peels circa 50 gms, I don’t only because I don’t like candied peels

    Knead these dried additions into the dough, while still in the bowl. You don’t want to change the dough’s environment. Its a bit weird but it will come together into an even distribution.

    Cover with your oiled clingfilm again, and leave it back in its cosy spot for another hour – till its doubled in size again.

    When you’re happy with it, weigh the dough ball, and decide how many you want out of it, 12 15 is about right for these measurements.

    Cut into equal potions, and form balls, this can be awkward because of the sultanas etc but they don’t have to be teacake perfect. A tip might be to use a small bowl over them and keep rattling them under it btw.
    Sit each of your bun balls onto lined baking trays, and cover again in lightly oiled clingfilm, or even a clean tea towel. You don’t want a rind forming, and this is its last proof btw. So give it another hour.

    Meanwhile make your paste – 85gms plain flour, + a tbsp of water at a time. When you have achieved a wallpaper paste consistency – spoon or tip it into an icing bag – I used a flat ribbon nozzle.
    When your dough balls are nicely swollen, dispose of the cling film and criss cross away. It might surprise you how easily it’s done btw

    Hot oven – preheated of course : 200º fan or 220º/ Gas mark 7
    20 minutes – don’t flinch here at the strong golden brown colour that will come over them
    Loosen up your jam by warming it up, sieve if you have to if its lumpy fruity like, and while your glaze is still warm brush over your buns that should be just the right touch of warm bun about them.
    Now on yesterdays batch I used marmalade with some water, it was a great shiny glaze, but really sticky – licky finger sticky. I know I said Apricot Jam in the ingredients over the weekend, but it turns out I used the last of it in my Christmas bakes.

    Couple of hints folks
    By letting the buns go a deep brown you are getting yourself a cracking Hollywood handshake crust
    And all dough needs is patience – don’t be a dough watcher, arrange your prep around errands chores telly etc, and you’ll not even notice, you might even forget. You can never proof too much, but not enough proofing is a mistake you can’t get your bake back from.

    This bake is way more easier to do, than reading and following this
    I promise

    1. Charger Salmons

      Lady Charger made some Marmite and Cheese hot cross buns after I showed her the M&S version online.
      They were bloomin’ marvellous.
      Made a cracking sambo with extra mature cheddar and Ballymaloe.

        1. Charger Salmons

          It’s an acquired taste certainly.
          Vegemite is a slightly easier version on the palate.
          But used judiciously as Lady Charger did in her buns it’s a wonderfully savoury flavour.
          Rammed with umami.

    2. millie bobby brownie

      Cheers V! Sounds fab. Dying to try them out. Might let the little lady try her hand at them too this afternoon to kill a few hours between lunch and dinner. Getting very into the baking so she is, this lockdown, which is nice

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Birthday here yesterday
        and the teenager made her own cake would you believe

        Coffee with Salted Carmel Butter Cream
        dolled up n’ all with an Ombre frosting affect

        I just added another tweet there to that link for ye to take a goo

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Congrats to her and a belated happy birthday. Cake looks gorgeous. I love the ombre icing.

          The hot xxxs look delicious. I’ve never actually made anything like that, would you believe, so I’m looking forward to trying it. Would it lend itself well to orange and cranberry, do you think? I’m just thinking of what I have in the press but they’re a gorgeous flavour combo, imo.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            perfect combo
            but mebbe swap cinnamon for grated nutmeg
            mixed spice

            the dough is a cracker
            just give it loads of space and patience

            and it could cope with another 25gms of sugar btw,

  7. Charger Salmons

    Glad I horsed into Easyjet last week.
    Ryanair getting a bounce too.
    There are some good UK travel share bargains to be picked up at the moment as eyes turn towards vaccine passports and summer holidays.
    Rolls-Royce is my current tip – they make a lot of their profit from servicing their commercial jet engines.
    WH Smith too.Their airport franchises are hugely lucrative.
    All good solid long-term investments.
    As is Diageo.
    He who dares wins Rodders.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I avoid crypo-currency like the plague.
        Mainly because I don’t understand it.
        I have a very active SIPP with Hargreaves Landsdown though – money I can afford to lose but very useful for an amateur day-trader like myself.
        RYA,RDSA,RR,WINE,IAG,FEVR,DGE,CCL,BP,KO,GS,AAPL are in there for the long term
        All with stop losses as I’m getting a little concerned about the US market – Tesla shares are trading at a valuation which makes each car they sell worth $1.25million which even to a stock dunce like me doesn’t add up.
        Yourself ?

