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    1. Joe F

      Just said I’d look at Broadsheet one final time. And I don’t want any posts about looking for attention! I just saw this post so said I’d reply to it. Going to look elsewhere for my news and stuff. Thanks BS, you do a lot well. It would be even better without Charger Salmons/Admiral Nelson/Kate. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one final time.

      1. Charger Salmons

        As you’re leaving I’ll finally respond to you for the first and last time.
        You spent many futile weeks posting exactly the same repetitive nonsense about me repeatedly each day in the hope I’d retaliate because it was your publicly stated intention to get me banned from this forum.
        You’ve failed miserably.

        1. Joe F

          Don’t worry about it mate, you continue with your sad existence. If doing what you do, floats your boat, then fire ahead. As I say, we all have issues, but you’re pretty screwed up.

  1. Cú Chulainn

    As himself doesn’t appear to be up yet, affording an opportunity to ask a question. Why are we continuing in lockdown till mid summer, at the earliest, when our airports are still open and no meaningful quarantine? We are heading at a pace to social unrest. This government has lost the previous wide spread community support.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I’ve been pointing that out for weeks on here.
        But apparently and amusingly it upsets people and they rage against the Charger Vax Facts™ machine.
        Just face up to the fact your government doesn’t give a toss what you think and they’re wilfully aided and abetted in that by the Irish media.
        And what do they both have in common ?
        Full pay.No hardship.
        Kerching baby !
        They have you exactly where they want you and you only have yourselves to blame.
        Soz and all that.

        1. Cú Chulainn

          I don’t think that the UK govt are any different to the govt here. The main difference with the current pandemic is that when it hit, the then govt here got the balance mostly right, but in the UK they absolutely didn’t. The current vacs-stats race is more about the UK govt trying to save face and look proactive. That’s the point you keep missing. The UK is no better, and in the round, almost always far worse. Doesn’t mean the current govt here aren’t totally incompetent to a degree that’s hard to fathom or believe..

          1. Charger Salmons

            Save face ?
            The UK is reaping the rewards of a strategy Boris initiated last May when he was getting it in the neck from all sides.
            Bold political moves outside the EU bureaucratic stranglehold and a willingness to spend unlimited amounts of money rather than penny-pinch and prevaricate as Brussels did is paying dividends multiple times over.
            Even at this stage Ireland is sheepishly following France and Germany’s attempts to cover up their vaccine ineptitude by casting suspicion on the AZ jab when every reputable agency recommends it.
            You’re sheep with the wool being pulled over your eyes by the donkeys leading you.

          2. Nigel

            Boris is reaping the rewards of the strategy of handing this off to someone who wasn’t an incompetent crook-chum of his. As far as I can tell, you’re still in shock over that, along with the rest of the UK.

      2. Micko

        Well there is no real will to change.

        From the Civil servants receiving full pay at home (or on leave every few weeks from being a close contact) all the way down to the Everyman on the street.

        Case in point, the other night I was chatting to a pal who works as a tradesman in Kildare. He’s having a grand ol time.

        He’s flat out working in peoples houses (off the books) and is also getting the PUP. 350 blips into the hand every week plus all the money he can get cash in hand.

        He basically said to me “sure this thing will end eventually and I want to enjoy it while I can and make some extra cash – when am I ever going to get an opportunity like this again sure?”

        A few evenings a week he hangs out with his mates on his road and they have a few drinks. His kids play with other kids on the road and as a tradesman he gets to reasonably travel wherever he likes.

        The only lockdown thing he actually follows is wearing a mask in shops coz “people go mad if you don’t”

        So he does it to appease people while in reality doing whatever he wants.

        There are people throughout Ireland absolutely loving this.

        1. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

          Civil servants are getting full pay at home because we’re working from home. We’re not the problem here.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Revenue’s work-from-home Customs Brexit staff are far removed from the reality of commerce and the need for fast reaction. Their IT system is pretty good, but when there’s a problem with their system, that a trader brings to their attention (for goods on a truck, waiting to ship, or having been shipped, waiting in Dublin Port) it can take more than a week for a response. They can’t be contacted by phone, only e-mail. Meanwhile trailers sit and wait until one of them decides to take an interest.
            It’s a disgraceful way to treat business. So much for the extra staff they took on last year.

          2. Micko

            Yes yes it’s very dangerous.

            Not if you work in Lidl though.

