Win Nick’s PC Voucher [Extended]


Thank Frances it’s Friday.

That can only mean one thing: another music competition.

This week, I want to know: What’s your favourite song of this millennium? So, from 2000-2021.

Reply below to be in with a chance of winning a coveted Currys PC World voucher worth €20.

Here’s mine.

The winner will be chosen by my chef.

Please include video links if possible.

Lines close at Saturday 11am.

Nick says: Good luck!

Earlier: Last week’s winner here.

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60 thoughts on “Win Nick’s PC Voucher [Extended]

    1. Termagant

      Losing my absolute mind to this track in the lashing rain is one of 3, maximum 4 memories I retain of Oxegen 2009

      A very fine year

    2. alickdouglas

      Same album, but Night of the Lotus Eaters very high up my list

      He performed it live towards the end of a concert I guess in 2009, was totally terrifying (in a good way).

      Abattoir Blues, Dig Lazarus Dig, and Push the Sky Away are three albums which I think are among the best anyone has ever done. Controversial perhas, but I cannot stand his recent stuff.

  1. Rosette of Sirius

    My absolute favorite song this millennium is Heart Is A Drum from what I think is Beck’s best album, Morning Phase.

    It’s rhythmic, syrupy, airy, wonderfully paced and and perhaps almost ethereal. In fact most of that record is.

    The mastering of the record was top notch and is an especially beautiful listen on 180g vinyl.

  2. alickdouglas

    While I think Nick Cave has probably produced perhaps five of the best albums of the milenium, I think his ex-sheila PJ Harvey produced my favorite song, The Wheel

    Got tickets to see her live soon after the album came out, pretty soon post Batlacan if I remember. Dr Douglas Home was delayed at work, and we had to drive to the venue and it took forever to park. Got to the front gate 5 minutes after scheduled start, and there was a crowd of hundreds outside. I was gutted. Took a lifetime to get past the troops and the metal detectors (who would have thought it could get worse than that).

    PJ waited for practically all the ticket holders to get in before she started. Gave a nice welcome at the beginning, apologised for the delay and did a totally amazing concert. Had earplugs but it was no good, was deafened for two days. How often do you get to see this much brass being played these days. Was just super.

  3. Charger Salmons

    Very few songs pin you back in sheer wonderment the first time you hear them but more often than not it’s RTE’s John Creedon who plays the best.
    The Man In Black was not long for this world but what a swansong he left.
    Utterly bizarrely he wrote the song after a dream about Her Majesty The Queen where she compared him to “a thorn tree in a whirlwind.”
    To me it represents the spirit,soul and sound of America and Johnny Cash’s tumultuous but amazing life.
    I never tire of hearing it.

  4. CapernosityandFunction

    Grimes – Oblivion

    I first heard this as the music to an Eircom ad many moons ago. I never, never get tired of playing this; surely, that is the mark of a song that has entered your consciousness in a good way. I love the intro, the fey, wispy vocals that deal with a subject darker than the melody implies. I often think the best songs are constructed like that. Grimes is now viewed through the prism of her relationship with Evil Genius/ World Saviour (delete as appropriate) Elon Musk. This song is from a time when her lo-fi, DIY production ethic was fully intact, and it worked.

  5. Andy Pipkin

    Trying to avoid the obvious, this is one of my favourite tracks. I thought this band were going too be massive, with brilliant string arrangements and beautiful vocals.

    The Mummers – March Of The Dawn


  6. Micko

    Ooooh. That is a difficult one.

    So many to pick from, but the track that springs to mind is ‘The Architect’ from 90’s Belgian indie darlings dEUS.

    This track is from their 5th studio album ‘Vantage Point’ and I caught this tour when it came to the POD back 2008/9.

    Live this track was accompanied by a savage light show in time to the music and the place erupted when they played this tune!

    The band built their own studio to record this track and album and even though the album received mixed reviews, it really shows what a band can achieve when left to their own devices. It’s way more produced than any of their previous work – which I think really works here.

    It’s also a great tune to drive to ;)

  7. Dermot Sullivan

    It has to be Gorillaz – All alone

    Gorillaz, as their genre spanning music has continued to evolve from the early 2000’s to their latest 2020 release, defining the sound of the millennium so far. Demon days is one of the most iconic albums of the last two decades with all alone being the standout track.

  8. Eug

    I’ve listened to Leonard Cohen since my teens saw him twice in the stadium in the 80’s and reborn in Royal Hospital in 2008 and every time he visited after that.

    “Even though she sleeps upon your satin
    Even though she wakes you with a kiss”

    Leonard at his best and reborn in the 21st Century. Sharon Robinson got him to sing in a lower octave and between them they took “The God Abandons Antony” written in 1911 by the poet Constantine P. Cavafy and transformed into Alexandra Leaving.

    “Do not choose a coward’s explanation
    That hides behind the cause and the effect”

    To me it speaks of love, live and it’s inevitable end and acceptance.

    “Say goodbye to Alexandra leaving
    Then say goodbye to Alexandra lost”

  9. eamonn

    Been saving this one for the reopening of freedom st.
    In danger of going stale, what with when it maybe /might be – not what he said,that’s not what he meant !!!
    Do what I say, – Happy Saturday
    Lack of Afro – Back in Business Baby !

  10. Johnny

    ..sat morning with more snow,coffee and some indoor grown Massachusetts flower,which isn’t bad.

    Ireland really is blowing its chance to be the center of cultivation,manufacturing and research in the medical and recreational cannabis space,its a multi billion green job creating machine.

    It’s inconceivable…. to pick a fav but this would be one,Gino announced a bill on medical cannibals this year,that was back in November,busy man.

    When after milking every possible publicity stunt,involving no doubt again sick children and some sympathetic people on long term disability….he releases,his much talked about and promoted bill I will lash something up.

    Everyone here appears be planning on back ‘normal’ by September,48 states have medical programs now,New Jersey,New York,Connecticut,Virgina are about join Massachusetts,Vermont,Maine and New Hampshire in allowing anyone over 21 buy an incredible amount of cannabis,grown by people like me:)

    The largest legal drug market in the world is about open up,its a good time to know how grow,I hope Ireland wakes up,it’s a snowball rolling downhill,FFG needs get out the way,Ireland’s greens have the unique distinction of being the only environmental party in the world,to oppose legislation- go figure,you get the politicians you deserve.

    Get the f*ck out there,locked up like filthy animals,fighting irish my ass….

    1. Otis Blue

      Well Worth checking out Muchacho de Lujo which a deluxe version of the album. It features Houck and minimal accompaniment playing 12 live songs from St Pancras Church in London.

  11. benblack

    This definitely has its place in my top ten – if only I could remember the other nine.

    Sugababes – Overload.

    Might be out of place considering other entrants, but, deserves a mention.

    Great video, too!

    A lot of excellent Deep House tunes would also be in my top ten – will try and dig some out.

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