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          1. scottser

            Here you go Millie – Friday’s song competition:
            February 26, 2021 at 11:53 pm

            ‘People are so stupid.

            Referring to a river means referring to an actual river – not the word river.
            Reply ↓

            February 27, 2021 at 12:02 am

            Was going to mention it earlier, but, decided to leave someone else make that point – 120 comments in, not one person did.

            So, there you have it.’

            Even when it was pointed out to him, he doubled down and started throwing the insults around. I’m just waiting for him to admit he was wrong but knowing his form here I’ll be waiting a while probably.

          2. Charger Salmons

            I bet you did an imaginary high five with yourself when you found that.
            It must be quiet in Half-Wit House today.

            ( Half-wit hat-tip to whoever came up with it the other day – I hope you don’t mind me purloining it for a while.Marvellous )

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        Ben, does seeing people being kind and thoughtful to each other upset you that much?

    1. Charger Salmons

      They’ll be along soon,Best.
      They just can’t cut the cord that binds us.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Not me.
          I’m my usual chipper self on this splendid morning.
          Spring is on its way and the sap is rising.

  1. George

    What is the Sun’s point about the P.U.P.? Do they think we should hate someone because they have been put out of work by Covid-19? Such rubbish. What he is accused of doing is bad enough there is no need for that pathetic dig.

  2. :-Joe

    99% of the tory lying hypocritical scum party’s puppet fronted financial doomsayer, sunak’s stimulus will go the exact same way as the DErumpf/bideRP ones have and will go before too…

    “Ahh, but you see my dear boys and girls.. Far more than just 1% of the population in the west have a proverbial state sponsored military boot pressing against the back of their necks” – Sherlock Holmes, Dublin.circa 1916 / 6191..

    Pay later might as well be who the “F” cares anymore because it has become blatently obvious mainstream knowledge that FIAT currency is now officially completely worthless…

    Almost as bad as the antiquated delusional idea of believing in politicians doing anything useful by themselves without a heealthy profit motive.

    & Broadsheet, don’t take this personally but for the love of satan…

    Will you add some decent and reputable jounalism to the papers section.. Can you, please?
    e.g. More diverse opinion from lesser known but reputable and independent(from corporate british prurient lies and hypocrasy) types of journalism from around the world..

    Even just for the illusion of some kind of balance for f-ing, f’s sake…

    Aahh.. I swear. It was de bleedin’ cov-idge that made me do it !!!…..
    (Vroom-VROOOOM!… Hit’s the dodgy dance music… umpHF!.. umpHF!.. umpHF!… wooWAAAAHHHHoooww!…… 5-STARS on GTA etc.)

    Free Julian Assange(with every happy meal)


      1. :-Joe

        Arrgh.. oI be somewhere amidst the Pitcairn Islands…
        The reef cut accross me bow in the dead of night, tearing her apart and now she lays shipwrecked slowly dying while alos coming to life over the rocks… It’s sad to see her go but It’s not all so bad.. I managed to throw together a polynesian-style canoe and salvage the rum punch from her before it was lost in the great blue drink..
        ..The liberation of the islands from their colonial past is now only a matter time, hic.
        Arrgh I ‘ate the sea and everythin’ innit..hic


  3. GiggidyGoo

    Strong words from Michilín.
    That’s about it. Half way up, halfway down. And on to the next soundbite.

    1. Bitnboxy

      Ha! Same as you so, GriftyGoo!

      Although, MM is at least sincere.

      So, how was the port? Might be fewer trucks for you to direct with all Lord Frost’s shenanigans. Give ya an aul rest.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Beetlejuice x 3
        Yesterday’s conversation saved as well. ROFL!
        Give you the line, then reel you in. heh heh !!

    1. Jdawgs

      Is that actually number 11 ? What’s with the little flower crayon stencils if it is. Left over from Gordon Brown?

      1. Charger Salmons

        They’re Rangoli patterns which are a Hindu custom typically used to welcome guests throughout Diwali, bringing good luck to the household.
        They are traditionally drawn with the fingers using flour, rice grains and coloured chalk.
        Rishi Sunak is Britain’s first Hindu Chancellor.
        You’re welcome.

          1. millie bobby brownie

            When will we see the infamous Cork Battenburg, V?

            Or the ‘Bandonberg’ as I’ve been calling it in my head.

  4. Charger Salmons

    I related on here a couple of days ago my GP’s doubts over the vaccine roll-out.
    Shortcomings in communication is only the half of it.
    Apart from not knowing of vaccine availability until very short notice is given there’s a total lack of guidance on forward planning.
    The whole testing regime has also been chaotic – he booked an 80-year-old woman in for a PCR test and was given a slot an hour later.
    It’s hardly surprising the rollout target was missed last week with Slaphead at the helm.


    1. Micko

      My 75 year old neighbour got the jab 2 days ago. He’s a new man, popping all over the place with a new lease of life. Delighted for him.

      Thing is though, he technically shouldn’t have got it yet. His GP (and friend) rang to say there was a few vials left over and did he want to get bumped up the list. And if he did – to get up “here fast”.

      Now, I’m not complaining – he absolutely should have got it as he’s high risk and the vaccine shouldn’t go to waste, but I thought there would be a better system in place.

      Seems that the whole thing in Ireland is very much following our usual nods and winks system of who you know.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I have knowledge of something similar Micko.
        You might want to tell your neighbour it takes three weeks for the jab to kick in fully.

        1. The Bottler

          I was asked to go on a standby list last weekend. Got a call on Sunday at 12:45 could I attend within 30 minutes. Got the Moderna shot and an appointment for number 2 on March 28 next. My address close to the Doc was reason given.

          1. Micko

            Interesting you say that Bottler. And good for you getting sorted with the vaccine.

