The City That Never Sleeps


This morning and yesterday afternoon.

Dublin city centre.


There’s been an increase in drug relapses and loneliness among homeless people during the pandemic.

A new study from Merchants Quay Ireland’s warned that rough sleepers who are struggling with mental illness and drug use, are suffering as a result of disruption to services because of Covid.

They’ve had reduced access to toilets, been unable to wash and have found the loss of in-person counselling supports difficult.

Increase in drug relapses and loneliness among homeless community (FM104)


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2 thoughts on “The City That Never Sleeps

  1. Micko

    There’s a homeless lady that’s always outside our local Spar.

    She was telling me last week that the shelter where she stays a lot of the time has just been messing her about as of late with weird openings and closures and won’t even answer the phone a lot if the time. It’s really hard for her to get a bed now.

    She may have been spinning me a yarn, but over the last year or so there are a lot more homeless folks in my area – and I’m in the suburbs.

  2. goldenbrown

    did anyone see what ex-ManU, Celtic and Stoke manager Lou Macari is up to over on “the mainland”?

    such a super simple idea, apart from the obvious it’s vital for everyone to have an address to function

    no matter what your football allegiances are I think he deserves a hat tip for this

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