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  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Jab Jibber-Jabber™
    ( An occasional series )

    The Tory Toffs storm into a 13 point lead over Labour as Sir Kneel-a-lot gets flattened by the Boris bounce.

    Con: 45% (+4 from 25-26 Feb)
    Lab: 32% (-4)
    Green: 7% (n/c)
    Lib Dem: 6% (+1)
    SNP: 5% (n/c)
    Reform UK: 3% (n/c)

    The answer is obvious of course.
    Percentage of population who have received at least one vaccine dose.

    UK: 31.41%
    Spain: 5.9%
    Germany: 5.4%
    Italy: 5.4%
    France: 4.6%


    The BOGOF Taoisigh’s bumbling vaccine procurement and roll-out is making them look amateurish as increasing numbers of EU states look to source their own vaccines.
    Malta, whose GDP is a quarter that of Ireland, has independently sourced enough vaccines to jab its entire population.
    Malta !

    1. Charger Salmons

      What’s that you say ?
      What are Ireland’s Covid vaccination targets ?
      Well, ministers have been briefed today and the outlook isn’t good.

      Last week – 100,000 (Missed by 18,000).

      This week – 92,000 (Will be missed by a lot, apparently).

      Next week – 84,000

      Instead of Ireland’s vaccination programme being steadily increased as promised it seems targets are being reduced to a level where even they’re not expected to be met.

      Remember, just 10 days ago Mehole confidently told us that Ireland would administer 1.25 million vaccines “by the end of March”.


  2. Scundered

    Dear press, please stop reporting on Harry and Meghan, they’ve made it clear they want no publicity, whilst they simultaneously decide to appear on Oprah to make sure everyone knows, no more publicity ya hear! ;)

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      There’s only one thing worse than an uppity white young wan for the likes of you and that’s an uppity black young wan.

      1. Scundered

        I don’t think they can make up their minds what their purpose is now, want the fame but not the publicity but you can’t really have one without the other, unless you’re the bass player of Led Zeppelin of course

        1. Junkface

          Ha ha! Great point on the bass player reference! I don’t care either way what they do, but she is making a bit of a fool of herself. This is all very high school stuff, not how mature grown ups with principles behave.

          1. Nigel

            This is tedious, but when making comments like this, why does everyone develop a sudden amnesia about the utterly scummy and invasive behaviour of the UK tabloid press? There’s a vast middle between being subjected to that relentlessly nasty, intrusive, often deceptive coverage and balancing publicity and privacy. They chased his mother down until she died in a crash. They’ve been unbelievably, crudely cruel about her for no reason, or one. Feck the royals, but feck the scummy UK tabloids even more.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Dear Inspector Clouseau,
            She died in a car crash in France because her French driver was significantly over the drink-drive limit and speeding while being chased by French paparazzi.
            Rather like Ms Sparkle Diana Spencer was quite happy to use the media when it suited her and often did.
            Unlike a tap publicity is not the sort of thing you can switch off.

          3. Nigel

            Yeah, if a celebrity so much as smiles at a camera they ‘are happy to use the media’ and their nasty creepy invasive coverage is somehow justified and it’s okay to pile into a car and go chasing after them into tunnels at night.

          4. Charger Salmons

            Diana Spencer would often tip off her favoured hack on the Daily Mail about her movements and pass on lots of tittle-tattle about life in the gilded cage.
            And what happened in France would never happen in the UK because there has been a long-standing agreement between the Palace and Fleet Street over royal coverage and media intrusion.
            And most of the time over the years it has worked pretty well.
            It’s why you never see any coverage of their private life other than strictly organised photo shoots.
            I’m not fan of the Royal Family but it seems to me Ms Markle wanted all the trappings of royalty without the responsibility – unlike Kate who is a very classy lady.
            I’d happily pay the entrance fee for a tour around her stately home.
            And Harry ? Never the smartest tool in a Royal Box that isn’t blessed with high intellect.

