Who Came First?


Feminism Backwards by Rosita Sweetman (Mercier Press)

The votes are in.

Yesterday, to celebrate International Women’s Day and with a signed copy of Rosita Sweetman’s Feminism Backwards  (Mercier Press) on offer, we asked you to describe your most UNFEMINIST moment.

You entered in your dozens.

There could be only one winner:

D writes:  ‘Was locked out of my house at 3am in the morning when 8 months pregnant and begged the man that put me out there from my bed to let me back in cause I loved him!! Fear more like, but that was a long time ago now and I’m a very different person thankfully.’

Rosita explains:

It had to go to D. Shivers just thinking of the bastard who did it. The guys answers are funny but they are so dedicated to being smart Alecs it’s off-putting. I liked the one who silenced a friend who asked when he was going to have kids by telling him about recent miscarriage – he def gets a virtual hug.


Yesterday: Unchained Melody

Feminism Backwards by Rosita Sweetman (Mercier Press)

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5 thoughts on “Who Came First?

  1. bisted

    …back in the day when there were real feminists like Simone deBeauvoir and Germaine Greer, I was told this joke: Why did the feminist cross the road?…WHY SHOULDN’T SHE!

    …at least I think it was a joke…

  2. Papi

    I’ve four older sisters and was raised by my mother. I don’t have feminism, I have survival instinct.

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