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  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Big Jabberoony Milestone™ ( 20 Million Edition )

    More than 20 million people in UK have now received their first Covid jab, as new evidence shows just one shot of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine gives 90% protection against hospitalization or death.
    Think about that number.
    20 million.
    That’s 20 million glass phials of vaccine.
    20 million needles and syringes.
    20 million seats that are wiped down each time someone receives a jab and gets up to walk into the 15-minute observation area.
    Where another 20 million seats are disinfected once they leave.
    With 20 million stickers to say they’ve had the jab.
    And 20 million cards they’re given with information about the date, time and name of vaccine they’ve received.
    And 20 million thank-yous to the unpaid volunteers manning each vaccination centre, many of whom haven’t had the vaccine themselves.
    And that 20 million is still only about a third of the way through the UK population and when they’re all jabbed the whole process has to be repeated again another 60 million times.
    But still.
    20 million.
    In a couple of months.
    So imagine the enormous mountain that most of the rest of Europe still has to climb.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Psycho seagulls or socks in sandals ? In terms for scaring the population at large… I think the socks might have it.. the Star might be on to something here, ‘cos the ghosts didn’t seem to hit the spot… thoughts on an envelope…

    2. Charger Salmons

      I don’t like to say I told you but I really did tell you.
      On today’s menu a dose of humble pie with a side order of sourkraut and frogs legs.

      ” German health advisers signal end of Oxford/AstraZeneca age restrictions
      Similar move expected in France as EU governments come under pressure to clear stockpile of unused doses ”


        1. Charger Salmons

          I’m merely a humble purveyor of the truth guv’nor.
          Single-handedly trying to inform and educate posters exhibiting clear symptons of Ireland’s declining educational standards.
          It’s the confused look on their faces when confronted with uncomfortable facts which is the saddest aspect.
          I do the best I can to help them out of their slough of despond.

      1. Charger Salmons

        More on the ongoing omnishambles that is the European vaccine roll-out programme.
        Slower than Brigitte Macron with her zimmerframe heading down the the Champs-Élysées on a shopping trip.
        This from the FT’s Wolfgang Munchau

        ” The European vaccines story falls in the category of hopeless and serious – but not fast-moving. The lack of progress that was there last week, is still there this week, and won’t be resolved for months to come. There are three categories of problems for European countries: lack of supplies, hoarding of AstraZeneca vaccines following an official smear campaign and logistical difficulties.

        Germany got only 18m vaccines in Q1, to be followed by 77m in Q2. That’s enough for less than half the population. Another 127m are due to arrive in Q3. If they can administer them in time – which is not a given – some degree of herd immunity should be reached in the late summer.

        All of the EU countries grapple with unused vaccines. In Germany a third is unused, unsurprisingly because people don’t want AstraZeneca. The German authorities are now considering ending the ban of the vaccine for the over-65 year olds. The prime ministers of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and Saxony have called for unused AstraZeneca vaccines to be given to younger people ahead of schedule.

        The other issue is distribution. The German government has still not done the work to get the vaccines to doctors and pharmacies. Some states have unrolled their own schemes, but without coordination. They will eventually organise themselves, but we are probably not on the fastest track possible.

        The situation in France is almost exactly the same as in Germany. CovidTracker reported yesterday that while France has received more than 1m doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, it has administered less than 250,000 so far. Observers are asking why the country is sitting on such a large stockpile. After a concerted smear campaign, we not surprised.”


        1. Papi

          Fat sumo wrestler adds a boring contribution again.
          You’re more interesting when you’re in diabetic shock.
          And about as funny.

    3. Geraldo

      The trouble in dublin at the weekend really showed up how untrained and ill equipped the Gardai are.

      No cctv monitoring, no preemptive arrests. The moron with rhe firework could be seen for some time before he launched it and any police force worh their salt would have stopped this happening, or does it suit givernment to.let it happen.