          5. Nigel

            So what if she did? The papers were and are weird and creepy and scummy about her, only elevating her to queasy saintliness after some fellow paparazzi squalidly chased her to her death because even dead she kept sellng papers for them. Your distinction between the two women is meaningless. One got savaged by the press, one lauded, and the one that got savaged had the cheek to not like it, and the UK tabloids really don’t ike it when their racist scumminess gets called out.

          6. millie bobby brownie

            I hate to say this Nigel, but I agree with Charger.

            While I think Harry and Meghan were dead right to cut and run from the British press – some of whom were really nasty, especially to Meghan – and in particular, if it was affecting their mental wellbeing, there’s a definite sense of wanting their cake and eating it. They stepped back from their royal duties, citing privacy as one of their main concerns, and yet in that time there have been many, many news stories about them, numerous books have been published, and now a very high profile interview with Oprah. So they either want privacy, like they claim, or they want the freedom to live as celebrities without the restrictions that come with royal life.

            Also, those bullying allegations against her are rather worrying, and the fact that it comes from the Times as opposed to the finest of rags, Daily Mail, is interesting.

          7. millie bobby brownie

            Also, while I’m here, Kate Middleton had to put up with many years of nastiness courtesy of the British press, so to say she is lauded is not quite accurate. She certainly gets a much easier time of it now, but she was hounded by the press for a long time.

          8. Charger Salmons

            Your problem, if I may say so Nigel, is than in your myopic little world of Greta Thunberg screensaver and Owen Jones-following social media you fail to see the bigger picture.
            The Royal Family is immensely popular in Ireland – beats me why but it is – and that popularity is built on the carefully-controlled exposure by the Palace that comes with its own calculated willingness to accept some invasion of its privacy as the price to pay for its continued life of luxury.
            It’s the Faustian pact the Royal Family has signed up to and knows is key to its continued popularity and survival.
            Ginger and Sparkle don’t get it.
            And anyone with a bigger intellect than yours would recognise that straight away.

          9. Nigel

            But I’m a bit mystified – aside entirely from the obscene unearned wealth and privelege that go with being a royal – why shouldn’t they have their privacy/publicity cake and eat it? Because some scum on tabloid comment sections don’t want them to? Because royal correspondant scum in tabloids and broadsheets don’t want them to? These people are not the moral arbiters of who gets cake and eats it. As for bullying – wouldn’t surprise me if they’re all at it.

          10. millie bobby brownie

            Because being a celebrity, like being a member of a royal family, relies on the press. Without the press, what is a celebrity? Celebrities rely on the press to promote the work they do, to keep them in the public eye, to drive interest in them. Similarly, the royal family rely on press exposure – or rather their charities and patronage do – to highlight their work, but also to keep them relevant in the public sphere.

            So if it is a case that privacy is what they were seeking, surely they would be keeping a low profile as opposed to doing a high profile interview with Oprah?

        2. Ian-og

          Well if people like you (scundered) were capable of just scrolling past stuff about them maybe we wouldn’t hear about them so much.

          So blame yourself.

          Couldn’t really be bothered about either of them but have no problem with them either. Least she isn’t an obviously spoofing paedo. Or a vapid brood mare. Or a racist babbling headcase.

          1. Scundered

            Oh it’s about me now is it? Did it cross your mind I’m not a publisher?

            Sending you hugs Ian-og, you sure fuppin need a few after that juvenile rant

          2. ian-Og

            People like you whining about them online drives articles about them and their ubiquity.

            My post was neither juvenile nor a rant, but you appear somewhat upset. Calm down, stop reading celebrity news and maybe go for a walk.

            This is merely theatre, nothing more.

          3. Scundered

            You’re playing the man, not the ball, if you have nothing to contribute to the comment section try YouTube

          4. ian-Og

            “You’re playing the man, not the ball.”


            “You’re juvenile rant,”

            Its clear the only ranting emanated from you above.

            But all socially distant hugs gladly accepted

    2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      They’ve made it clear they want no royal duties, and have devoted their time to publicly attacking ‘The Firm’ and suing British newspapers. What a hapless existence. This show will be no different to the cringey BBC interview with Diana Spencer. Indeed, Uncle David continued to court publicity and air his gripes long after his own abdication.

