Could You Be Loved



Yesterday afternoon.

Ringaskiddy Ferry Terminal, Cork.

As a result of ‘routine profiling’ and with the assistance of detector dog Marley, Revenue officers seized a total of 90kgs of herbal cannabis with an estimated value of €1.8 million.

Revenue officers stopped and searched a Polish registered van which had arrived from Roscoff, France. A total of 37 separate packages of herbal cannabis were subsequently found within panels of the van.

Blood clot.

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13 thoughts on “Could You Be Loved

  1. Johnny

    I overheard this once,
    Wear gloves.
    The air that comes out via vacuum lingers on the packaging.
    Critical wipe all packages with alcohol.

    No,way it was the dog,they have a rat.

  2. millie bobby brownie

    That’s a gorgeous dog right there. Can’t say I approve of his choice of career but he’s quite the beauty.

        1. Brother Barnabas


          always good to have a trade to fall back on, j

          quick wax and I’d be ready to go

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