        1. Joe F

          Maybe you should invest in the England cricket team Kate? You were very positive about them last week. Oh wait…….

        2. Charger Salmons

          All that talk by the ‘ experts ‘ on here of Brexit crashing the pound seems a tad premature as well.
          Sterling against the dollar is back to February 2016 levels.
          Kerching baby.

          1. Joe F

            OK Nostradamus Salmons, I won’t mention a few of your predictions you made in the past. For example, you suggested to people, close to election day, to bet on Donald Trump winning. Hopefully not too many people listened to your expert advice Admiral Nelson.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            like wtf are you even trying to say, johnny? garbled rubbish. has to be saliva flying everywhere. think of the neighbours, kiddo.

          3. johnny

            ..rent free,every day,almost every post.
            -oh look the govt just announced a debt holiday for high street retailers-duh-LOL.

          4. Brother Barnabas

            spittle being sprayed in every direction from the self-regarding daddy’s boy

            my fat daddy bore downing post-rugger pints in the clubhouse

            what a pretty cliche you are

  8. Johnny

    How is Carmel Buckley taking it hopefully,not lying down,losing it all,the place in society, the seat on Havens board,the first class free travel paid for by the irish state,the laughs and giggles with havens c list ambassador’s.

    I added it up one time it was over 500,000-yeah half million from the irish state to Carmel’s vanity project, plus she gifted another 500,000 from the EU,even had a us arm run by,you’d never guess who’s daughter amirite Seanie.

    If her charity haven is not wound down in accordance with us and irish chairs laws,she’s liable as a board member,will the irish govt pursue Carmel for the half million it gave her,who approved it and why,try getting half million to build a day care center or a yoga studio in Tallaght.

    IT-today buckley bites the dust.


  9. Daisy Chainsaw

    Desperation from the Daily Heil with their BOGOF. Like anyone who reads that ráméis has a friend to give the spare one to?!?!

  10. Charger Salmons

    Whirlybird: Live Above LA.
    An absolutely enthralling Storyville doco on Sky Documentaries last night about Bob Tur who was LA’s first helicopter news reporter before going on to become a woman.
    Amazing archive he shot of the OJ Simpson car chase and the beating of a truck driver by four men in the LA riots sparked by the acquittal of cops over the Rodney King beating.
    It’ll be on again soon and I’d highly recommend it.Fascinating stuff.
    Btw, of the four men charged over the near-death beating of the lorry driver one is in jail for 46 years for the murder of a drug dealer and another was shot dead in a seperate incident.

  11. Charger Salmons

    Still waiting for the famed M20 lorry stack caused by Brexit ?
    So is everyone.
    Bloomberg today reports that last week demand for transport cargo from France to the U.K. increased to 17% more than 2020’s Q3 average.
    Also, internal Government figures have revealed traffic coming into the U.K. is already back to 99% of last year’s levels.
    Project Fear, eh ?

    1. MacGafraidh

      You’re very selective with your facts and tend to spout, with great emphasis, that which you know.. But it’s very selective and even at that, questionable.

      I work in the financial services sector here in Ireland. In a company we set up to contend with the impact of Brexit and being unable to continue trading in the EU. We, among with several very large financial service companies have done the same. You will see a gradual decline in the uk bases of these business because there simply isn’t a need for it to exist anymore given that all business can be managed via the EU Hubs.

      All factual, all happening as we speak and will be seen over the coming 24 months. Some businesses pulled the trigger already.

      That sector is/was worth 132 billion to the UK. Amsterdam had already taken over at the new trading hub. No impact from Brexit Charage? Speak to you in 2023 when you’ll see the real setlling of currencies and trade!


      1. Charger Salmons

        You should read the link I posted in Wednesday’s papers.
        And just watching CNBC at this very moment it’s clear that the UK’s financial strength is a mirror image of its vaccine roll-out – Europe is splintered with each financial centre scrabbling for a slice of the pie whereas the whole suite of factors which make London the financial capital of Europe remain.
        Enjoy your crumbs.

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