3 thoughts on “At Swim

  1. Tinytim

    Some members of my family have been daily swimmers for years; they are delighted to see more Irish realise the fantastic free facilities available to them.

    I’m curious to see the long term impact on gyms – (accepting some people want to lift weights etc) will people continue to run / exercise outdoors or will they retreat to the air conditioned palace.

    1. Col

      I am a johnny-come-lately swimmer since the Summer. It is an amazing resource.
      I go weekly and think I’ll keep it up at weekends.
      But, if we all go back to the usual grind, I’ll probably go back to the gym as well for handiness sake.

  2. Junkface

    Jesus, the winter swimming is getting very popular. It must give them a tremendous buzz. I would just freeze. Lovely scenes though, getting some exercise keeps us all sane.

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