I’ll Get My Coat


Anon writes:

Like many people I know, I am dismayed at the continuation of the ban on being outdoors. A few friends and myself are trying to get a bit of traction with a bit of a protest.

We are hanging coats in our front windows to show our displeasure at not being allowed out and not being allowed beyond 5k.

We are in our 40s and not very savvy with social media, but I did manage to create a twitter account @hangupyurcoat


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39 thoughts on “I’ll Get My Coat

  1. Dr.Fart

    but we are allowed out. not only are we allowed out, but theres far too many people out. go down Harolds cross bridge around rush hour and look at the traffic spanning all the way between portobello bridge and Harolds cross bridge. they aren’t all going to Tesco I can tell ya that much.

    1. Micko

      Love it when people complain about people being out and about – when they THEMSELVES are out and about.

      Amuses me no end

      “Jesus Maureen, would ya look at all the people about. What are they all doing out?”

      1. Dr.Fart

        haha I know what you mean. But I was genuinely going to the chemist and back. When I go out, I go to the shops, very early, to try beat the crowd, and I go for walks late at night when no one is out. I’m the model covid citizen. honestly if everyone was like me we’d all be long out of this by now.

        ps. I WISH I had a Maureen to relay my woes of the public to. (Kitty come back!)

        1. Hank

          So you’re only out very early in the morning and very late at night. But you’re complaining about the amount of people you see out at rush hour??

          1. Dr.Fart

            hank. I had to go to the chemist. my routine is to be out early or late. the odd time I have to go out and face the masses.

        2. Micko

          Ah, I’m only taking the “mick” (eh eh?) outta ya Dr Fart

          Sure of course you have to go out, we all do. It’s what we do.

          Genuinely, mean that. Not taking the pee.

          But, in the same way you rationalise “going to the chemist” – everyone else rationalises their own reason for being out.

          We all rationalise our decisions no matter how crazy or daft they seem to someone else.

          I think the politicians and media have done us ALL a great disservice by getting us to blame each other for this mess.

          I really hope they will be held accountable – eventually

          1. benblack

            In this country, it would appear so.

            However, in a democracy, it’s the people – the voting people – who are to blame.

            You get the leaders you deserve.

          2. Dr.Fart

            you’re dead right, Mick(o)! That’s been happening since the dawn of civilisation. Have the masses blame each other, then stand to the side. (Also not taking the pee). I didn’t think about it like that, how everyone rationalises their own movements. I was just going to the chemist. I’m sure if I went to each car in that traffic line they’d all have a reason. And probably most of em would also say “where are all these going?”

  2. gallantman

    People are doing laps of busy suburban pavements while windswept beaches and forest tracks sit empty.”Within 5km” has become a broadly accepted norm despite no scientific/public health/ or statistical rationale ever being put forward for it. Bizarre.

    1. millie bobby brownie

      Are they empty? Went for a walk on my local beach yesterday and today also and both times found them busier than normal for this time of year, and certainly difficult to navigate with a buggy and small child. Similarly, most parks are equally busy with people out for walks or running.

      1. missred

        At least they’re not protesting about it by hanging up their knickers instead. Or maybe they should

    1. John Smith

      @Dr Fart ‘but we are allowed out’
      @missred ‘“The continuation of the ban on being outdoors” – what ban is this?’

      The law says that you MAY NOT LEAVE YOUR PLACE OF RESIDENCE (defined in the law as being, in most cases, your home – though ‘home’ is not defined so it may or may not include the garden, for example, if you have one). Therefore, yes, the ban is on being out of your home, which, for many people – perhaps everybody, depending on what is meant by home – is a ban on being outdoors.

      However, the law allows that you may leave your place of residence IF you have a ‘reasonable excuse’.

      Reasonable excuse is not defined but the law gives lots of examples of what the term includes (more than in the government guidelines) and the wording means that further reasons can be acceptable, too. There is no distance limitation laid down as regards any of the examples provided in the law – except for when the reasonable excuse is exercise. Then the limitation is 5km. Thus, there are many reasons why you can leave your home and go beyond 5km. If this were not the case, a vast number of people would not even be able to go to a shop.

  3. newsjustin

    “Not being allowed out”

    Nobody is stopping people going out and about. Just keep it to 5km for a bit.

  4. Nilbert

    I’m sure the front line workers who been risking their health, and the health of their families, and who have worked tirelessly for the last year, will be devastated to hear of your ‘dismay’ and your ‘displeasure’.

    hang your coat off your b******x

  5. TypeONegative

    The problem with this take is that there’s really only so many public spaces that are much of an improvement on walking your local area, and so if even a small quantity of Dubliners take a fancy to walking the Wicklow Mountains or Howth on a particularly sunny weekend it’d be absolutely jammers, even more so than it probably currently is.

  6. Termagant

    I just do my usual
    Lurking out at night when nobody’s around
    I’m obviously not up to skulduggery but I garner substantial satisfaction from the knowledge that I COULD be up to skulduggery and nobody would know

  7. H

    The parks are packed here and the ground is like a quagmire thanks to all the rain so I’m sticking to the streets for the moment

  8. Paddy Mac

    Whats all this about a ban on outdoors? I was outdoors twice today and I seen loads of bodies out walking. No one told me or them about this so called ban. Sure if ye can’t go outside, ye could only go inside, and where is the sense in that?

  9. Rob_G

    Wow, eleven followers – clearly a huge groundswell of public opinion against the restrictions, there…

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