Unite And Take Over


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Shoplifters Of The World.

Andy Pipkin writes:

I came across this over the weekend and thought it might be of interest to your readers.

In the Summer of 1987, four friends, reeling from the sudden break-up of the iconic British band The Smiths, embark on a night out of partying to mourn their musical loss. At the same time, an impassioned Smiths fan takes a local radio DJ hostage at gunpoint and forces him to play nothing but Smiths tracks.

With the radio station playing as the soundtrack to their night, the friends go on a wild journey of self-discovery that will transform them forever. Featuring an incredible soundtrack – including 20 songs from The Smiths – Shoplifters of the World is a glorious ode to the craziness of the ‘80s and the power of music to change people’s lives….

RLJE Films will release Shoplifters of the World in cinemas, On Demand and Digital on March 26.


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12 thoughts on “Unite And Take Over

  1. Iwerzon

    I loved the Smiths – they are the sound-track to my teens – I was devastated when they broke up but I’m glad to say my hero was Johnny Marr – it’s a pity what happened to Morrissey. I recently found some old Smiths t-shirts and badges in my mams house.

  2. Bertie blenkinsop

    They were my favourite band when I was fourteen and they’re still my favourite band.
    Which says something about their enduring legacy or my lack of emotional growth.

  3. Tarfton Clax

    I was a big Motorhead fan when the Smiths came out. Still am in fact. But I remember so well the amazing reviews the Smiths got in the NME and all the music papers. Never saw anything like it before or since. It was like the second coming. I only really got into them years after they broke up. Great band though.

  4. Stephen Moran

    God I thought It was quite the crime when Fever Pitch was decamped to Brooklyn but this from the looks of the trailer is a whole new level of cringefest . Some very PC casting & the most unlikely troupe of Smiths fan you will encounter. It’s the equivalent of setting the excellent Ian Cutis Biopic “Control” in Monaco. We’re certainly not in
    Stretford or Ardwick anymore Toto

  5. ce

    Could a non-fan explain The Smiths to me….. Sort of like the Clash…. could some non-fan explain the Clash to me too…

    PIL forever, just saying

    1. spider

      They were a sad bunch of people who wrote sad music, for sad people. Then one of them became a racist and discovered the internet…

        1. Spider

          Lol. Don’t be defensive… I generally like their music. But it is sorrowful and does set a certain mood. And Morrissey’s behaviour recently has been fairly grim.

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