      Royals…who’d have them?

  3. Andy Pipkin

    ITV reportedly paid £1million for the rights to show the Oprah interview with Harry & Megs, RTÉ are to broadcast the interview the same night.

    How much did they pay??

    Answers on a postcard to D4 @ RTÉ!!!

  4. Shayna

    The Duke of Edinburgh, aged 99 is doing well. I met the fellah @ 25 years ago.To be fair, he’d be included in my top 10 dinner guests – a table of 20.

  5. f_lawless

    Shameful from the Examiner and NPHET. How is it in the interest of a pregnant woman’s well-being – and by extension her unborn child – to sensationalise what is (a) unconfirmed by the coroners (b) an astronomically rare condition if only “11 cases have been reported internationally”? It’s just adding to stress levels unnecessarily. What about other rare conditions that are pose a similar or potentially higher level of danger to the foetus? Should there be regular reminders from the HSE in the form of press releases and front page articles advising women to adjust their behaviour accordingly where possible?

    One year on and it’s still full stream ahead with Project Fear

    1. millie bobby brownie

      You’re right. Women should be left in the dark about these things.

      Never mind the fact that if there is indeed a link, and the HSE were seen to have not shared this information with the public, it could be very damning for them. I mean, it’s not like the HSE have ever hidden things from women, relevant to their health before…..

      But yes, this is all Project Fear.

      1. f_lawless

        I don’t agree. The responsible thing to do is to wait for confirmation from the coroner and secondly to report it in a proportionate way. Front page positioning and headlines like that are not warranted for such an extremely rare condition.
        For every person who carefully reads the article and correctly deems the risk to be extremely low, there’ll be more who either don’t read past the front page headline and/or who come away with increased levels of anxiety disproportionate to the level of risk


        1. Bitnboxy

          Any report about this I have come across expressly states that research is at a preliminary stage but medics sought to alert NPHET and the authorities due to coincidences in their initial findings but scientific research is continuing. Given what is at stake, better to be safe than sorry when it is surely an evidence there is a lot we do not know about Covid-19?!

        2. Joe

          Sure you couldn’t be worrying the empty little heads of those young ladies. They wouldn’t be knowing what to make of things being pregnant and all.

          It’s shocking, imagine the thoughts of pregnant women actually being given highly pertinent and relevant information about their own bodies! Sure you couldn’t be trusting them with that as they will be all hormonal and not to be trusted.You never know what they might do.

          What did you call it? Project Fear, isn’t that one of those loony conspiracy monikers abused by the tiny minority of coronavirus denying folk who are unable to accept basic scientific information.

          Project Fear that will be good for them. Yes put the fear of God into them with conspiracy theories, it would be in their best interest as men know whats best for the little ladies.

          Sure wouldn’t it be better for a man to lie to them for their own sake as men know what’s best for the little ladies and their swollen tummies.

    2. Brother Barnabas


      you do have a point – as, in fairness, you generally do – but, on the other hand, you’re not reluctant to share links/information that support your own position even when they’re unconfirmed or unsubstantiated – youve done it on countless occasions on the basis that it’s important to ask the question/put it out there etc even if it’s not 100% definite

      arguably front page headline is a bit much – but that’s newspapers for you (and it’s not just the Examiner – IT have it on front page too)

    3. Micko

      Serious stuff if it’s found out to be a correlation there.

      Might be an idea to bump pregnant women up the vaccine priorities list then?

  6. bisted

    …one year on and my disappointment at Broadsheets stance on the covid pandemic is still raw…not on its position of anti-vax or pro-sickness…quite predictably contrarian and conspiracy led…no…it’s the inconsistency that has emerged…previous standards were abandoned and a platform given to the daily diet of misinformation cloaked in pseudoscience are encouraged…even today a casual slight at NPHET goes unchallenged…the HSE make a possible connection between some stillbirths and covid but the advisory body NPHET are somehow vilified…NPHET will emerge as heroes and had they been heeded in time we would not be in the position we find ourselves in now…

    1. Micko

      It’s ok bisted – You’ll be grand.

