Staying In?


Indeed and you probably are.

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Hosted by Neil Curran.

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6 thoughts on “Staying In?

  1. benblack

    Honest and direct commentary, please – no more beating around the bush.

    And, comment on the site – engage with your viewers.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Sadlyfor some reason I can never watch these live. But I do enjoy catching them later :-)

  3. Kdoc

    Neil, you are right, the troublemakers are scumbags. But they aren’t just scumbags. I recognised several faces (including a former boxing champion) of those who had provided ‘security’ at previous protests at the Custom House, Garden of Remembrance, O’Connell Bridge and the Dáil. It’s not the case that some local skangers just rolled up and hopped on the bandwagon – they are part and parcel of the caravan.

    With the utmost respect to Jimmy (I have seen him play many times) he should understand that the Gardaí were a model of restraint on the day: the abuse they received was incessant, glass bottles (some filled with urine), a barrier, snooker balls and fireworks were thrown. They finally reacted with a measured response when the rocket firework was shot at them. Even during the retreat of the scumbags more fireworks were thrown and if you analyse the footage you will see one skanger behind a Garda kicking him in the back.
    I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the far-right leaders were missing in action: they were expecting trouble. It seems there was only one from the second tier (a west of Ireland man) of the far-right leadership in attendance.
    Vanessa referred to the absence of marshals: The marshals were there doing their job; they’re the goons / heavies I already mentioned. Covid has been a Godsend to the far-right, it enables them to raise their profile and increase their numbers.
    It’s a time of crisis for our country and the protest crowd should never have been allowed to assemble at all.

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