The Strict Parade


Researchers have ranked the pandemic responses of 180 countries on a ‘stringency map’ by looking at how Covid restrictions have affected schools, offices, social gatherings, international travel and freedom to leave home

This morning.

Each country was scored on a scale of one to 100, with a higher figure indicating the most severe virus-controlling curbs. The numbers represented an average since the start of the pandemic.

Compared to the UK, the Republic of Ireland was the only place in Europe that had stronger lockdown rules (87.96), the study said. Ireland’s rules are similar to England’s but most construction work has been stopped and click-and-collect shopping services are not allowed.





Britain’s coronavirus lockdown is one of the toughest in the WORLD with Ireland the only stricter Western nation (Mail Online)


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25 thoughts on “The Strict Parade

  1. Chevy Chase

    Ah Bodger, whatever is about posting some GP’s who are putting their neck on their line, or other so called highly educated Project Managers but….. Colm flippin’ Parkinson?

    A man so stupid that he put out a podcast that included a part where his interviewee clearly said “This part is off the record” yet he released it fully unedited where it then caused that same person to lose that job? The same guy that yaps all the time over and over about online abuse and hands it out himself left right and centre?

    The guy hasn’t one credible bone in his body. He even got fired from Newstalk and we know the low standards they have *(Waves at Ivan Yates)*

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      I still laugh when I remember Woolberto Parkinson in his Laois Footballing days

      Only for the fact he’s a Gah head, a diva n’ a diver one at that
      I’d say Bodger & Broadsheet would have added him to the Cast now togging out here

      1. Fergalito

        Or perhaps it reflects the severity of Covid transmission, hospitalisations, deaths etc. where Ireland loosened up at Christmas and the UK dithered with its herd immunity approach?

        I don’t know, postulating only. One data-set does not make a compelling truth

      2. scottser

        Come on, its how you do lockdowns thats important. Can’t buy a pair of shoes for your kid, but a bottle of whiskey is no problem. Restrict movement to 5k but allow anybody to enter the country no problem. Lift restrictions over Xmas but don’t ramp up testing. The list of incompetencies and management failures is pretty staggering, its no wonder that space gets filled with idiots.

    1. Rob_G

      Maybe because, while the rest of Europe was going into lockdown, the UK was still having horse racing festivals and Stereophonics concerts. The disproportionately-large death toll is a consequence of Boris’s dithering.

  2. joe

    It must be very frustrating for the poor souls who rage impotently against the current lockdown. Despite all of the evidence that lockdowns work and the majority want a stricter lockdown including quarantine for arrivals into the country. The same poor souls remind me of the drunks with the carrier bags waving their bottle of alcohol shouting at the passing traffic full of useless rage that achieves nothing at all.
    P.s. quoting the likes of Colm Parkinson is akin to quoting Bart Simpson on Quantum thermodynamics ;)

    1. gallantman

      Totally agree. If you focus solely on Covid-19 infections then indeed Lockdowns Work. 100%.
      However broaden your perspective to include I dunno- a surge in psychiatric referrals, domestic violence, cancer screening, alchoholism, loneliness, deaths of despair ,obesity, educational needs, economic devastion…. inter alia- the picture is less clear.

    2. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

      “Despite all of the evidence that lockdowns work”

      Now that is a crude statement and typical of our unquestioning nation. That’s like saying all the tablets work or all the shoes fit. They do when you use them properly. Our problem here (in Ireland) has been that very same crudeness of application.

      Simply using the word “Lockdown” doesn’t work. We’ve done the easy (and quite frankly often unnecessary) lockdown stuff – closed schools, 5k travel restrictions – shutting retail – while, simultaneously, the powers that request such limitations from us fall flat on their face. Hopeless track and trace etc. The hapless serfdom of Paddy has been bewildering. Its like questioning any of this marks you out as a covid denier/leftie/right wing/ populist/lunatic conspiracy theorist! Like cop the fup on here. We’re closed for how long yet we’ve how many cases and how many dead? Yeah – “Lockdowns work”

  3. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

    Which begs the question:

    Why so many sick and dead people?

    Lumbering slow moving civil servants and government with an inability to act, change, creatively think or visualise solutions to simply day to day needs. Nope, our bunch of ‘ headin down home for the weekend’ simpletons just ignorantly shut everything and that’s that. Collect 1% pay rise, feel no long term effects from their crude decision making and everyone who questions their apocalyptically poor decision making is essentially mad! We’ve definitely been sold a pup (no pun intended) on this one.

    1. Milk teeth

      I don’t think that’s right. You look at “free thinker” “shake it up” Cummings in the UK. As soon as he went the UKs response got markedly better. I get the feeling that was because they started listening to actual experts instead of self certified experts

      1. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

        Oh absolutely, I agree. Its just that there seems to be different levels of ability within the so called “experts” Why have we such a bad return here with such a long lockdown. It’s unquestionable that we’re doing something wrong. Before you ask the populous to sacrifice any more of their freedoms surely we should be asking questions about the abilities of our experts, their advice and the application – or lack of – the application of that same advice! Where are these short comings? We are not getting the return for our, frankly, hugely restrictive and damaging lockdown.

  4. paul

    Strict lockdowns are one thing, a populations willingness to follow the rules and the states willingness to enforce the rules are another.

  5. Bitnboxy

    Is Colm Parkinson really in any position to be slurring others as bullsheeters?!

    Aside from the fact that it has been made clear the country is not and to be frank, cannot, pursue a zero Covid strategy à la Oz and NZL, this ape up on his on a soapbox full of attention-seeking fake swivel-eyed indignation about something which is not happening.

    Let’s face it, in normal times, he’d be nothing more than a pub bore, angry about everything and anything and given a wide berth by regulars but still capable of sucking in the unsuspecting and uninitiated.

  6. Johnny

    …when you have a third world health care system,but a sense of entitlement for a first class one,reality bites.

    1. johnny

      .. at this point if your fit healthy,with what less than 5,000 deaths attributed to covid most in their 80/90’s,your not questioning the nurses taking over and running the country,your captured.
      -500,000 dead in states,Cuomo looking like pol pot with nursing homes and no one,no one really cares about these old dead people,do you ?
      we want to get back to LIVING.

  7. gallantman

    A saw where the Taoiseach said “..mass vaccinations now our only way out of Lockdowns”…ergo if a vaccine hadn’t come along we’d have lived like this forever.

  8. Gabby

    These league tables show that the Fighting Irish are beating other countries at something or other. The liberal Swedes and the carefree Italians are on another planet altogether. Who are they beating?

  9. johnny

    -the virus is here to stay.
    make it manageable,its not going away nor to zero,risk elimination is pointless and impossible.

    “In January, Nature asked more than 100 immunologists, infectious-disease researchers and virologists working on the coronavirus whether it could be eradicated. Almost 90% of respondents think that the coronavirus will become endemic — meaning that it will continue to circulate in pockets of the global population for years to come (see ‘Endemic future’).”

  10. ce

    “its not going away nor to zero” – cause we made a mess of dealing with it.
    Managing it will involve pointless wastes of money and restrictions on your ability to do many of the things you could do before Covid… well done one and all humans

    Lesson from Covid…can’t half fight a war… lucky it wasn’t ebola…

  11. Micko

    So many different answers and ideas abound on why lockdowns may or not have worked.

    Maybe, just maybe we’re not smart enough to figure this out? How can we really understand how to stop it a virus from spreading in the general population?

    Maybe all this blaming each other and comparing countries is the real problem?

    “You do not measure the depth of a universal mystery with the neural network of a primate.” – Terence McKenna.

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