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Toner’s Yard at Toner’s Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

Orla asks:

What other pubs with decent beer gardens are there in Dublin [that are currently open]?



Enjoy art?

Fancy a coffee?

‘Broadsheet on the Telly‘s Luke Brennan writes:

My brother animator and visual artist Fergal is showing some work in the Fumbally Cafe [Fumbally Lane, Merchant’s Quay, Dublin 8]this week.

Due to restrictions, he won’t be able to have an opening, but anyone passing might like a look!

His work can be seen on Instagram here….

Lockdown Drawings by Fergal Brennan, Fumbally Cafe, Dublin 8  September 23-28 2

This morning.

PUP will now be open to new entrants to the end of the year.

No restrictions on people coming into country.

More as we get it.


This morning.

Ahead of a government announcement on rona restrictions….

The plan breaks down the threat of Covid-19 on society into five parts from now until late spring.

Level one would involve the least amount of restrictions but level five would be akin to the shutdown of last March. Level three would be broadly similar to the restrictions imposed on Kildare, Laois and Offaly in August.

…The Minister for Health has said that the new measures in the Government’s Covid-19 plan will come into effect from midnight.

Stephen Donnelly said that the virus is growing fast and we need to react accordingly.

Risk-rating Covid-19 plan to be published (RTÉ)


Saturday’s rally against covid restrictions; Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence Simon Coveney.

A tiny minority.

Who MUST be silenced.

This morning.

On Pat Kenny’s Newstalk Show.

Further to Muzzlegate

“This is a difficult balancing act, I have to say that the people who were involved in that protest do not represent a majority review, in fact they represent a very, very small minority view.

“It is very unwelcome that people are foolhardy enough to think that they can ignore all of the public health advice, all of the doctors that are repeating the message over and over again, of our national public health team at Nphet, and the Minister for Health and the Government messages, they’re ignoring all of that because they see conspiracies in everything, and they just demand the freedom to walk around without restrictions — that is a tiny minority view.”

“I am not happy, most of the people who saw that demonstration on television would have been angered by it, that’s why I’m saying that the Government needs to try to get the balance right between the right to protest and be heard and the law and the regulations and guidelines that we have to protect the public

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence Simon Coveney

Covid-19: Government to discuss right to protest, says Coveney (Irish Times)

Saturday: We Will Not Be Muzzled





From top: Fine Gael HQ; Department of Health and O’Neill’s, Suffolk Street, Dublin 2

Ah here.

This afternoon

South Dublin city.

A mobile billboard calling for the reopening of pubs that do not serve food and targeting the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Commissioned by ‘Monaghan Publicans for Common Sense’.

Not to be confused with that ‘Monaghan Publicans for Inanity’ mob

Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

Protest in Berlin against Covid-19 restrictions; German Health Minister Jens Spahn 

This morning.

Germany will not need another national lockdown over the winter, says the country’s Health Minister Jens Spahn who also admitted Berlin’s lockdown was “too harsh”.

Via irish Times:

Germany should not have closed shops and hairdressers in the coronavirus lockdown, its health minister has admitted, triggering demands for an inquiry into decisions taken early on in the pandemic.

Federal health minister Jens Spahn’s admission that Berlin’s lockdown was too harsh has surprised many and infuriated those hit hardest by the shutdown.

The remarks will be grist to the mill of the 40,000 people who demonstrated in Berlin at the weekend against ongoing Covid-19 restrictions as overblown.

“With the knowledge of today, I can tell you no hairdressers would have to close and no shops,” he said. “That will not happen again. We won’t need visitor bans in care homes, either.”

German lockdown was too harsh says health minister (Derek Scally, Irish Times)



Via The Guardian:

Victoria police is facing criticism for its arrest of a 28-year-old pregnant woman in her Ballarat home on Wednesday over a Facebook post, with the Victorian Bar labelling it “disproportionate”.

The criticism comes after the assistant police commissioner, Luke Cornelius, defended the arrest, saying officers acted “reasonably”.

Cornelius admitted that the arrest of a pregnant woman made for “terrible optics”, but defended the heavy-handed approach, warning that hundreds of officers would be deployed to make arrests on the weekend.

Victorian Bar criticises arrest of pregnant woman for Facebook lockdown protest post as ‘disproportionate’ (The Guardian)

From top: Covid-19 Isolation and Step Down Facility in the Conference Centre at Citywest Hotel Dublin on March 29; Former Attorney General and ex-Minister for Justice Michael McDowell

This morning.

Via Michael McDowell in The Irish Times:

We haven’t really heard as to whether the HSE has increased the availability of intensive care capacity and secured additional supplies of ventilators and personal protective equipment.

Have they trained additional personnel in the meantime?

Is the emergency facility in Citywest still on stand-by?

Are the once-sequestered private hospitals still available on a contingency basis?

In other words, have we radically improved our hospital services so as to counter any second wave of Covid-19 or are our hospitals more or less still in the same position as they were in mid-March?

If not, why not?

Do the recent upticks in community transmissions really represent an existential threat to the HSE’s capacity to deal with the virus?

The fatality rate, the hospitalisation rate and the rate of admission of Covid-19 patients into intensive care do not, as of now, appear to be in crisis.


The pandemic cannot be blithely dismissed as a problem of the “capitalist system” or as a good opportunity to create a utopian different society – it is an economic crisis which challenges the poor, the middle class and the wealthy alike. But people are economically vulnerable as well as being vulnerable to infection.

Michael McDowell: Public will not endure another lockdown (Irish Times)


Stuck in LOKdown?

Bring the boozer to you.

Dublin-based Rascal Brewing Company write:

We are offering FREE DELIVERY on beer orders to anyone in the beautiful counties of Laois, Offaly and Kildare. Sod the LOKdown and treat yourself to some Rascals beers; we’ll treat you the delivery charge.

In fairness

Rascal Beers (Rascal Brewing Company)