      Chompsky’s put up a post about cats being cute n stuff there now for ya.

      That’ll help quell your “disappointment” ;p

      1. bisted

        …thanks Micko, you are so considerate sometimes…do you think it’s these occasional shows of empathy that have condemned you to being a division two ratlicker…no matter how hard you try…

        1. Micko

          I thought you were here for the cat content, since it’s clearly not the Covid coverage.

          I mean, it’s not like you’d visit the same website for an entire year – just to give out about the content it produces.

          That’d be insane ;p

          If you’re into that, then Brietbart or something similar might suit…?

          1. ciaran

            Not agreeing that bisted is insane or anything but I do remember bisted posting some fantastical made up nonsense from Daisy Hill before being caught rotten of course. Ha ha. It was very funny in fairness.

    1. Johnny

      …I’m really going have start charging you rent bro.,you said a stupid idiotic thing again,I called you out on it,most time I don’t,it’s ok bro. the names are coming unlike my rent…or charges against them,which really is the point,what law was Davy charged under again-irish ?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        charges are irrelevant; its political involvement that’s relevant

        trust the plan, johnny – it’s coming

        how’s your daddy by the way?

        1. Johnny

          Good morning bro yeah I log in first thing to be attacked and my elderly father locked in for a year,you’ve no class,no nuance you don’t even understand the Davy story.
          Just a fool screaming lock them up
          Lock them up
          They guilty guilty I tell ya
          Of what ?
          I want names
          Yet you complain about the vast majority of last weekends peaceful protestors while screaming guilty guilty at private individuals charged with nothing.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            johnny, of all people anywhere, you’re not in a position to comment on “class”

            despite what you think about yourself, you’re nothing but a little scumbag

            and youve shown that on countless occasions on here – and I’d say your daddy is no better

          2. Johnny

            … quod erat demonstrandum :)
            Give us quick ‘splainer bro on the Davy story and what irish laws were broken by these guilty people,go slow take your time….clearly your an expert on securities law.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            And there you have it folks – the true BB. When called out, reverts to the ‘Scumbag’ phrase and worse still, refers to a poster’s elderly father.

            Who’s the scumbag eh? Notice the resemblance to the other BB?


          4. Brother Barnabas

            with respect, giggidy, you have no clue of the background/context of any spat between myself and johnny – which goes back a bit and is entirely his doing. and, yes, he is a scumbag.

            also, someone like you – with your multiple aliases – is on thin ice accusing others of the same. i use no other name.

          5. millie bobby brownie

            Johnny has repeatedly shown he’s a nasty piece of work GG. He’s made some derogatory and downright disgusting remarks about other posters here, like myself and Janet for example.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            That may be so Milly, but if it’s a free for all to call anyone (and their family) names whenever one takes a notion to do so, even when the thread doesn’t require it, then that’s the slippery slope.

          7. millie bobby brownie

            Yeah that doesn’t quite wash with me. We’ve all descended to name calling here, despite our best efforts to behave like adults (mostly), and that includes you and me. We all have dirty hands here.

          8. Bitnboxy

            FFS GiggidyPox. You are in NO position to be calling out posters for any form of low-brow behaviour. Your “tenure” on this site is characterised by profoundly dysfunctional and abysmal trolling, doling out insults and slurs on a daily basis and an inability to disagree in good faith. While this is more reflective of your own state of mind GiggidyPox, I and others here, will not condone this grotesque level of hypocrisy!

            Sheesh! Talk about delusional.

          9. johnny

            hey bro,instead your usual bullying/ diversions,distractions,insults i’ve asked you many times what crimes are they guilty off ?
            …seriously time to put up or shut up bro.

            you linked the story-i mean you cant explain it-duh.

            mother’s from meath yeah i’m here for them…..

          10. Brother Barnabas

            and, as I’ve responded more than once, I didnt say it was a “crime” – i said it was a wrongdoing, which it was

            but if – as davy seems to be claiming – they knowingly kept it from their own compliance head, there might be more there

            what if the compliance head is one of the 4? how does that square?

