The Aurora Tree


Behold: a rather beautiful visual coincidence: the dark branches of a tree and the light of a distant aurora. To wit:

The beauty of the aurora — combined with how it seemed to mimic a tree right nearby — mesmerized the photographer to such a degree that he momentarily forgot to take pictures. When viewed at the right angle, it seemed that this tree had aurora for leaves. Fortunately, before the aurora morphed into a different overall shape, he came to his senses and capture the awe-inspiring momentary coincidence. Typically triggered by solar explosions, aurora are caused by high energy electrons impacting the Earth’s atmosphere around 150 kilometers up. The unusual Earth-sky collaboration was witnessed in March of 2017 in Iceland.

(Image: Alyn Wallace)


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One thought on “The Aurora Tree

  1. benblack

    Cool story, bro.

    We just don’t have the technological know-how to create that digitally.

    BTW, there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

    Harry’s colour enhanced photos, anyone?

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