OK, Did Everyone Get Their Shot?


Alyssa Dooley at Mo’s Irish Pub in Houston, Texas yesterday


Last night/this morning.

Via AP:

Texas became the biggest state to lift its mask rule, joining a rapidly growing movement by governors and other leaders across the U.S. to loosen COVID-19 restrictions despite pleas from health officials not to let their guard down yet.

The Lone Star State will also do away with limits on the number of diners who can be served indoors, said Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The governors of Michigan, Mississippi and Louisiana likewise eased up on bars, restaurants and other businesses Tuesday, as did the mayor of San Francisco.

Texas and other states ease COVID-19 rules despite warnings (AP)

Mo’s Irish Pub?

Pic: AP

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18 thoughts on “OK, Did Everyone Get Their Shot?

  1. Bitnboxy

    Well time will tell I guess. Keep an eye on the Texas Emergency Rooms.

    Quite the gamble. In Sweden, despite not being compulsory, there is still a high degree of voluntary compliance with mask wearing but I would not be surprised if in Texas, not wearing a mask is the default.

    Possibly an experiment that other countries will watch closely in terms of reopening.

    Still, Texas is not a place I would ever want to live. Enjoyed a visit a few years back.

    1. Johnny

      …Texans and yanks in general are quite practically and naturally suspicious of the federal govt/feds or ‘state’.

      People here want get back with living,that does NOT include wearing a mask on either yourself and most definitely not on any kid.

      Vaccines it’s evolving,some places may require them,but I’d say it may end up age targeted,like anyone over 65 had get it,who knows but for now it’s let’s get back to work and living.

      Trump is gone the media has moved in,yanks are quite happy enjoy the summers,get the kids back school,ignore the old bodies pulling up until it gets controlled.

    2. f_lawless

      @Bitnboxy You must be unaware of Florida. Lifted their Covid restrictions as far back as September.


      “Now we are stronger as a state and much happier as a people because of this leadership. Florida has lower per capita COVID mortality than the national average and lower than 27 other states,” (Governor) DeSantis said..

      “Our unemployment rate is lower than the national average, even though tourism isn’t fully back. And our budget is in great shape — we have not touched one red cent from our rainy day fund throughout this whole time. Florida got it right, and the locked-down states got it wrong.”

          1. Nigel

            That’s what I said wen I saw you approvingly quoting a Republican Governor from an interview in the feckin’ Federalist. Standards are slipping.

        1. johnny

          ..absolutely packed,waitlist’s for any decent tables in Palm Beach,aka heaven or hells waiting room:)


          I’m booking flights to LA today for ten days in April,friend is taking ten days In Maui,most economists predicting, large growth in US economy this year,dead cat bounce,we offering all the fat middle aged plastic paddies free flights home to Ireland….

          Hope your doing better Nigel,get out there get some fresh air.

  2. Johnny

    …bout time.
    It’s truly building up be a legendary and epic summer,espically if you selling liquor or drugs,running clubs.

    I’ve spent winter working on final plans for a indoor grow,based in the five colleges’ area (Amherst UMAS),mostly surrounded working with fit,healthy young farmers,the gym is packed,masks ah stop,we post COVID here.

    I get emails daily from my health care providers offering (for a fee) any vaccine in NYC,ok ok park ave docs but it’s available here.

      1. johnny

        absolutely baked,morning noon and nigh:)

        ..few years ago i was fat miserable ‘rich’ but working for a hedge fund in NY,late night was shooting the breeze,hm do something you love…well there is the drugs…so i sold everything haven’t made dollar in while to grow mushrooms and weed,all under state licenses….we farmers need the economy open,the weed black market is thriving and encroaching on the market share taken by legal weed-longer story.

        but nah,i smoke in mornings with coffee i wake at 5 read ‘sheet,go work out,then in eve but some the team ‘dab’ all day,others don’t,no diff than liquor or club game,it grabs hold ya if you let it,that BS lifestyle being stoned all day,just not for me.

  3. paul

    have to own the libs some way, even if it endangers your population like their state freezing over not long ago.

  4. Junkface

    They like living on the edge in Texas. Look at the state of their recent winter snowstorm energy failures. They skimped on full planning protection for all weather. It was their gas energy networks that failed. They like to cut corners to help the wealthy earn even more. Giving wholesale energy prices to customers looked like a good idea until everything failed. Some home users received electricity bills of $16,000 for a month’s bill! Insane. Only the super wealthy get protected there.

    I hope they don’t have a serious covid 19 outbreak on top of all of that.

    1. Nigel

      This, by the way, is what happens when you carve out minority rule over a state using voter supression and gerrymandering. You can freeze people to death, approve of insane bills, blame Democrats and Green Energy, and still be confident of getting back in.

      1. ian-oh

        What might be funny if it didn’t involve people dying (from lack of disaster preparedness and populist actions like the above) is how purple Texas has gone lately and how something like this might impact on that.

        Its not beyond the grounds of possibility that such an action might result in a large swathes of traditional GOP voters no longer being around to vote for the likes of Abbott or Lyin Ted. GOP voters tend to be older and more likely to engage in

        ”Give me liberty or give me death!”.

        Well death appears to be cheaper and I always thought Republicans were fiscally conservative. What’s more fiscally conservative that no longer being a drain on the state?

        1. Nigel

          Except FF/FG, bad as they are, aren’t throwing open the country just because they want to appease a bunch of right-wing extremists who will go out of their way to reward anyone politically not just for for messing up the pandemic response, but for openly wrecking it.

          1. johnny

            ..they don’t call it the land of the land of the FREE and the BRAVE for nothin Nigel:)

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