Given A Rocket


Last night.

Prime Time on RTÉ One.

Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond (top) and conservative commentator John McGuirk, editor of Gript, discuss last Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest in Dublin city centre.



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40 thoughts on “Given A Rocket

  1. Rob_G

    McGuirk was wrong about the McKee shooting, so it’s only correct that he retract it. But weren’t several Éirigí members arrested with pistols in the boot of their car 10 years ago(?) I don’t think that they should get too comfortable in their position on the moral high ground on this particular issue.

  2. goldenbrown

    nothing worse than watching 2 lizards fighting for the most attention

    glad I missed that

  3. Charger Salmons

    Great stuff from McGuirk articulating the ineptitude and incompetence of this government.
    It’s bloody March and they’re still only vaccinating over-85s for goodness sake.It’s pathetic.
    Shame about the error but good to see he corrected it immediately.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      tell me this

      if he’s all that
      how’s it no Election campaign / Candidate or lobby group in a Referendum, that has engaged him, has actually won in front of the People


  4. gallantman

    It has to be legitimate to question how and why we are still using the same blunt force lockdown measures that we all agreed to a full 12 months ago to ‘flatten the curve’. Yet now somehow it is ‘far right’ to ask those in power to justify the cost/ public health benefits of restrictions on our freedoms….??

  5. Gavin

    They all seem like valid points, but sure youre not allowed to make valid points as then you’d be a scumbag or a loon.

  6. Bitnboxy


    Leaving aside the Grifty / Youth Defency take of the riot by McJerk, it was such a classic McJerk move to end up provoking a potential defamation action. He is literally his own worst enemy and this exemplifies how he sabotaged his own political career with his tendency to just go over-board without any filter of moderation. His tactics way back in TCD SU as reported by Phoenix Magazine many years ago never left him and he is still waging that student political battle with his penchant for chaos, half-truths and unsubtle smear.

    He will always be chained to Ganley.

    1. ian-oh

      What I found funny was how John found common cause with RTE and the commissioner with his ‘look over there’ moment regarding eirigi and the ‘far left’.

      We are all well aware that the far left in the form of these splinter republican groups are a problem, but lets focus on who is doing what at the moment. If it is indeed the far left, come down on them like a ton of bricks, if its the far right, do the same, but lets be specific in this otherwise you are garbling the message and creating confusion.

  7. Whatevers

    Seeing the left do nothing since last March but clamour for longer,harder lockdowns, and seeing the bed-wetting coming out of the likes of Gary Gannon, Paul Murphy et al last night on Twitter all because McGuirk was allowed on the telly – I won’t be lending my vote to any left wing parties and their illiberal monotheism anymore.

    1. ian-oh

      ”I won’t be lending my vote to any left wing parties and their illiberal monotheism anymore.”

      Curious use of language there. Makes me wonder if they would really be down a vote at all?


      1. Whatever

        Oh they most certainly would. I’ve voted in every election bar one where I was backpacking around Asia. But you go on and discount what I’ve said. The worrying thing is, know I’m not the only one who feels this way. And yet while I remain left in my heart, I won’t vote for illiberal idealogues who abandoned me and so many others this last year. What were previously to me abhorrent right wing voices, have been the only ones who have spoken up for me this last year and I won’t forget it.

        1. ian-oh

          OK, apology in order here, when I hear terms like ‘illiberal’ I tend to think of a certain mindset, my bad for making that assumption.

          But are you surprised you feel that you were abandoned by the politicians, I presume you are familiar with the fable ‘The scorpion & the frog’?

          Its. What. They. Do.

          But thinking that the people involved in organising last Saturdays protests care anymore for you and your situation would be rather large mistake in my opinion.

          Vote strategically. I have never voted for anyone in my life, but I do vote at every election against people, its the best I can do as things stand.

        2. Bitnboxy

          Ah Jaysus. Would you go on out of that. If you want to peddle some propaganda at least try and be a bit more subtle. This reeks of total BS.

          1. Whatevers

            Propaganda? This is honestly how I feel. And this only reinforces my thoughts – when those on the left don’t like what they’re hearing the immediate position is to immediately discount it as propaganda or being agenda-driven.

            It has not been easy, listening to the likes of McGuirk, Niall Boylan, Hartley-Brewer et al and nodding along. God, I wouldn’t have given them the time of day in the past. Up until now I had never given so much as a transfer to FF or FG and considered everything on the right to be abhorrent.
            And yet their ilk are the only ones who have spoken up, conveying how I feel right now about the very worrying direction I see the world turning. And for that, I will reward similar voices with a vote the next chance I get.

          2. ian-oh


            Its difficult to ascertain peoples motivations via a few words on screen.

            For the record, I am pro mask, pro some form of lockdown (not sure the current one is anything more than a blunt instrument wielding by a coalition of the inept and the corrupt to hide their denudation of the health service and its ability to deliver over the years), left leaning on an awful lot of topics and definitely, 100% anti far whichever ideology but especially anti far right as I view the likes of Justin Barrett and Herman ”Munster” Kelly as sewer gargling filth.