      Remember the water protests? Government with the qssistance of rte/der sturmer did their damnest to protray protestors are subversives

      1. Charlie

        They’re about as trained as the lads in the US. Remember an aul recent protest there where a mob walked straight into the White House? The only people who could see that idiot making his way to the front was the people around him. You’re seeing it from a rooftop. Unfortunately there’s plenty more knuckle draggers like him and not all are kids.

      2. Junkface

        It was a right crowd of eejits from the video I saw. It’s hard to prepare for whatever they might throw at the Gards. The fireworks though, aimed at a Gards face is very dangerous. I hope they catch the guy. So this group were mainly right wing conspiracy nuts by the looks of it. How come Gemtrails and J-Dog didn’t show up?

      3. Andrew

        I’m just amazed that they didn’t catch that lad with the firework. Other than that, there will be more of this, I’ve no doubt.
        It’s curious also to see the great lengths gone to distance the far left from this. Why the fuss?

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          like the Nazi salute guy that still hasn’t been I.D’ed
          (afaik anyway – I prefer to mess around on the internet & the twitter, all that track n’ tracing snooping digging lark I leave to the hard hats and qnuts)

          Bit iffy alright that there isn’t an establishment Fraper getting something trending around this lad

    4. Kingfisher

      Wouldn’t 20 million vaccines (single doses of vaccine?) actually mean… 3.2 million vials, given there’s 6 doses per vial? Excellent going, though, yes.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Ah, you’re quite right.
        But in my defence strong drink had been taken at the time and I got carried away with my own verbosity.
        I’m overwhelmed with chagrin.

    5. Charger Salmons

      News to warm the cockles of your heart.
      Remember Nicolas Sarkozy ? How could you forget him – he personally threatened Ireland with all manner of retribrution if you didn’t change your mind and vote Yes in the second Libson Treaty.
      Anyway. let’s not bring up those unhappy memories.
      But cheer the news that a Paris court has convicted the French former president of corruption and sentenced him to one year in prison.
      Apparently the first time a French head of state has been imprisoned since Nazi collaborator Marshall Philippe Pétain had his death sentence reviewed after the war.

      1. Charger Salmons

        It can only be a matter of time before Napoleon Macron is charged with grave-robbing …

    6. Charger Salmons

      What’s that you say ?
      You want another opinion poll ?
      Okie dokie.
      Tories now 8 points clear of Labour.
      Sir Kneel-a-lot’s guitar is gently weeping …

      Westminster voting intention:

      CON: 42% (+3)
      LAB: 34% (+1)
      LDEM: 7% (-2)
      GRN: 6% (-1)

      via @Survation
      , 23 – 25 Feb
      Chgs. w/ 06 Feb

  2. Tinytim

    Welcome to spring everyone! Except those that wrongly think that it started last month, or near 20/21 of this month.

    Top tip: don’t eat yellow lamb!
    the fat on spring lamb is a weird yellow if it’s done most of its growing (eating) indoors; the meat is 2nd rate at best.

    1. dav

      “In the US and UK, spring months are March, April, and May.[1][2]
      In Australia[3] and New Zealand,[4][5] spring begins on 1 September and ends on 30 November
      In Ireland, following the Gaelic calendar, spring is often defined as February, March, and April.[6][7]

      In Sweden, meteorologists define the beginning of spring as the first occasion on which the average 24 hours temperature exceeds zero degrees Celsius for seven consecutive days, thus the date varies with latitude and elevation.
      In Brazil, spring months are September, October, November, and December. “

      1. :-Joe

        Ye sure it’s the most widely followed but according to the Celtic Tree calendar we are in the Ash Moon phase…

        Either way, we should definitely dump the ridiculously abstract gregorian calendar nonsense and follow the moon-phase 13-month cycle again instead that’s more in line with scienctific knowledge for an easier life dealing with dates in many different practical ways.

        Most of all, it would encourage a closer human connection to the natural world/ wider universe which would also lead to better mental health overall.
        – Maybe even having and speaking our own language might become a popular interest or a historical tradition worthy of respect again too.


  3. Charlie

    Ireland’s resounding victory over the Italians impressive but they’ve got a way to go. England get thumped again. Lots of sunshine. All in all a most enjoyable weekend. Have a nice week y’all x

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