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Anon writes:

Sky Comedy repeating Groundhog Day all day today until 4.45am.

In fairness.

The groundhog hath spoken! Welcome to six more weeks of winter (CNN)

A meticulously rendered composite night-and-day ‘Little Planet’ image shot during the recent solar eclipse by Stephane Vetter at a single location near Magone Lake in Oregon.

All is explained here.




Weather permitting.

MintyArsenic writes:

TWO years worth of timelapse footage from around Ireland of the Milkyway, Auroras, meteors and heavy, thick reliable Irish cloud

Track: M83 – Outro

The Lumiescent Irish Skies  Gallery

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 02.07.24

Last night.

During ‘de papers’ section of Sky News.

Owen Jones, a columnist with The Guardian, walked out of Sky News studio as he discussed the newspaper coverage of the attack in Orlando, Florida with Mark Longhurst and Julia Hartley-Brewer.

17371473345_be815063d0_k moon-2
A long (37 minute) exposure of the moon passing across the sky by Finnish photographer Janne. Petapixel’s Michael Zhang explains:

Janne was shooting with a Nikon D800 and 100-300mm lens at 300mm, f/8, and ISO 100. The trick behind the shot was a 10-stop neutral density filter, which greatly cut down the amount of light hitting the sensor and allowed Janne to shoot a 2258-second exposure.