            But I do think its all too easy to dismiss peoples concerns where genuine so sometimes I’ll eat a bit of humble pie if I have incorrectly labelled someone something they are not. I might be wrong but would prefer to try and listen rather than just lecture people in the main. Not that I am always successful, but I try.

        3. Just Sayin

          I’ve always voted left and they have lost me too.

          I will never ever vote FF, FG or Green (even transfers) ,
          they seriously need to be taught a lesson.
          (hopefully one or more of them will cease to exist)

          I don’t really have many options remaining.
          SF + Independents, then transfer left in descending order of how annoyed I am with them.

    1. ian-oh

      They would know a thing or two about how the far right can escalate on from on-street thuggery.

  8. MartinMyGuinness4President

    Hope Eirigi get a nice settlement payout from RTÉ for the broadcaster letting that allegation go uncontested the same way the rosary bead brigade did when Panti called them homophobes. 85k they got that time wasn’t it. I’d say Eirigi could get a good bit more for being accused of a murder they didn’t commit. Imagine what they could buy with all that Montrose Monopoly money!

  9. Micko

    I’m not too familiar with John. But I think he spoke for a lot of people last night.

    While watching this last night, my wife popped onto to see what all the fuss was about.

    She couldn’t get on. The site was down for a good 40 mins or so.

    Was it a Dodgy server, an attack or just the sheer amount of people trying to access the site that caused it?

    I’d suspect it’s the latter.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Well, Neale Richmond (and the media) was put in his box a few times last night.

      “The people who are suffering in this pandemic, who take to the streets & protest are being called Nazis and far-right while Neale comes on to advocate for banning protests while last August, his Taoiseach went to the EU to advocate for the right of people to protest in Belarus!”

      “There is no other protest movement in the western world that has VTs run on the national broadcaster suggesting they’re a far-right, neo-nazi, crypto-fascist movement.
      “One thing that was missing from that VT was one single interview with anyone who took part in the protest.”

      “When reasonable people speak out, your government sacks them and then when ordinary people come out and protest, your government calls them Nazis!”

      “Last year at the height of a level 5 pandemic, your constituency colleague attended a BLM protest that was completely in breach of the regulations. This programme didn’t even ask him why. But ordinary people protest the lockdown and all of a sudden — Nazi panic.”


      1. spud

        Neale Richmond seems to be everywhere, yet he’s not even a government minister.
        He was on various show both here and abroad about Brexit and now Covid.
        FG insiders grooming him for greatness?

  10. Dr.Fart

    “the left” “the right” “the left” “the right” “the left” “the right” will everyone shut the fupp up. we all live here. we all are susceptible and vulnerable to the same things. left and right was devised by foreign governments to divide their people so they won’t unify and realise their real power. and now people here are gleefully adopting it themselves. making a mess of a country, even messier. people are so eager to have sides. you’re red or blue, which is it? black or white? pick a side.. all that nonsense is firmly here now. the demise of Irish society is in full free fall.

    1. Micko

      +1 DF
      It’s mental. We’re totally split now.

      Were we better off when we were all church going catholics?

      At least then we had just one side*



      *Don’t mention the troubles ;)

      1. Dr.Fart

        on top of all the bad that comes with it.. it’s straight up fuppin irritating as fupp. seeing clowns drapsed in tri-colours going on about “elites” and “the media” like Americans. I used to love an oul tri-colour. Now theyre goin the way of the Union Jack. basically an idiot cloak.

      2. ian-oh

        One side? Nope, we had the people who ran the place politically in conjunction with the most immoral among us lecturing about a certain form of ”do as I say, not as I do” morality getting away with all sorts of depravity and then there were the ordinary people who had to keep shtum for fear of social opprobrium. Many were too uneducated, ignorant, simply unaware or fully indoctrinated to know any better.

        People whine about being cancelled these days, I remember what it was like in the 80s when you could be treated like a pariah in parts of Ireland if you didn’t show your face at mass on a regular basis or fell foul of the local priest.

        Then there were those, mostly women, who literally who had to flee the country before their children were kidnapped. As we know, many were unsuccessful and that was only the 80s, we all know how far back and deep it went.

        Don’t let on there was ever one side in this country.

        1. Micko

          Was a joke Ian… not a great one I’ll grant you.

          Ok, if not a joke then how about a humour-us musing?

          1. ian-Oh

            Sorry Micko, anger not directed towards you there!

            I do get your point though so my bad.

    2. Rob_G

      You literally blame “right-wing” FG for everything in Ireland, up to and including the weather.

      1. ian-Oh

        Not at all Rob, I’d say its closer to 66% FF, 49% FG.

        Consider how poorly STEM subjects education is’s being did for a start,

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