          11. GiggidyGoo

            Sure yeah BB.

            It’s obvious that you do indeed use multiple aliases. It’s hard for you to disguise it.

            Or is your ‘i use no other name.’ to be believed if you run with your accusation of me supposedly using more than one username?

            Sauce for the goose. You use your Barnabas name to try post ‘acceptable’ comments, and your aliases to show your true colours. The mask slips sometimes. As it did above.

            Oh – look who’s just arrived. Some co-incidence eh?


          12. johnny

            your words…
            “the reason their names should be made public is that we have an established system in every open society that people found guilty of wrongdoing dont get to retain anonymity.”

            the bravado the bragging and boasting.
            your words again
            “I actually know the names, but, yes, I’d like to see them made public”

            ad nauseam.

            “someone doesnt have to be formally convicted to be guilty of something, johnny

            for example, you’re guilty of being an utter knobend, but you havent yet been convicted of that, have you?

            doesnt make you any less guilty of it”

            stay classy bro:)

            how’s that ‘splainer coming,slowly huh.

          13. Brother Barnabas

            kind of reminds me of all the times you get your ar$e handed to you by bitnboxy and then you respond with a self-congratulatory hurrah about how you’ve just owned him and “ROFL”

            if it helps, I do slightly cringe for you each time

          14. Bitnboxy

            FFS again GiggidyPox. Replying to Boxy with a bizarre mental health slur (first levied against you) is hardly bolstering your case that you are not an angry troll.

            Do you really want go get into an argument about “aliases”. You throw this accusation around to all and sundry the moment more than one poster takes you to task. And we all know who is behind the Mick McCabe nonsense. None other than you GiddigyPox. I mean, you it’s all so unsubtle. You could at least change the turn of phrase other than the same tired insults.

            So, do one and take your hypocrisy with you.

            Boxy keeping it real.

            ECHOPRAXIA my derrière. More likely to be you, GiggidyPox. ALSO, nobody cares.

          15. GiggidyGoo

            Calm down there BB. You’ll do yourself an injury. As for ass-handing, well the proof is in the pudding so to say. You never provide links, and run for the hills when a link is posted to you, on the receiving end. ROFL!

            Johnny has handed you your ass above too.

            You’re well and truly outed now.

            I own all of your aliases.

          16. Brother Barnabas (aka benblack bertieblenkinsop bitnboxy)

            which BB is that, giggz? all of me or just us?

          17. GiggidyGoo

            Whichever one you think yourself. Split it between yourself, but why bring Bertie into it? Are you that ill-adjusted?

          18. Brother Barnabas

            my bad, giggz – I thought it was all the BBs you were accusing me of being

            it was actually badatmemes who used to accuse me of being bertie (which I’m not), but oddly someone else used to accuse me of being badatmemes (which I’m not/wasnt) and i also recall johnny green accusing me of being Rob_G (bit leftfield that one)

            the fun we have, eh?!

          19. Bitnboxy

            Dear oh dear, GiggidyPox. Permanently disgruntled, why?!

            Links? Do you honestly think anyone cares? Are you actually trawling back over posts, bookmarking and all of that jazz. NOBODY CARES.

            You haven’t a leg of derrière to stand on about aliases. You use aliases and badly at that.

            I’ve no idea why you take this anonymous forum so seriously. It’s fun, people wind each other up, usual alternative hot takes, the odd troll or two but ultimately it is so unimportant.

            Can’t you see that, GiggidyPox?!

          20. GiggidyGoo

            That’s a long post BB. Getting aerated? Maybe you should take a bit of your own advice? Calm down. It’s not good for you.
            It’s fun alright. Why do think I’m constantly Rolling On the Floor Laughing? ROFL!
            Feed the line, reel ‘em in.

          21. Brother Barnabas

            as “I’ said above, giggz- dont take it all so seriously

            you can be as many people as you like on here; so long as you’re amusing yourself, its grand

          22. Bitnboxy

            Guffaw! You might be rolling on the floor GiggidyPox but you must certainly are not “ROFLing”

            Is that steam coming from your ears?! Chortle.

