23 thoughts on “*drool*

  1. Niall

    What’s the meat* that is added just before the chicken.

    *assuming that this was once part of an animal

      1. Junkface

        Ha haha! Nice.

        I thought, at a glance it was seaweed at first. Then I watched the video. Ugh.

    1. Stephen

      Lamb, its doner kebab strips they have pre-cut, impressive to get them that long tbh
      Not sure about the curry sauce but otherwise tasty.
      My local does a single serve version of this, with some other extras, Mixed meat kebab tray, far easier to eat than an actual kebab.

  2. missred

    That looked vaguely appetising until they got to the meat bit. It’s like the equivalent of shoving in potato peelings instead of actual spuds, didn’t think you could fry sausage casings on their own

  3. Jonboy

    Are these videos just made to annoy people? I keep seeing more and more gross food piled on top of each other in a competition to see who can make the biggest pile of dog-poo.

    Even if this wasn’t a disgusting 15″ mess, who would seriously eat cheese with curry sauce?

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