Obeying Orders


Kavanagh’s in New Street, Lower Clanbrassil Street, Dublin

Via Kavanagh’s pub:

As our incompetent leaky leaders in Leinster House top up their already exorbitant salaries, businesses like ours are going to the wall.

We have always been compliant with & very mindful of public health advice but after almost a full year of little or no trade it’s very evident that we’re NOT “All in this together”

We will no longer be going along with Mehole’s asking of us not to sell takeaway pints…We are open Thursday- Saturday 12.30-8pm Sunday’s from 12.30-6pm. Our delicious hot counter home cooked meals will be available for only €10 each meal.

We will also be selling Pints of Heineken & Coors for takeaway.

Unfortunately we can’t get any Guinness products as of yet because Government have a “secret” ban on Diageo suppling pub/restaurant accounts.


Kavanagh’s pub (Facebook)

Irish pubs update: Dublin boozer defies Taoiseach’s orders confirming takeaway pints reopening in scathing Micheal Martin rant (Dublin Live)


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38 thoughts on “Obeying Orders

    1. Col

      Also, how fresh would the beer be at this stage, or are they getting a new delivery from the beer companies?…

    2. Smith

      This BS correction adds completely new meaning to my comment. I’ll answer. I suppose one could, with a bottle maybe? Up the canal?

  1. Bitnboxy

    Referring to MM as “Mehole” certainly won’t help their case and will see them lumped in with certain fringe activists.

    1. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

      Nah, lots of people call him Mehole including people who are abiding by the lockdown. TBF to the landlord, if take away pints aren’t illegal, then go for it.

    1. eoin

      What’s wrong with us is we are mostly spineless fools who believe everything we are told by our compromised media and a political elite that has done nothing but lie to us constantly since the birth of the state. Italy, Denmark and Austria have all forced role backs on draconian policy over this virus. Their governments have buckled. So how necessary are the restrictions, when protest can force them to be lifted? I don’t think people fully realise the consequences of lockdowns….a Chinese policy that is not part of any Western nations pandemic preparedness protocols.

      1. Micko

        I think there is an element of spineless-ness alright Eoin. That coupled with this whole situation suiting a lot of very well off office workers and high middle management in both the public and private sector who REALLY don’t want things to go back to normal.

        And sure if I had to spend 10 hours a week commuting I probably wouldn’t want to either. Still doesn’t make it right though. That’s the career they chose.

        You’re dead right on the adoption of the CCP’s policy on lockdowns. Why the West simply through their pandemic preparedness plans out the window is beyond me tbh.

        Here’s the only HSE one I could find for dealing with an Influenza (coronavirus) pandemic.


        Seems pretty tame compared to what we did.

        1. rominick

          Well said, this won’t end until all small businesses are destroyed.
          But then “We’re all in this together”.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            and yet this guy gets his panties in a twist when it’s suggested that he’s a bit thick…

          2. Micko

            Ah sure tis a bit rich from the lad who constantly suggests that
            “communism has never really been properly tried anywhere”

            But, yeah.. I’m thick..

            x Kissies Komrade Kupcake x

          3. Micko

            Calm down there Khrushchev.

            It’s 11pm sure (child/house/washed/negative)

            Besides, you’ve got this the wrong way round there comrade…

            YOU humour ME!

            Greatly… ;)

          4. Brother Barnabas


            was hoping for another of your tales about a fellow who just happened to tell you a tale that perfectly summed up one of your simpleton theories

            maybe later

          5. Micko

            Good thinking there Marxy Marx

            I’ll check to see if he has some extra straws you can grasp at as well

            Just ta keep ya going like

            P.S I luuuuv it when you bring up posts from 2020. It’s just so you…

            You complete me BB

          6. Micko


            It’s just the three of us here tonight and Ben doesn’t like Denis Leary.

            Damn it!!! 2 on 1

            “Looks like I’m in trouble “

            Also Ben, we prefer “cat fight”. “Duel” is so last century ;)

          7. benblack

            Duel implies two combatants – I’m a mere observer.

            This is between you and BB – leave bb out of it!

            We seem to have the place to ourselves, and so, in the words of that great philosopher, Tommy Tiernan – “Let’s wreck the joint”.

          8. Micko

            If Ben stops observing us, do BB and I cease to exist? Do our waveforms collapse into themselves?

            Questions about superposition keep me super up at night.

            Let’s wreak the joint indeed Ben ;)

    2. Bitnboxy

      No sign of Ben Gilroy and his crew who were all over her yesterday and legged it when the Gardai arrived.

      Still, he turned up outside the Garda Station when the coast was clear to live stream to his “followers”.

      Absolute ghoul.

  2. johnny

    i’m not in manhattan much,took break in the country,but id do go in for meetings.
    these are held inside in a friends restaurant,which is packed with curtains closed form 10 am till late.
    full kitchen,full bar,tv’s on,tables full,place packed,invite only,he has waitlist.
    don’t know much about beauty saloons/irish pubs at moment, but everyone i know in ny is thriving,fit,healthy,hair done,mani and pedi….no one gives a fook anymore here.
    best luck with this baller move.

    1. Micko

      In Ireland you can only get your hair and beauty treatments done if you work for RTÉ. ;)

      Every night presenters come out on TV with hair and make up done and we think nothing of it.

      But if an independent business opens up doing the same, it’s a fine and getting arrested.

      Yup, we’re that fupping stupid.

      1. eoin

        Nobody will ever want to open a business that requires a premises here again, unless the state guarantees there will never be another lockdown, otherwise they face the threat of having their business shut for a year. In order for that to happen the state must admit lockdowns are a bad idea and that they were wrong. Can anyone see that happening? We will also be in debt to the EU forever as they are bailing us out currently. We are strapped to a sinking ship. The western worlds economy has now been destroyed utterly and will soon be beyond saving….and China can rise as the new super power in the world completely unopposed. I’m starting to wonder if that is the actual purpose of draconian lockdowns.

  3. Dr.Fart

    I wonder if he’d sell me a pint now. the only other time I went in to that pub he told me to leave and “go back to where I came from” even though I live 50m away.

  4. Charger Salmons

    This week has seen the start of a significant push-back against the neverending lockdown.
    Whatever you views – and mine are I don’t see much of an alternative at the moment – isn’t it glorious to see the Fighting Irish begin to rise from their stupor and show some anger at last.
    I’m a great believer in civil unrest and a dollop of anarachy.
    It’s an important part of a healthy democracy.
    I’d be happy to join these lads on the barricades and hurl some half-bricks at authority.
    It’s ages since I enjoyed a good scrap.
    Nothing beats having a set-to with some armour-clad walloper.

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