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      1. Papi

        I’m a terrible fan of Napoleonkake, if you know it. I’ll have some of that with a nice cup of coffee.

          1. Papi

            Oh, my significant other, the queen that she is, is a baker extrordinaire, and does the most amazing breads and cakes. Her bløtkake with tons of fruit and chocolate and hazelnuts on top is fricking delicious.

  1. Charger Salmons

    Anyone remotely interested in grand political theatre should direct their gaze towards Scotland today where First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is suddenly fighting for her political life.
    Her appearance before an inquiry into her government’s handling of the Alex Salmond sexual assault case where he was not guilty will be dynamite.
    Bombshell revelations on Tuesday paint a picture of her government wilfully intent on destroying Salmond’s reputation and engaged in a dishonest cover-up of its actions.
    Extraordinarily this has received hardly any attention in the Irish media – not something you would imagine happening were the leader of NI or England in a similar position.
    I wonder why …


      1. scundered

        Why not debate the guy, instead of just throwing insults? I assume you have a counter point?

        1. Nigel

          Debate CS? Are you new here? CS is not one for the fierce clash of wits and intellect that mark proper debates. At the slighetst hint of challenege CS will change the subject, engage in racist insults and copy-paste a long, complex and largely irrelevant diatribe about the media from someone cleverer than himself. The Guardian always smells of patchouli, whatever that is, apparently.

          1. scundered

            No I am not new here, I have spoken to you many times and not that long ago.

            Whatever the truth is, debate is what the comments section should be about, this isn’t Youtube

          2. Papi

            Today is Janets day.
            I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world my friend.

          3. Scundered

            What value do you think just insulting people brings to this page? Seriously though, it could be so much more interesting if you would prove why your opponent is wrong.

          4. Nigel

            Comments should certainly be all about debate and ‘the bants.’ CS is not conducive to either.

          5. Papi

            Today is Janets day. All the love in the world to you, brothers and sisters and all in between.

        2. Charger Salmons

          Indeed scundered.
          Weeks of abuse after I printed a daily comparison of the UK and Irish vaccination figures and hardly anyone could put their molecular-sized brain to good use to wonder why Ireland’s progress was so lamentable.
          I can only come to the conclusion that their unwillingness to confront the issues facing them and resorting to vitriol instead is the very reason successive Irish governments have got away with treating their citizens as cattle fodder.
          There’s some fascinating stuff coming out of Scotland today – Nicola Sturgeon is currently asking people to believe her claims that she was unaware of 30 harrassment claims against five other SNP ministers.

          1. Charger Salmons

            I’m struck also by one aspect of the similairity between the SNP government and successive Irish governments.
            The Scottish media is as craven and intimidated by the SNP as most Irish hacks are about those in power here.
            BBC Scotland – Sturgeon’s RTE – is the SNP’s broadcasting wing and such is the Nationalists’ power that most of the rest of the media simply fall in line behind the message of independence.
            Their excesses are only beginning to come to light now after the English media did the donkey work that should have been done north of Hardian’s Wall.
            The Spectator had to go to court to get Salmond’s affidavit made public and even then the SNP tried to wriggle its way out of that.The Scottish media remained silent.
            Sturgeon and her cohorts have got away with avoiding serious questions about her appalling record on healthcare, education, policing and the economy by wrapping themselves in the Saltire.
            In much the same way as Ireland’s media see themselves as proud patriots and noble EU supporters rather than aggressive and questioning attack dogs.
            Which is what they should be.

  2. Charger Salmons

    It gives me immense pleasure to note that the Irish Times has finally caught up with what I’ve been saying about the EU vaccine procurement and roll-out on here for several months.
    Naturally it erroneously blames Big Pharma as the main culprit but the fact it is even considering apportioning some blame to the EU is progress of sorts.


        1. Charger Salmons

          Is this going to be an attempt to beat your record of every one of your 31 posts in a single day all about me ?
          I do hope so.
          Watching an internet meltdown is such fun.

          Heh x goforitchamp


          1. Papi

            You can count? On top of the racism, misogyny and bigotry?
            There really is nothing in your lonely sad existence except bags of cans, is there?
            Ah, bless.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Interesting story coming out of Germany via mass-circulation magazine BILD where a leading doctor reports that more than 90 per cent of severely ill coronavirus patients in Germany have a ‘migrant background’ , with many being ‘ patients with communications barriers’.
        Communicating the message about social distancing,mask wearing and hand hygiene is clearly a common problem – in the UK the area around Leicester with its large Asian population stubbornly remains the centre of the highest Covid infection rate.
        Likewise health chiefs are alarmed at the slow uptake of vaccines among the country’s BAME population and are committing a large amount of extra resources to tackle the problem.


        1. Papi

          Today is Janets day.
          I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world my friend.

          1. Papi

            How terribly, awfully sincere of you.
            If anyone asks again why we hate charger, it’s this.
            You vermin.
            You total waste.
            You loser.

          2. Papi

            No, we pretty much think he’s a loser all the time.
            J’s wee one will be along shortly though.

  3. eoin

    Meanwhile, as Ireland/EU cuts it’s own throat with lockdowns and covid passports….Texas has just opened everything up. Gov Abbott says they’re opening up ‘EVERYTHING’ 100%. Getting rid of mask mandates too.