            That GP lives at the top of our road. So the address close to the doc – that could well be it.

            The only reason I bring the thing up is that I have a different 75 year old neighbour on the other side of me and she’s had lots of health issues over the last while, cancer (in remission thankfully), joint surgery etc and I would of thought that she would have gone in ahead of the chap living the other side of me.

            Again, it doesn’t really matter as long as everyone in their age group gets sorted, but the whole thing seems to be very oddly organised.

            Will say that to my neighbour about the three weeks Charger – Ta!

  5. Charger Salmons

    Frau Merkel has signalled retreat from Germany’s refusal to use the UK/AstraZeneca jab on over-65s in the face of rising infection rates,poor vaccine take-up and ridicule at her and Napoleon’s pathetic attempt to deflect attention from the EU’s incompetence over vaccine procurement.
    Studies from the UK have shown a single dose of AZ gives more than 90% against hospitalization and death – even higher than the Pfizer jab.

    1. Charger Salmons

      In fact things not going well at all for Mutti with the German media turning on her in a big way.
      Great story in today’s BILD which EU commentator Wolfgang Munchau picks up in his blog.
      Not that you’ll read any of this criticisim of Merkel in the Irish media.
      Nothing to see here.
      Move along.

      ” Angela Merkel has had a lot of fans in the German and international media. This is changing, at least in Germany itself. Long-standing readers will know that we have been criticising her for a tendency to paper over cracks – during the eurozone crisis for example. The kicking-the-can-down-the-road mindset has revealed itself to many more people during this pandemic. Merkel was personally behind the decision to shift vaccination procurement to the European Commission, without even considering whether the Commission had the capability to do this effectively. When that failed, the German government declared self-tests to be the royal road out of lockdown. That sounded like a good idea, even to us. As it turned out, the German government has not even bought them yet, because they are still haggling over the price. This is, unsurprisingly, the headline of Bild this morning. The lockdown persists because the government failed to order the tests.

      Germany is lucky so far that the mutant virus has not yet led to an explosion in infection rates, as is now happening in France, Italy and the Czech Republic. Objectively, the reasons in favour of a lockdown have not shifted. Infection numbers are not falling. Vaccines and self-tests are not yet available in large numbers. What has shifted is the political mood. People want this lockdown to end. And they are taking a closer look at what has revealed itself as a strikingly incompetent government.

      Yesterday Merkel held another Covid crisis summit with the state premiers, which ended with an agreement on a smoke-and-mirrors strategy. The only material shift is the drop of the official target of an infection rate of less than 35 out of 100,000 inhabitants, as a precondition for the lifting of the lockdown. They dropped it because it is out of reach. The national infection rate is 64 – and rising. The new target is 100 infections – below which a partial lifting of the lockdown is possible. But not now.

      The way this will work is through uncoordinated discretion, each state to themselves. There are important elections in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate in ten days, followed by the federal elections in September. The lifting of the lockdown is first and foremost an act of politics. The Robert-Koch Institute has recommended a different strategy: stick to the target of 35 infections per 100,000, and phase-out the lockdown based on that target. That would keep Germany in lockdown for another two to three months. Merkel supported that strategy until the political wind shifted.

      What we are now likely to see in the next few weeks is very confused and regionally uncoordinated partial lifting of the lockdown, possibly with reversals if case numbers rise. The hairdressers already came first. The next step will be garden centres, flower shops and book stores (don’t ask why); the third stage will be the big one: retailers and museums; eventually followed by theatres and cinemas. As FAZ put it this morning: Germany is trapped in small print. The lockdown will remain. The Merkel-friendly German media can’t sugar-coat this any longer. ”


  6. ce

    Hmm… UK withdrawing from international legal agreements, coming under pressure from Loyalist terrorists and getting wagged by the DUP. Even Gove has lost his mojo… the more things change the more they stay the same

    Although, it is I suppose, a tribute to the UK education system that Loyalist terrorists have learned how to write a letter to their overlord

  7. Johnny

    Slowly but,

    ‘Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday all arts and entertainment venues — such as Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall and Broadway theaters — will be allowed to reopen at low capacity starting April 2.

    The venues can reopen at 33 percent capacity with up to 100 people indoors and up to 200 people outdoors, Cuomo said in a statement, adding that if the establishments decide to require proof of negative COVID-19 tests, then they can allow up to 150 people indoors and up to 500 people outdoors…’


    ‘Proven, Secure Technology Will Confirm an Individual’s Vaccination or Recent Negative COVID Test; Will Help Fast-Track Reopening Theaters, Stadiums & Other Businesses as More New Yorkers are Vaccinated‘


  8. Charger Salmons

    Excellent news for the future UK-US trade deal talks.


    Basically, the US has suspended its UK tariffs as of today on goods from scotch whiskies, machinery, cashmere, and goods such as cheese and pork.
    The suspension will last for four months, during which time the sides will negotiate a long term solution to the US-EU Boeing Airbus dispute.
    This is exclusively a US-UK deal, US tariffs remain on EU goods…
    UK Trade Secretary Liz Truss took a risk by unilaterally lifting UK tariffs to the US which opposition parties heavily criticised her for
    But the move has paid off and as a consequence of the good faith of lifting UK tariffs that the US came to the negotiating table and lifted theirs too.
    Meanwhile the EU has sat on their hands and tariffs still apply to them…

    Brexit,eh ?

    1. johnny

      ….executed,eh oh don’t forget Eqypt.

      “It means Ghanian products such as bananas, tinned tuna and cocoa can be traded to Britain without tariffs.”


      (On Jan. 1, the British government ended its retaliatory tariffs on Boeing and other goods,which had ben imposed by EU,U.S. trade representative argued Britain did not have the legal standing to keep imposing these tariffs outside the bloc)

      but carry on.

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