            Those lads and lassies are immune.

            Being a teacher or public servant though. – very dangerous.

          3. Nigel

            That’s why they’re called frontline workers, always unappreciated until it hits the fan. To show respect for them, wash your hands and wear a mask and work from home if you can. Once kids go back to school, yes, it’ll be dangerous for teachers, too.

          4. Micko

            Teachers yeah?

            All off work for two months now.
            22nd Dec they finished.

            Teachers who come into contact with the same 30 kids every single day – yep, yep, very dangerous.

            Shop workers who come into contact with hundreds of customers daily, also moving and touching products that possibly thousands will touched over the course of time. Nah, It’ll be fine.
            They’re only shop workers…

            This virus is dangerous for some and fine for others.

            Don’t even get me started on the meat processing plants.

          5. Nigel

            Yes, very dangerous. Don’t see why the pandemic would cause you to denigrate the hard work of others and dismiss the risks they take. Don’t know about yours but my kid’s teacher has been working hard, organising zoom classes, lesson plans, homework. Shop workers are in danger, meat-processing workers are in danger, and that danger is proportional to the behaviour of shoppers, or of management. Just because you say that jobs that are deemed necessary but which involve contact with others during a pandmic are more risky but in a sarcastic tone of voice doesn’t make it somehow less true, or mean that we should put peope who can work from at the same level of risk when it can be avoided.

          6. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

            Actually Micko, I alternate because I have that option. Colleagues have children, some with underlying conditions, some with special needs so they’re limiting their time in public. If you want to join, http://www.publicjobs.ie will get you your start on the list that will eventually bring you to our workers paradise.

          7. Rob_G

            I’m not sure if someone could possibly this clueless, or is being deliberately obtuse for some unknown motive, but Micko, you understand that it’s not really possible to process a carcass or put milk on a shelf from home, right? Whereas it is possible to (for example) field a VAT enquiry from a business from home? It’s genuinely bewildering that you don’t understand this.

          8. Micko

            Oh I do understand it @Rob.

            I understand that we all have to grow the hell up and take the exact same risks as people working in shops or meat plants.

            Fair enough if you’re elderly or vulnerable, or you look after someone who is, you get to stay at home and wait for the vaccine.
            We protect who we can.

            Everyone else – back to normal. Our society is in the absolute toilet.

            Or we could just all hide indoors with our thumbs up our asses and let those people take the risk for us.

          9. Nigel

            Actual grown-ups know the difference between minimising and maximising risk and which is the betrter course of action during a pandemic. If you WANT to take risks, or think you are somehow morally obliged to take the risk yourself, you are free to seek employment in front line services.

        2. Oro

          You’ve so many ‘mates’ who provide so many useful anecdotes for you micko. Every day one of them has a handy little story for you. Almost too good to be true.

  2. Birdie

    Sometimes I just despair at how poorly this government has managed and is managing this pandemic. We’re still so lax at the airports.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      It’s the spectacular disregard for people that really grates. FF, in particular, have always had a contempt for the ordinary person. While pretending to be their friend. I suppose current events have just laid bare the truth. No sign of the government going on the pup or the same supports as most small businesses and home schooling in solidarity ? I didn’t think so..

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Michéal Martin has written to the Chinese Premier we are told, regarding Richard O’Halloran. No doubt he will follow with as much gusto as Coveney and Higgins did. Notably MM has asked ‘on compassionate grounds’ for his release. No mention of innocence – which basically taints Mr. O’Halloran’s good name then.

    1. bisted

      …what good name…he is being held as part of a fraud investigation…other countries have a different attitude to white-collar crime to Ireland…Ulick McIllvady was on the radio yesterday demanding release…bet the Chinese are quaking in their boots…

      1. Lilly

        The investigation has been concluded, Bisted. The Chinese founder got jail for fraud perpetrated before O’Halloran joined the company. The Chinese are trying now to claw back investors’ money and O’Halloran is a commercial hostage.

        1. bisted

          …thanks Lilly, I know little about the case other than O’Hallorans passport has been withdrawn because he is considered a flight risk but otherwise he enjoys the same freedoms as any Chinese citizen…Ireland is the last place that should be lecturing other countries about the length of time it takes to exercise due process…

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        That Prime Time bit said it all in just three words
        Of what they quoted from the Chinese Embassy

        …Proceeds of Crime

        Make no mistake if this lad’s family lived in Rathkeale, CAB would have cleaned him out years ago, or at the very least secured every cent, inch of property, stick of furniture, cars scooters, devices, jewellery – the lot until matters were settled by order of a Judge

        Sorry for his family n’ all that
        But ask yourselves – what are they living on?

