8 thoughts on “Hicksville

    1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

      He is indeed Ben.
      Farrell is a sound gentleman who has a sincerity about him.
      He loves Ireland

  1. Andrew

    Good grief, the only thing more boring than a ‘comedian’ are those that bang on about how ‘important’ a comedian is/was.
    The Bill Hicks hagiography is as old and tired as the hills.
    Bore off!

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I have a suspicion that all of the games shows in the UK are produced in one long building that has various ‘show’ rooms and a system of conveyors that move every hour and disperses the ‘comedians’ and ‘celebrities’ throughout the day to different shows. That’s why you get the same faces on almost every such show.
      Here in Ireland, RTE can’t afford such a system, so the ‘comedians and celebrities’ pick a number whenever they visit the RTE canteen.

    2. John Ryan

      Andrew, in our defence, almost impossible to not sound wanky in these circumstances. Mally cruelly highlighted this by reciting three poems about masturbation.

      1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

        It was a glorified verbal wankaton.
        If Mally was going to introduce a poem called William Wankinton and declare it as part of a trilogy the least curious is intrigued straight away.
        He got it all out in the end.

        Bill would have laughed, I’m sure.

        Thanks to all

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