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7 thoughts on “Done Deal

  1. Joe

    Clown Donnelly is overseeing the vaccine rollout! A total incompetent.
    He has to go before he does any more damage

  2. Micko

    Donnelly came across last night as the type of fellah who the other ministers bully.

    CB talking about the amount of jobs he has, reminds me of that new bloke in the office who’s trying to be liked and everyone dumps their work on him.

  3. Specific Gravity

    I choose to believe there is some tactical masterplan behind having this man in charge of anything, let alone dealing with one of the most impactful events in our history. I choose to believe this, and that i merely lack the skillset needed to discern the 6D chess being played, because the alternative is too damning to countenance, ie that a group of likeminded and powerful people genuinely believe this chancer is the absolute best person for his critical position and that he will steer us all through the remainder of this crisis with a combination of his expertise, communication skills, leadership, guile and nous. I choose to believe all of this, because otherwise i am fearful for the simmering rage that would boil over were the little dog to lift the curtain and reveal the reality of who we have at the wheel.

    1. Otis Blue

      At this stage I think Donnelly’s ineptitude is actually a cunning ruse to justify Robert Watt’s 80k salary increase as Sec Gen in the Dept of Health.

    2. Popobawa64

      It should be pretty obvious that FG have ducked out of all roles and responsibilities that they could take any flak for in the future. Of course Justice should be looking after the borders, but have somehow manged to get Donnelly to take it. They have also managed to lump direct provision onto Rodric O’Gorman’s lap at DCYA, as well as landing him with the fallout from Mother and Baby Homes commission. Simon Coveney’s DFA are deathly silent on the issues surrounding our travel policy and how it’s affected by the CTA, GFA and UK’s position in conjunction with the freedom of movement we are endowed with as an EU member state. Similarly, Norma Foley is getting no public support from her cabinet colleague Simon Harris and his new DHEIS, who could offer solutions around the leaving cert debacle and college admissions by engaging with the universities on the very limited and cuttroat CAO points system. Housing, again another FF TD to take the public ire before the rotating Taoiseach deftly spins his cabinet to put FG ministers in these more active role once the crisis has abated somewhat. Hardly 6D chess they are playing but a game it certainly is!

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