        If the Taxpayers end up footing the $36m(?) outstanding
        Then Simon Coventry and the Irish Government – rightly or wrongly
        Will have opened the door to all sorts of defences being put up by Defendants – say in Revenue Bankruptcy Petitions, CAB seizures, Official Assignee actions to retrieve assets

        Murky AF
        And it’s time we started paying way more attention to the Judges this crowd appoint btw
        As well as other ‘Oversight’ type appointments
        Like say to SIPO …..

        Apartheid is well and truly the regime in Ireland today

        1. Lilly

          I missed that Prime Time, interesting, will have to dig it out. I just heard the wife on the radio one morning and he sounded like an altar boy.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    TSB – mentioned as likely to be the ‘third force’ in Irish banking.
    Well, when the TSB came on the scene many years ago, and became Permanent TSB, they were a third force. Many joined them having gotten fed up with BOI and AIB.
    TSB flunked it. They were, and still are, a mickey mouse organization with little commercial acumen, and even less professionalism.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      There’s a few Credit Unions in Ireland already a bigger force then PTSB, across a whole range of liquidity tests

      There might be some hope for them is Ulster Bank do leave the market, and leave quickly
      But I doubt UB are really exiting, like the way Halifax did

      PTSB got a bailout along with the others
      Plus a dig out with a few loan books
      And they’re in worse shape operationally than the HSE
      They’ve had 10 years now to sort themselves out
      And they’re still a shambles
      My tip for another bailout btw

      I would have put money on a buy out / take over a few years ago from one of the bigger Private Equity Shops

      PTSB will never be a “force “

  5. Micko

    I see Israel is opening back up.


    One caveat though, they are using an app to track and to prove you have been vaccinated.

    “Gyms, pools, cinemas and restaurants are reopening for people who have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

    Israel unveiled its plan to allow those who have been vaccinated to attend cultural events, fly abroad and patronise restaurants and health clubs by using a “green badge” app on Saturday ahead of the reopening of the economy.“

    So just like China then. Great…

    1. Charger Salmons

      Vax Apps are the future Micko.
      They’re the key to unlocking economies.
      Why wouldn’t you want to get on a plane knowing all the other passengers and crew are locked and loaded ?
      Coronovirus has changed our world completely.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Knowing our crowd – they’ll have stumped up 50m to some lad in Canada to develop the app
        Before they’ve even achieved a jab rollout that doesn’t look like it was scribbled together on a beermat

        1. Micko

          Well they gave Robert Quirke of ROQU 14.1 million for a bunch of unusable ventilatiors. I hear he has an app we can use…

          I guess that’s what happens when you give the contract to an event’s company instead of…. ummm…ye know – an actual medical company.

          The government are laughing at us fighting each other, while they give massive contracts to their mates (which will come with massive future kickbacks and board memberships I’m sure)

      2. Micko

        It’s not a plane I’m concerned about. It’s an app to tell you where you can go in your own country.

        As Israel have done you need the app to let you into cinemas, clubs and public gatherings.

        I don’t see why young folk of child bearing age should be forced to take a vaccine for an illness that barely effect them.

        0.9% of Covid fatalities have been in the under 45’s in Ireland. It’s not a major risk for that age group.

        Israel is now practicing medical apartheid. Don’t get the jab – you don’t get to live normally.

        All in the name of safety

        Oh yeah and the 5G of course – that’s a really big issue thanks @ce ;)

        1. Micko

          Oh and just the actual facts of people who’ve died from this thing. Ye know to back it up with actual facts and numbers. Link below. Table 3&4

          Of the people who died.

          51.3% weren’t even brought to hospital.
          Only 0.9 were under 45
          82% had underlying conditions
          The average age of death is 81

          We need to let the vulnerable protect themselves and wait for vaccination (as they are doing anyway) and let everyone else live normally.

          Or you can continue to biaaatch about closing airports, mask wearing, zero covid, people having others in their homes, people breaking the 5k rule and pointing the finger at each other – while the government makes a balls of everything as they laugh at us fighting each other – while ALL those pr1cks are on full pay travelling where they want.


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