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Denise Chaila featuring Jafaris – Anseo

Regular, mature readers will know that we feature every genre under the sun – from folk to dance to hip-hop and everything in between – in this column, posting over 250 Irish music videos a year.

A case in point is Zambian-born, Limerick-based rapper Denise Chaila (top), who we proudly championed when she burst onto the scene last year.

Now Denise’s star is about to go into orbit after winning the prestigious RTÉ Choice Prize last week for her album Go Bravely.

The most recent single Anseo features guest vocals from Jafaris with a memorable video shot in Dromoland Castle and directed by Stephen Hall.

Nick says: Go Denise.

Denise Chalia

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11 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Junkface

    That was excellent! Really unusual, cool melody, didn’t expect bits of Irish in there, but it works great!

  2. dav

    Always new that a spice bag was going to make it into lyrics one day.
    Bravo to her and long may it continue.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    +1 to all above

    and the stuff she’s done with sharon shannon is brilliant too

  4. Mick

    My daughter played me that song back in December/ January, told me I’d love it and she was right. It’s amazing, and the video too! Top class stuff.

  5. johnny

    if you like this your gonna luv…Michael Donnelly V and musician Erica Cody’s 12 music/video colab features Denise Chaila too.

    -in Michael’s own words…”This project showcases the vibrant, energetic creativity of the talents involved and gives them a platform to discuss their process, style and collaborations”

    Premiered at the recent Dublin International Film Festival.

    The film/ doc on irish hip hop has been accepted into festivals and arts centres across the US and the world including London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Moscow, Mumbai-grab your tickets here.

  6. Chris

    I like Chaila. I don’t think she would like the article ‘Policing must return to first principles’ posted next to this one. I am going to go out on a limb and say she really would not like it much at all or have much truck with what the author is implying, particularly in relation to Blanchardstown.

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