Let’s Go Outside


This evening.

Grand Canald Dock, Dublin 2

Anon writes:

Just sitting down on bench in the open air at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre Quite a few here enjoying the mild weather. Finally, the chance to spend some time outdoors. Cops descended and ordered everyone to clear the area. Quite aggressive. Unbelievable.

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33 thoughts on “Let’s Go Outside

  1. K.Cavan

    Clearly, the authorities haven’t got the nous to try to make this poo workable. It’s not impossible for people to be outdoors safely, so why deny people the great outdoors? It would make this a tiny bit more bearable & postpone the day when people will not be able to take it anymore. I wasn’t a great fan of the Gardai, anyway, too rude, thuggush & stupid too often, for my liking but I’m still absolutely disgusted at their lack of common sense in this.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        I don’t think you understand what fascism is. Either that or you’re wildly exaggerating to suit your own purposes.

        1. benblack

          Don’t burst Millie’s bubble and world view.

          Are you blind?

          A buggy-pushing hopeful – my child will achieve what I could not.

          The world needs to be safe and normal.

          1. benblack

            Comes across that way to me – understandable, though.

            It’s the fact that you can’t/won’t see it, is what annoys me.

          2. millie bobby brownie

            I’m a pedant at heart. All I want is for people to use words correctly.

            And the actions of the Gardaí pictured, like it or not, is not fascism. Heavy handed? Yes. Totalitarian even? Yes, arguably. Fascist, it is not.

          3. Clampers Outside

            Ah now… I wouldn’t even say ‘heavy handed’… All cops pictured have their hands either in their pockets or snuggled under their vests :)

          4. Clampers Outside

            I’m only pokin’ fun a yway Millie.

            Hope you get a chance yourself to get in the good weather promised tomorrow :)

          5. benblack

            Yet you failed to acknowledge that heavy-handedness and totalitarianism in your original comment and hid behind the false attribution and excuse of pedantry that – you hope – excuses you from further engagement.

          6. millie bobby brownie

            By all means draw your own conclusions, ben.

            I don’t think the actions of the Gardaí here could in any way be construed as fascist, and it’s Frank’s (incorrect) use of the word I take issue with. Words have weight and power.

            The response is heavy handed, but the behaviour of the Gardaí present is not. Hope that’s clear enough for you.

          7. benblack

            A country’s police force could never be described as fascist – the laws they implement and enforce, however, are justifiably called such.

            Coupled with a weak and fearful citizenry.

  2. goldenbrown

    well…there’s 2 fairly obvious house parties happening right now a couple of doors down from me

    everyone was out and about earlier today in the fine weather meeting up, gangs of kids and large groups of adults with fupp-all masks, I definitely picked up on a different atmosphere

    not a Guard in sight

    I think there’s definitely going to be a two fingers to the Govt this weekend

      1. Clampers Outside

        Take pics and send them in, and I’d bet *spits in hand* they would be posted as has been done before :)

  3. Charger Salmons

    Lady Charger and I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon – we took a blanket, a bottle of something chilled and a couple of combustibles down to the lower orchard and pretended it was summer.
    Not sure loitering around a rusty bike-infested canal being bothered by scummy scobes is our idea of fun.
    Each to their own I suppose.

  4. Diddy

    The whole thing is unraveling. Lockdown? Meltdown. You can’t keep people locked up forever. Especially the young. It’s abusive.

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