            Remember when you said “this will be my last ever post to you BitnBoxy” and I have a link for that one! Always makes me….wait for it…


            You did try so hard over a few weeks not to take the Boxy bait, then…

            BOOM! Boxy wins.

          23. GiggidyGoo

            But – I own you BB. The bait is my posts, and as sure as night follows day, there you are being reeled in. (Proof ?- the thread on Bank of Ireland). yep, there you are – reeled in, bait taken. ROFL !

          24. Bitnboxy

            GiggidyPox, the only thing you own is a high viz yellow vest courtesy of Dublin Port.

            So someone who is claiming to be ROFLing, you are still desperate to reply to Boxy.

            Boxy, has you flailing around AGAIN!

            Love it! You can’t help yourself.

          25. Bitnboxy

            GiggidyPox, you MUST admit the yellow vest jibe is a quite good. Even you in all your nuttery can stop to have a giggle at that one?

          26. Bitnboxy

            Quoting your alias again GiggidyPox? Tut, tut, tut.

            Shall I call you a WAMBULANCE?

            Naughty Boxy!

            PS Advice is spelled with a “c”.

          27. Mick McCabe

            Bitn Boxy has finally lost it completely. Giggidy Goo truly owns him now, and it looks like Brother Barnabas is outed as well. That’s a turn up for the books (well not really, as the Good Brother had been suspected of such cowardly double dealing for quite a while by a few here)

            Bitn Boxy. Go get help. This is not good for you. Giggidy Goo is luring you far too easily, and you are falling for it every time. Echopraxia is no solution.

    2. Bottler

      Doubt if there will be a bombshell. Dermot Desmond, Michael Smurfit, J.P. McManus, Ballsbridge, Johnston Mooney and O’Brien, Telecom Eireann. All respected pillars etc.etc.

    3. Johnny

      Why don’t you explain to a stoner,the guilt of these individuals and a quick short overview on the whole story,thanks bro…which irish law did they break ?
      Take your time bro:)

  7. Junkface

    The Star keep reporting on important mullet hair do news, but I have yet to see one on the streets. Is it a mullet conspiracy? Only time will tell.

    Next month: Who is braiding their pubes during lockdown?? Stay tuned.

  8. Charger Salmons

    It’s a funny old world.
    The Irish Times has referred to a fellow called Roy Greenslade 104 times since 1988.
    But not once this week since the UK media commentator and Irish media favourite pundit outed himself as a supporter of the IRA’s bombing campaign that killed innocent men, women and children.
    Even when Mairia Cahill, who had accused a senior IRA man of raping her – a crime which was then covered up by the IRA – was publicly smeared by Greenslade with the help of his friends in the Irish media.
    Google Greenslade and the IRA and you’ll find extensive coverage of this week’s events but you won’t find a single peep about the IRA’s useful idiot in Fleet Street in the Irish media.
    Not one.


    1. Kate

      Just had a message from my Irish sister in the UK Charger. (NHS ). Will warm cockles of your heart when it comes to community spirit and will put a spring in your step over the weekend.! “Retired” NHS staff are out in force jabbing. They are also vetted to vulnerable -sweeping paths, weeding, planting , at end of the phone.
      A marvellous effort. Have a good weekend

      1. bisted

        …where would we be without the Speccie…what they don’t know about dead horses…Gordon Elliot should hire them as consultants…

      2. Charger Salmons

        Hi Kate,
        My pals over there tell me there are thousands of unpaid volunteers running jabbing sites up and down the length of the land and lots of them still waiting for a vaccine themselves but selflessly putting in the hours organising car parks,directing people where to go and just providing moral support.
        It’s been a Herculean organisational effort between the army logistics and the NHS and it’s the reason why on some days they’re doing half a million vaccines.
        But then I’d expect nothing less from the people of Blighty.
        Enjoy your weekend too.

    1. bisted

      …in fairness, the zionists have been the fairest in vaccine distribution…the fairer your skin, the better chance you had of vaccination…

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