Rare Hair Here


Last Friday’s The Late Late Show on RTE One with Ian Dowling (above and top left)

Come for the corkscrew curls.

Stay for the excellent ‘finds’.

Ian Dowling, of Rare Irish Stuff writes:

If you happened to be watching ‘The Late Late Show’ on Friday you may remember me as the Man with the Lockdown Hair.

I also appeared  to display some finds (ie. whiskey vending machine, front doors of Bewley’s, Tivoli sign, etc.) and plug the first series of the TV show ‘Irish Pickers’. Ryan is a big supporter of the show.

It is essentially a road trip around Ireland in the search for quirky old items that tell the story of Ireland’s past. It is available to view on Sky on Demand and NOW TV.  I believe it is good escapism TV for the current climate and something Broadsheet readers might enjoy….

Watch ‘Irish Pickers’ here

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14 thoughts on “Rare Hair Here

    1. Cú Chulainn

      The show is an good idea nobody thought to think through, saved in part by his performance, but only in part.. could have clicked but didn’t..

  1. H

    Watched it once, did not like the way he ripped people off at all, I’ll stick to the US version where fair prices are paid

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