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Susan Quirke – To The Bone

Keep on keeping on.

That’s the message of resilience in the new single by Limerick-born, Clare-based singer/songwriter Susan Quirke (top).

Look out for her debut album In The Sea, due on April 23, and featuring members of The Frames and Lir as special guests: Colm Quearney (guitars); Colm Mac Con Iomaire (violin); Robbie Malone (bass); Graham Hopkins (drums); and Justin Carroll (piano).

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Susan writes:

“Many people are experiencing deep pain, grief, loneliness and isolation as a result of the pandemic. In many ways suffering is part of the human journey, as is the tremendous courage, resilience and strength people can often demonstrate during tough times.

“I wrote this song for someone in my life who was going through a difficult time. It was written as an invocation for them, calling on them to remember their power and strength. It’s also written as a balm to soothe people’s hearts and minds.

“It starts off quietly and then builds and builds to a full band sound, creating a call to the vast strength that lies deep within us all. It contains a blessing encoded in the lyrics that sings to the elements of nature that we can receive healing from: earth, wind, fire, water.

In moments of pain and grief, there is an ancient well we can draw on inside us… To the bone is a reminder of something we sometimes forget – that we’re strong to the bone.”

Nick says: A marrow escape.

Susan Quirke

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  1. Johnny

    I agree with Micko,switched it off quickly,anything newer in irish music-any murderous beats or sounds from the streets….

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