    1. dav

      yes, texas is the example to follow…
      “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently called for the firing of an eighth-grade social studies teacher amid renewed controversy over police brutality. The Wylie, Tex., middle school teacher assigned a political cartoon to illustrate historical links between slavery and KKK violence and the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Abbott took to Twitter, calling for the teacher’s dismissal and outright denying any historical connections between slavery, Jim Crow and modern-day police brutality. The governor added this connection was “the opposite of what must be taught” in Texas history classrooms.
      Jonathan S. Jones is a historian of the US Civil War Era. A native Texan and former Texas public school teacher, Jones is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Penn State’s Richards Civil War Era Center. “

      1. f_lawless

        Hardly paving the way. Texas is just following the lead of the likes of Florida who lifted their Covid restrictions as far back as September. Also, there’s now apparently a total of 16 US states which have either rolled back on mask mandates or never imposed them in the first place

        1. V aka Frilly Keane


          I’m still sticking with what Anders Tegnell said himself about how Covid 19 was managed
          “Judge me in the end”

          everyone is still a long ways out from deciding who was right
          and who was wrong

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Fair enough

            But I’ll be holding back until all this is over before deciding who or what is doing all the killing
            And what is the final cost
            And the final toll

            Ok with ye lads?

            Although it’s fair to say
            That I just want it to be over

    1. Andrew

      One less snout in the trough. A better idea would be to close Radio 2 or whatever it’s called these days

  4. goldenbrown

    “GAA not contacted about 2030 World Cup bid”

    hm. now why would that be?

    because it’s a written on the back of a box of fags pure Boristunnel spin vehicle designed to distract you, a fantasy jackanory, that’s why.

    yesterday RTE’s evening news slot managed to fill your air for 18 mins with this intangible yet exciting non-story v’s just 3 mins spent on this:

    why is AIB buying Goodbody again more important than a fluff piece on a something something world cup bid? because it’s a fairly screwy deal that has the curious side effect of ending the ban on bank bonuses for your upper crust bankers, all while Paschal casually announces a €14 Billion and counting deficit

    sure we be grand, Jackies Army, ole ole ole

    next up: Ireland to send mission to Mars in 2050

    1. bisted

      …first thing I thought of when I heard the World Cup story was what are they hiding…the restoration of bankers bonuses…thanks goldenbrown…hidden in plain sight by sweet talk Paschal…

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      In case ye haven’t noticed RTÉ are gun shy at the mere mention of an Irish Bank
      That’s why they leave it up to Brian Hayes so much

      If anyone cares for my opinion
      I don’t think AIB should be permitted expand their business until their own house is in order – Prove they know how to run the business they already have first
      Plus three years of steady trading with an unimpeachable regulatory reserve being proved in their Prudential Returns for the same period

      As for the bonuses
      What makes ye think they weren’t already being dished out anyway
      Loads of ways to top up a lad’s wages

      1. goldenbrown

        As for the bonuses….

        you mean like €100 odd million?


        2011 – AIB forced to sell Goodbody as it went through a restructuring plan tied to it’s taxpayer bailout (that’s US) for €24 million

        2021 – AIB buys Goodbody which is currently 51% owned by Kerry-based financial services firm Fexco, 49% management and certain notable staff including one Mr Roy Barrett (he of the “interest-free” loans farce) = €138 million

        138 – 24 = €114 million profit

        pretty sweet for a small cabal of lads who WE bailed out 10 years ago wouldn’t ya say?

        corrupt as fupp

  5. Charger Salmons

    What’s not to like ?
    As host countries automatically qualify for the competition this could be Ireland’s only chance of ever playing in a World Cup again …



      1. Charger Salmons

        I certainly hope so but alas I fear not.
        Those local authorities will continue to be a drain on the English powerhouse.
        Will you not at least take NI off our hands ?
        You’ve been snivelling about it for years …

        1. bisted

          …take the six counties of your hands…politically yes…financially, no chance…it’s payback time for the North…blighty and the free-staters who sold out a century ago…and the Yanks…and the EU will be very pleased to contribute…

          1. Charger Salmons

            Unfortunately one comes with the other.
            I doubt you’ll find a single Tan on the mainland complaining if you take them off our hands.
            You won’t, of course.
            Too much like hard work when there are pints to be drunk.
            ‘Twas ever thus.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      but does that even matter ?

      isnt it more fun to watch the little englanders as their gentle hope builds to haughty chest-thumping expectation before they get dropped on their ar ses again in the knockout stage ?

      that’s real sport


    2. dav

      yes the fans can travel over from Scotland to ni on borris’s unicorn bridge.
      shameful that our government is giving oxygen to this – how many millions will be wasted on glossy reports and marketing? the money would be better spent on reforming the FAI and on football in the country.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Ireland could always play their legendary 33rd Team wild card again for the lolz.
        Even disgraced Sepp Blatter is still chuckling over that one.

  6. f_lawless

    Interesting reporting from Arutz Sheva, Israel’s long-running news outlet:

    ‘A front-page article appeared in the FranceSoir newspaper about findings on the Nakim website regarding what some experts are calling “the high mortality caused by the vaccine.”

    The paper interviews Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit’s Dr. Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ about their research and data analysis. They claim that Pfizer’s shot causes “mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine, and dozens of times more in the elderly, when the documented mortality from coronavirus is in the vicinity of the vaccine dose, thus adding greater mortality from heart attack, stroke, etc.”

  7. johnny

    ah now trinners,PATRON pleassssssse.

    “In addition to founding Digicel Group, Mr O’Brien is the founder and a patron …

    -missed this,ahem cant find copy but IT did -why doesn’t trinty release this type stuff its recorded,they recive enough free state money

    i really should get on facebook one these days…..


    IT summay-quite hilarious in that he really is not being ironic,his lack of self -awareness truly astounding,did he ever get a kitchen in ballsbridge ?
    -he’s been ironic right-he’s never F paid a god damn cent in tax anywhere !!!!

    indeed,awful stuff Dennis.

    “Poor countries need taxation and we have got to stop big multinationals and tech companies basically robbing the poor.”


    1. benblack

      Please keep our names out of the papers and continue to publish Mick, the drunken fool’s full name, address and what he had for breakfast please.

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