Cherishing All The Children Equally


Staying in Wednesday?

Laura Fitzgerald writes:

RTÉ Investigates tells the story of some of the thousands of children who were illegally adopted in Ireland. How despite being alerted to the issue the authorities did little to intervene. How many decades later those children, now adults, still battle bureaucracy to find their true identities….

RTÉ Investigates: Ireland’s Illegal Adoptions on RTE One at 9.35pm on Wednesday.

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One thought on “Cherishing All The Children Equally

  1. Eunan Duffy

    Lets hope this is also further substantive evidence of the systemic and systematic human trafficking facilitated by State, Churches, private adoption agents, GPs, legal professionals on an inter-country basis of which illegal/forced adoptions form part of the nefarious nexus. Inter-generational legacy being one of many consequences. Some of those adopted will never know of their status, a cohort of those enforced disappearances…never to be known…an existence untraceable. The grave of an unknown soldier acknowledges greater being.

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